Foundation Part I

THE BEGINNING OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM: In the beginning there was nothing but the cosmos. The cosmos was void and empty. One atom combined by the hydrogen and networks of that which was not from that which aggravated the molecules surrounded by it. One molecule bouncing and negative of that power create a disturbance effecting all other molecules from that point on in time. For that point of friction of non‑friction in the cosmos is a given law of constant movement. For if one object moves in the cosmos, or in the universe it has perpetual movement. There-fore, the friction that has been started by that spark which is dormant, for there are two stages in the existence of the solar system, that which is and that which isn’t. For there are the dormant stages and there are the active stages. That which is dormant is harmony, peace and settlement. That which is active is what would be called disruption and chaos. For as you have seen what we have described here is the methods and the creative forces that have created your world. The peace and the disruption. Out of that which is harmony in Genesis, you have disruption as what would be known as the days of night. From this disruption created by the forces or molecules surrounded by the global sphere in which they are encompassing a limiting band in which they can only project to. At this point of their evaluation they had progressed into a solid form of molecule and atom confining what would be a solar structural atom or that which is a make‑up of that of composition XXK or that which is a solar flame. By this unperceived by the human eye, the solar flame is what would be known as that rays of light and that light which is unseen by the human eye, vibrating for countless of billions of years of your earth time to the point in which they create a force­field around them. Commercing into this they form that field, and forming the galaxies within themselves. At which time after a billion years have passed, they have been now become what would be called a neutralized sun in which is a very small structure of your sun globe. After another billion solar years, they now encompass what would be called twice the size of your sun until they have formed their field or band of glare of affectivity. And by that point when they have reached the outer strengths of that, there is an explosion sending forth into the cosmos of what was in the moment dormant eruption. At this moment through this eruption, or dormant eruption, they send into it solid flames of fire, each flame instamactically takes upon himself through that law of inertia a revolution and evolution of their met center force in which it came from, causing that which is the system of your galaxies and all galaxies at this point on. Causing from the very beginning as a center structure to the very end. When each solar or hot mass becomes solidified, then it becomes like unto the sun in the beginning, reaching out to the band of its affectivity, each one will explode into millions of pieces, as what you have known as the Asteroid Belt, which is the similar effect of this older planet that had erupted, because it was the first planet that was sent into your galaxy or cosmos of this dimension of solar system. Its each part is erupting then it sends per­petual movement in which it has reached its band of dormancy, or that which is silence. So at that point this galaxy that you know of it, will another billion, trillion years from now, we will not give you the exact time, only the Higher Forces know this, and each planet will explode back into its original stage of dormanticity. From that which is perfect harmony it will return into the cosmos of nothingness. From nothing it shall come, from nothing it shall return to. At this point the cycle of the creativity of another galaxy takes effect, and again that which is disruption comes forth upon that which is harmony, causing the cycle to repeat itself once more. That is your definition that the scientists are planning for billions of years and countless of years to define, we have given you in a matter of a few minutes. We here have much more to show and teach and understand with you, but as far as your perceptivity in your own minds at this development stage, we are only capable of giving you only what you are ready to receive. Therefore prepare yourself diligently for there is much more that we must give you. As far as that which is the oil of spices of opening centers, this crimson oil represents the waters of our earth or our planet that we have come from. From these waters we have give and got our spiritual foods, for we give into these waters every five hundred years, refresh our bodies and renew our souls to become alive for another five hundred years. So then that is your system, from the elements that surround you we have composed it into the form of giving you life. But the laws that govern you might not have the effect upon this crimson, but we rest assured that you have manifested into this earth, the waters of our planet.
Session 41
We will tell you now that we come from one of your very own planets that we reside on. That is the planet of Venus. The clouds covering over this particular planet is remarkable, would you not agree. But so is the cloud covering over this planet. This is the way we operate, in this particular point. When the Higher Forces, which will be named the Highest planned to create in this solar system spirit of life, it all started during that reign of the angel Lucifer-Satan and their rebellion against the plan of God. Now as has been given before, there are many hierarchies in our structures. As this entity has now undergone to understand certain principles of it, we come in to fill in and give light to things and clarification to others. In that beginning stage there was no force-physical as you know now, for they are all of the ethers of spirit forms and forces having no rebirth, no pain. None of such things exists. As we created out of this darkness, for everything around us was darkness and void, and we began through the powers that our God has given us to create this solar system by our own thoughts. As is know by certain literatures that this entity has also trying to evolve with, it is correct that Saturn was our planet that we have created. Not the Saturn that you know of today, but the Saturn of a spirit ethal form. And we had created this planet by our thoughts congregating together to form a place in the mass. But things were dark at this time, so we gathered our forces together and created what is the solar orb or the lunar or the solar orb which is known to you as the sun. There were some forces at this time that were asleep. When they woke up it was no longer dark. Out of the mist of this sun, the waste material then became in the physical sense what we know today as Saturn. From this standpoint everything was well. Just as everything starts from the level and works on up from the material back to the spirit, from the spirit back to the material…(end of side A)…There is much to be learned from your own particular planet. For when the war between the archangels, for these were particular ones that were underneath us. And certain of these rebelled against our plan, we had to form a force to out-force their force. A war began and that what is known as today, the asteroid belt, was once a planet that this war took place on. You would find this between Jupiter and Mars. Then we exiled these forces of angels and archangels to the planet of the earth, remembering that was where they were forced to. For the earth was just a star and of a light force that was nor existing as the earth you know it today. Then there came the earth that was spit out from our force, from our work. Some forces at this time decided not to have any part of creating this earth in the physical sense, so they went and created what is known as Saturn in that area of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. And that is where they reside today. But we decided to create the planet of the earth, so we, through the forces of thought, again to the solar orb, dispersed into outer space and spit out the particle that was a hot, molten mass, a flaming ball of fire that represented the earth. This took many millions years to your time to cool. As it was doing such, remember that the Lucifer and the archangels that were thrown out gathered together on the heaviest side of the earth plane. And as it was cooling and revolving, that heavy side pulled away from the earth and created the feminine aspect called the moon. At this time the cooling off of the surface began and the breaking of species on the earth into sex began. For there had to be different poles, negative and positive before the sex was created. At this point the origin and breaking up of that physical being for male and female was manifested. And all those archangels and angels now reside on the moon. And there they waited until the earth was cooled enough for them to come into the earth to experience the physical and lustful parts to the fullest. Remember one thing, that as the forces on the earth solidified and the planets began to become, as the oceans were a hot-bedded mass of flame and fire, now become of a liquid state much cooler. And the land became solidified. From the land became that which is Lemur or Lemur in state became into that area in which dinosaurs and reptiles and ferns and all that grew. From that came that of (…) or that spirit that was the embeddiment of the first spirit form of what would be known as man today. But it was on the spiritual level that it existed. But that which is as man came from the sea, and his evolution was as a person of a monster of ferns and dorsals from the sea. And this was called the Dorsinian Age or the Dorsean Age or the Pises Age of man. As man progressed upward and onward, then we came into the earth force to show and manifest through the cloud forces for there was much gas and much force that the sun did not exist at all. For there was nothing but darkness on the face of the earth. For it was gases all over the earth that existed through the hot molten lava and much more than that. For when we did come through, we broke through and showed ourselves in the form of a dragon force till they was that at that time manifested themselves too as a dragon. For we take upon ourselves as the etherical bodies to manifest into the earth. So at that point came the religious undertones of man and developed upward. For it had to become a miracle before man was to be developed. And that is one thing that your scientist today will find much problems, for it was a miracle that you were created and not by a natural law.
Q: Wasn’t man created from the water?
Forces: Man was not created from the water of what you would know it to be, but from the spirit of God, by the spirit that created man through it. Man evolved not from the water, but the physical body of man did.
Q: No, no I mean the physical body in the waters?
Forces: We created the sea and the evolution of such.
Session (?)
Q: Is there any connection between this group and that which we know as being involved with Greek mythology?
Forces: All that which was called Olympus was Atlantis or Atlas, as would be called. It was on this hill that a great school or pyramid of thought was built. Here certain individuals were found.
Q: You mean to say that those were ordinary people of the earth that made certain achievements?
Forces: We would say spiritual forms manifesting in a much more denser condition.
Q: But those weren’t people from the forces?
Forces: We.
Q: The discussion that we had last week or so about the four rivers coming together and forming a circle possibly around Atlantis, being involved with the energy there, could you give me some guidance on that? Or are we on the right track?
Forces: You were accurate. Four rivers were those rivers that came from the north of the country, or the dome shape in Atlantis, and spread like unto that throughout all the land. It was used to clean that which is stored energy into the land that this community was established, tapping the energy to the border when a certain instrument was put into it.
Q: Thank you. What were the four rivers in Chapter Two of Genesis?
Forces: These four rivers represents the four rivers of Euphrates coming from and entering into the four centers or four parts of the world. This represents the pillars of the four centers within the lower body that must be spiritualized so the rivers will flow on upward.
Q: Where are they today?
Forces: These are the four great rivers that are magnified and are representing throughout that of the countries which would be called the Nile…
Q: Is Havilah the Nile?
Forces: No. The Amazon, the Yellow River, and the Mississippi. Look into these and you will see a system and pattern for each country and area.
Q: What does the river Euphrates represent?
Forces: What does a reefer represent? The gift of production, like productivity.
Q: Is that like the source of all the other rivers?
Forces: Its a major source of all the other rivers.
Q: What direction would that be. Euphrates?
Forces: South.
Q: In Genesis where it talks about the 4 rivers, the last time you told me Euphrates represents the south. Could you tell me what the others are.
Forces: You have the 3 other rivers which would come from the solar plexus, from the thymus center and from the pineal and the thyroid center. These are the 4 other major rivers coming to make the Garden of Eden.
Q: What direction would be with the first river.
Forces: You would find it coming from the north to the west.
Q: And the second river would be the west?
Forces: The west to the south.
Q: And the third?
Forces: The east to the south.
Q: And the last one is south‑east?
Forces: You would find it going to south to the north. Rivers don”t run back, but this one does.
North to west –Solar Plexus
West to south – Pineal
East to south – Thymus
South to north –Thyroid (runs backward)
Q: River Pison.
Forces: The centers to the particular rivers are varied in strange different connections as you would read on down the 1st river dealing with the spiritual understanding coming into man, applies to the force going into the leyden and into what would be considered the gonad system.
Second river which would be in the force of Gilhad or Gilad (Golgatha?) with that section being near to Jerusalem, near to the Holy City and a place where Solomon was consecrated King. It represents the consecration part in our consciousness, to preserve wisdom and the cection from that point of the pituitary gland, this would be from that particular river.
Then you had the Hiliad river which could represent that of the Tigris which represents the flowing of energy throughout that creative force, a rejuvenation and the reclaiming of old lands. It is also what would be considered that part flowing into the sector of the thyroid, but into very strongly the thymus.
Then you have the Euphrates which would represent the Spirit of Life, the rejuvenation power throughout the body, the bones , the teeth, and the blood, the eyes and the movements of the senses. This could represent very strongly in the liver section and also in the lungs. It is also to be found very strongly, again coming from the thymus into the pineal.
Q: In the Bible in Genesis where it says, God takes the rib out of Adam and makes the woman. At that point there wasn”t a physical body. What does that represent?
Forces: This is the formulating of the physical substance.
Q: Why did they use the terminology rib?
Forces: This is the joining between man and woman. The Breath of Life. You will find the same message that the nostrils of all living creatures, the breath of life was extinguished in the time of Noah. This was the expression of all those creatures all creations during this moment in time.
Q: Those that had turned evil?
Forces: State of affairs in the earth at that moment of Noah, came from the moment of this creation from the rib.
Q: So that was a bad thing already at that point.
Forces: It grew to have its dominion and violence.
Q: What happened before that that caused this to happen then?
Forces: This was the lowering of the standard.
Q: This happened in Adams consciousness.
Forces: It did happen.
Q: Also later on it talks about Adam had become as one of us, to know good and evil. What does this, how does this fit in?
Forces: It fit in very well at this time.
Q: What does it mean he has become as one of us to know?
Forces: He became the consciousness of knowing all things, but wasn’t really able to handle it.
Q: So it was sort of a God consciousness?
Forces: We wouldn’t really call it a God consciousness. He already had the Spirit of God within him. It was the consciousness of the laws.
Q: He didn’t need to know them at that time?
Forces: He became to know them and then became responsible for knowing them.
Q: Thank you. Why was it needed for God to make again all the animals for Adam to name them so he can find himself a helper, when all the animals were already created?
Forces: Creation of a pure race without distortion of that of the Baali forces.
Q: So even the animals that were created in the second day, I believe…or third day…
Forces: …was distorted by the elementals around them.
Q: Oh. Then the woman that was finally con…was the woman considered from the beginning or was it something else that was considered in the beginning?
Forces: The woman was sacred from the beginning. By her con­ception, does she bear fruit and fulfill her purpose.
Q: Thank you.
Q: What did it mean when it was said that when the animals were created that their names indicated their sexual condition that they were in?
Forces: By every name that the animal kingdom has, breaking it down, you will see the centers in man that it represents. The gonad system is a very easy system to conquer. All you have to do is ask God constantly to help you and develop you through his light. The gonad center is a relatively easy center, for it is nothing but imaginations, and imaginations that is hot air. Knowing and seeing and putting into proper perspective, you will become free of your self and be able to breathe as a human soul in the earth. We here are taking a special interest in your course of study in the Bible and we are pleased that you have gathered together and listened to our word on Tuesday. It is very interesting moment. It would be a moment of re­cognition and development. We ask you to continue this to understand that through these forces it will be possible to understand the centers and the geological and the physiological patterns in the earth.
Q: Can you give us your name?
Forces: …(Language of the Galaxy spoken here)…In short, latnos.
Q: Has this language ever been spoken on earth?
Forces: In every form of languages. It is a combination of many of your languages. For, in short, your ‑languages were created by our voices, into which these people heard us speaking. A new discovery into the zoology of creation, that the speech only came into faculty when we became here to bring into man the awareness that he can utter the words of facultations and con­structive thoughts by moving of the vocal cords. Or otherwise without this, he was as, as what would be said, he used the word “Awg” and ‘!Ugh “.
Q: Was that still when man was in the form of fish?
Forces: Man is always in the form of fish. He smells most like it. Man, having no need to communicate but falling down into a pattern of degradation, walking into walls, into sand‑pits, into marshes. Seeing this plight, we had to come and give them a force of voice.
Q: Then, the Tower of Babel, what was that?
Forces: That was the force in which they themselves thought they could communicate with us and climb higher to where we were hovering, so they can take command and control of our city.
Q: Was this in physical form already?
Forces: Our city was in a physical form, correct. The tower still remains in what would be called asunder slum­bers in that which is northwest of the area of Barcedon or Babylon, what would be new today.
Q: Babylon is Iran. Is that correct?
Forces: A little further to the west of this country, or nation, or state, or city. That which allies parallel to it to the northwest of it.
Q: Could you tell to me how many were with Amilius?
Forces: One within.
Q: Can I ask about Amilius …(inaudible)…between Adam?
Forces: Of pure spirit essence coming in from that which is the pure essence and the oneness.
Q: Was the Garden of Eden, I was reading the other day and I didn’t understand where the Garden of Eden was. I thought it was in Atlantis, but then I didn’t know.
Forces: The Garden of Eden could be found in the desert of Nile yoday.
Q: Where is that?
Forces: You would find it near that which is Africa.
Q: When it speaks of Adam with the ideal stature,what was that? I couldn’t find the ideal stature. What was…..?
Forces: The ideal discipline.
Q: Thank you.
Q: Was the Garden of Eden in Atlantis?
Forces: The Garden of Eden should be known near Ethiopia. It would be in alignment with the forty‑fifth degree, thirty‑fifth; thirty‑five longitude, forty‑five latitude.
Q: Thank you. Could you describe what was the society or the life like outside of the Garden of Eden at the time that Adam and Eve were still in the Garden?
Forces: Repeat question.
Q: At the time that Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, what was the society and the people that were outside the Garden? Was was…what was their life and what was the world like outside the Garden?
Forces: “Question Book on the BEGINNING, Four­-Five‑Two‑One.” In that which is called the beginning of time or the space of illusions or the creation of crea­tions, in that which would be called the beginning of essence or the measurement of time or the measurement of light, in that which would be called the measurement of sounds or the measurement of bodily pressures incarcerated flesh, in that what would be called the spirit forming into the earth and the molecules around, in that what would be called the creation of the sixth day finished, all these aspects taken into consideration, is only one part of the aspect of Eden. Eden was a place protected and surrounded by a force‑field, twenty by a thirty‑four cubic inch High, fifty‑five to fifty‑four thousand seconds of the watt. All that aspect in which was encompassed within this Eden was known to man to be beneficial and productive in his development. When man transpired, when man entered into the world, he began to incarcerate that of meat, disposing of the flesh and assuming that quality. In the beginning of time, man would eat an element and became that element and took upon that quality of that element physically, in which that was the battle that went on. Man tried to fight or force his way out of this. In that aspect you will find that there were the suns of suns, planets of planets, and that of numbers. The num­bers were against the suns of suns. The suns of suns were against nothing. And the planets of planets were against the suns of suns, and the measurement of numbers. In this the existence began and was begotten. And that of man came to walk, As he walked in consciousness, he would revert back to that of the other field of develop­ment. With the greed for material success and the greed for recognition by man’s superior deeds, there was a gradual decline in morale and general structure of work­manship. In this, such a case, was the enemies of Satan exposed everyday, that everyday should be that mark or that re‑establishment from the Higher Forces, creating, working, delivering the aspect of the woman, and all phases to develop her and preserve her interest in that life, In this respect, it would be better for discipline more before taking into the hands that of a dangerous weapon. Question.
Session 261/262
Q: At the time of the Flood what was happening on the earth and what was happening on the spiritual level and how was the Flood accomplished?
Forces: At the time of the Flood there was a great war between Satan and Michael in which Satan was getting too routy and too possessive of the earth and was about ready to be in control of it, for which Michael came in and had his hand to hand battle which left lots of scars on Satan and totally tilted the whole earth. The comet was not really a comet but was the force of the message of Michael and Satan around the earth constantly in the force of battle. The polar caps of course as was mentioned did alter, the caverns in this area opened up and released the water that’s excess. In fact the caverns are still in excess in these areas and when the earth tilts slightly these caverns let loose the water that is like a tub or a cup on an angle. So if you move the cup in any direction the water will spill. Also caverns within the earth opened up under this pressure and released the water that they were holding. And of course the rain was coming down releasing the moisture in the air constantly through this action.
Q: Where did all the water go?
Forces: Well it dried up, some of it went back into caverns and some of it went back into valleys and gullies and holes into the earth and some was absorbed into the atmosphere others was absorbed into the mountain (forests).
Q: How many Arks were there?
Forces: Well there was the major one you are reading and there were several hundred in the earth.
Q: Can you tell me if the Levites were the original ones
that built the…were in charge of building the ships like in Atlantis and…?
Forces: The Levites were in charge of the electrical magnetic field Of‑ the sun, the moon. The moon was what? The moon was what? The moon was what? Anyone know what the moon was?
Q: No.
Forces: The moon was what? The moon was what? Does anyone know what the moon was?
Q: A portion of the earth broken off.
Forces: The moon was a portion of the earth broken off. Correct. In the great explosion in which darkness fell upon the earth, and tilted the earth axis to outer shape and form, in which as you know, as we know, as we all know, the earth is not straight up and down. It is what? Tilted, of course. The rea­son why it was tilted is because the abominations that was in Atlantis had to be eradicated from the earth and uprooted and transmuted and transformed and transcend the hell out of the earth! Excuse the language. But, in short, the earth erupted like a pimple, exploding the pus into the atmosphere. And it conglo­merated into the moon. That’s why it has so many pus‑pockets. Acne.
Q: So the Levites were in charge of keeping the earth in balance after that?
Forces: Correct.
Forces: But the moon is very powerful, nonetheless. It is a strong instrument when it’s full, and a very powerful instrument when it’s new.
Q: What happens on a new moon?
Forces: Becomes what you would consider dark. And the moon radiates certain forces in the earth, that rejuvenates and regenerates certain parts of the cell.
Q: Can you tell me who was…or what tribe represented the building of the ships?
Forces: Sounds like the same question. Levite.
Q: Thank you very much.
Forces: No problem.
Q: What happens with the problem that if somebody from now went into the past and did something different…what happens?
Forces: It has already been done. They went into the past and it is now the future.
Q: So that it would be that here and now no change, no great change?
Forces: It’s already been done.
Q: It’s already been done.
Q: Question. The future, as we call it, or past, as we call it, are these something to our understanding as dimensions that actually simultaneously exist constantly, always?
Forces: Let us say correct on that one.
Q: So the beginning of time always exists, and the end of time?
Forces: Very good.
Q: So actually what we have to do is Just tune in?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Either..actually either way. And it’s a circle.
Forces: Correct. That is what is called nirvana.
Q: Nirvana?
Forces: Christ‑consciousness. Peace. Question.
Q: When you said that the moon came off from the earth during the Destruction of Atlantis, does that mean that At­lantis was without a moon and the earth was existing with­out any satellites….
Forces: Correct.
Q: …or was there one that it reflected?
Forces: Remember, God created the lights, the lesser light to rule the day, and the greater light to rule the night.
Q: Opposite.
Forces: The lesser light to rule the day and the greater light to rule the night. And then it manifested as the greater lighter to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night. In short, during the day the light was of a different nature. And during the night, there was no night. Then through their actions they became the light of the day stronger and the light of the night weaker, because of their consciousness. The moon was created at that time because of the decadence. Remember, as God was creating in Genesis, thousands upon thousands of years was passing by.
Q: It also said that God has created the heavens and the earth. Now if that was the defining of the lines, which is not really a good thing, does it really mean that as black forces were defining, trying to give a heavier substance to things, God has made a stoppage point of how far they can go with that?
Forces: Correct.
Q: So that’s…that is then the force‑field.
Forces: Correct.
Q: Can I ask Where did the early Hebrews originate?
Forces: Atlantis.
Excerpt Session 22 1972 (Talking about the date)
Forces: 5531. 1972. (1023461879200.)
Q: What was the Last one?
Forces: Last one is a bunch of numbers that is geometrically in opposition to that of Arcturus in which all souls did enter into the communion in the earth plane in which they left Arcturus into the land of Pylia. Entering into Pyliyam they left and became into the physical bodies manifested into the Actariam Age or what would be called the Age of Nomuntis. The Age of Nomuntis is the Age of Polaris which is at this Moment coming upon you. In which Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury and Venus align together into the angle of receptivity into the Spirit of Understanding of the Atmost. And the Atmost is the name in which you would have to understand as (The Name) in which the giving of the Spirit of the Light into the earth. The number is a calculating form in a geometrical and also mathematical survey, in which if you understood what the number was given would give you the exact position of the anti-matter planet in which is the opposite planet in which you see here. That is what would be the other sphere of the heaven or the other dimension, in which all those that transit from this plane will enter into when they go. Some have called it the plane of heaven, but it is not heaven, but the plane of the spirit world in which the spirits do enter for recuperation. And God knows they need to recuperate.
Q: So there is actually a Garden of Eden, is that what you’re saying?
Forces: The Garden of Eden was in Atlantis in the third sector of Emodius or what would be known as near that which is what would be known, one moment please, Idyan, the Garden of Idyan. In which all the spirits or that spirit, the name of Lillith as that spirit that came to earth, the beginning which was known as Eve, did come here and reside there in spirit form. Is this understood?
Q: Yes. So she didn’t take on the flesh body, is that it?
Forces: That is correct.
Q: Now I didn’t understand about Arcturus. You said that that’s where the souls come into this universe, through Arcturus souls come into this universe? Is that correct?
Forces: Correct.
Q: And through Arcturus they also go out of this universe?
Forces: They go out, but they do not go out. They go to another planet or another sphere of another sphere of invisible vibrations. Then from there they enter into the earth. Question?
Session (…)
As far as what we have told you in the beginning, as the time of the beginning, the great destruction of that planets(planet) that lie between Mars and Jupiter, causing the Asteroid Belt. From that time Lucifer-Satan was cast into the spirit of the earth. From there came many progressions in which they developed into many forms. The Atlantean period lasted a long time into the degree that the Lemurian Period and the Atlantean Period were one. These souls in the Lemurian Period were development on a spiritual level in which they were still in a way barbaric, but their development increased as size did. Atlantean Period, what is now the Eastern Seaboard, was the foot lands and the coastal lands of the Atlantean west side. When Atlantis went under, the Rocky mountains and what would be called the Andes appeared in the earth, compensating for the great mass of movement. At that time a great migration of what would be named as the white race, that was created to bring the spirit of truth, vibrated to Tibet. From there they infiltrated to all governments to bring the spirit of truth and order. At this point, this is where we have our takeoff from. Also the great laws of the commandments of God were infiltrated by the force of that which is called the Solar Being, in which you had noted that day, in which Moses himself was confronted and faced, face to face with our space forces. In that point we projected into him the laws of the tablets of constitutional rights of development of that which is government of people’s souls. The universal law that we have given him. Many a times we communicated with different people on this aspect, giving them the laws that would govern and direct the people.
Q: What did you mean you have your take-off from the time of the white race?
Forces: This was a place that was upon the earth in Tibet.
Q: You said you had your take-off from the time of the white race entering Tibet?
Forces: This so-called white race became in reality groups such as this preparing for many changes in the earth and that is the white race: groups of people coming together in a spirit and accord of working. This became one against the other or arguing between that which was.
Q: How did from the spirit of the earth progress many forms? Do you mean man or beast or both?
Forces: Let’s say both.
Q: That’s from Genesis, right?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Then Lemuria was never manifest on a physical level?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Was there one race created from the Carpathian Mountains? Or was…
Forces: It is…
Q: I’m sorry.
Forces: Continue.
Q: Or was it anywhere else that was manifested?
Forces: It was near these mountain forces. Remember the pigmentation is taken on by the mineral structure of the terrain.
Q: By the mineral structure?
Forces: The skin absorbs the mineral vibrations from the stones in the terrain.
Q: So actually God did not create five races but he just put them in different spots and they created themselves.
Forces: Correct.
Q: But then they have all developed different things…
Forces: Different mineral vibrations.
Q: Is it true that the yellow race is now coming up?
Forces: It is destined.
Q: China?
Forces: More like Mongolia.
Q: Mongolia? Will they have fights with the Chinese and Koreans and…
Forces: We will see.
Q: Thank you. Was Tibet mountains at that time or was it something else?
Forces: Fertile plains.
Q: Thank you. How were the monsters of the sea first created since man was first sea monsters, how were they created?
Forces: Man was a sea monster!
Q: Maybe not, but wasn’t man created from the water?
Forces: Man was not created from the water of what you know it to be) but from the spirit of God, by the spirit that created man through it. Man evolved not from the water, but the physical body of man did.
Q: Oh. It. was that physical body, the physical body evolved from the water?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Then was that physical body a monster or what was the shape of it?
Forces: It gradually turned into monster characteristic when the spirit of man took on his form of rebellion.
Q: Then the mermaids, is that what you mean about the physical body within the water?
Forces: Correct.
Q: And that you created? No?
Forces: We did not create the monsters.
Q: No, no, I mean the physical body in the waters.
Forces: We created the sea and the evolution of such.
Q: Thank you. Did they have any intelligence at that time?
Forces: They knew what they had to know. Now the people know nothing.
Q: So at that point they were highly evolved.
Forces: Correct.
Q: How do these physical monsters relate to Atlantis and their slaves?
Forces: The physical monsters related only to those that had people or souls guiding it. They were just servants.
Session 150
March 9, 1978
Q: What is meant by “So he drove out the man: and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life?
Forces: This represents the very difficult path in which man must once again find the secrets within him through many tests and trials and tribulations that once man finds this inner side, this power, it could either be used for good or evil. That is why it is protected so carefully.
Q: So are there people that have passed through that and then used it for evil?
Forces: Correct.
Q: If they would reach the sixth center, would they still be able to use it for evil?
Forces: It would destroy them at that point.
Q: So they really couldn’t use it for evil?
Forces: Once they leave to that point, they have left the point of protection. Then the destruction takes on the process after that point.
Q: That means the cherubim and the flaming sword are the will center?
Forces: More so to the pineal center.
Q: Isn’t that the sixth center?
Forces: You would find that this defense mechanism is there to protect the will and the power of decisions rightly, but if used wrongly, it is a destructive measure.
Q: Oh, I see. So that’s the Cherubim and that’s the flaming sword?
Forces: Correct.
Q: That power to destroy actually.
Forces: Correct.
Q: What protects… The protective mechanism is not for the person, it’s a protective mechanism for the Garden of Eden?
Forces: For the consciousness of spirit.
Q: Does it mean that anybody before he reaches that thing, he can go ahead and do evil and he will not be destroyed by the evil he is doing?
Forces: Incorrect.
Q: Not the same lifetime. I mean, yes, karma, but it won’t destroy in the same life?
Forces: Yes and no. It would have the same effect.
Q: You mean in the long run?
Forces: Correct.
Q: What is a cherubim?
Forces: It is a force field of power and also a protective element in the atom or chemical world around. It is also what would be considered strength mechanism.
Q: The Cherubim… strength…so that would also represent the sun then, the cherubim?
Forces: Correct.
Q: And the seraphim?
Forces: This would be a male/female aspect.
Q: Do they have form the way man describes it in paintings?
Forces: It is more electric than a form, but when standing, it would take this form on.
Q: Of a little baby?
Forces: Correct.
Q: In Chapter 1 on the sixth day man was created male and female. Were they one body? And in Chapter 2 God creates man again, does this refer to the 144,000 souls?
Forces: It was one body, one spirit, and the second one creation and finalizing of the physical or bringing it to a physical consciousness.
Q: So when it was one body, it still didn’t have any flesh, it was still just spirit?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Thank you. In Chapter 2 God puts Adam in the
Garden of Eden to work in and keep it. What was the work?
Forces: The work was what would be considered a spiritual awareness of God the Father.
Q: Praying?
Forces: Which kept the Garden of Eden.
Q: Is it more like the gardener in that (End of Side 1)
Q: The first souls were in the image of God made male and female and the second were not?
Forces: Second was the dividing of that nature.
Q: Physical division.
Forces: Correct.
Q: But then, is God male and female?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Where was the Tree of Knowledge? When the serpent… when the serpent asks the woman if they are allowed to eat from the trees of the garden, she says that they are allowed to eat from the fruits of that of the garden, but not of the fruits in the garden. What is meant? The fruits of the garden, but not of the fruits In the garden. What is meant?
Forces: It is similar “Be of the world, but not in the world”.
Q: What did she see that the tree is good to eat from if she has not…if she has not eaten of it yet and had no knowledge and was blind to…
Forces: The tree had a particular scent that was different from all other trees of consciousness around that gave off a feeling of doubts, of fears, of good, of evil, sweetness and sour. It was the five senses that were coming from this particular tree that the physical body did not have, in general, did not need.
Q: So actually she ate from it…
Forces: And received the five (5) senses.
Q: That tree attracted them because of boredom?
Forces: It attracted them because of curiosity. They had everything going for them and a revelation of constant power to do whatever they had to do, but this particular tree would bring them down from that power, and yet, because it was segregated from all other trees, they wanted the five (5) senses also.
Q: Just to experience it?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Was it an actual tree?
Forces: It was a growth in a tree form of life.
Q: But there was actual trees as we can understand it?
Forces: Each tree on a spiritual level represents a consciousness and fruit to be given.
Q: Are your ships the Garden of Eden or surrounding the Garden of Eden?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Which one? Both?
Forces: Correct.
Q: And when Cain was sent out to the earth from a different dimension, was he one of you? Was it in space?
Forces: Correct.
Q: So actually he was just dumped on the earth.
Forces: Correct.
Q: What is the mark of Cain? Is it still feasible?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Is it feasible on a physical level?
Forces: Correct.
Q: What is it?
Forces: The mark of Cain was in the forehead in which was a number printed by the civilizations in which he was expelled from.
Q: I see. So those civilizations which were the Garden of Eden which is you, you do not punish. Is that correct? That’s the only punishment?
Forces: We cannot allow it. He will be placed in prison.
Q: Which is the earth.
Forces: Correct.
Q: Now when he comes down to the earth, does he retain the consciousness of where he came from?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Now the generations that came from him, do they also carry the number?
Forces: It would be carried for a point in time. Then it would become evident through the genes, chromosomes, and hereditary factors.
Q: What would those be?
Forces: Certain characteristics in the race corporation.
Q: Could you tell us what those characteristics would be?
Forces: You would find them dominant in the race of the Caucasian to be vaguely huge bones, six (6) foot three (3), six (6) foot two (2), Amazons, stubby fingers, a brow Homo‑sapien type feelings, species designed and passed down to the Caucasianal races, some type of feeling of evil, freckles or patches of skin discoloration, variance of skin tones, and pigmentation.
Q: And what?
Forces: Pigmentation.
Q: That is in the white race.
Forces: Correct.
Q: Each race has different…
Forces: The characteristics of the subtopics would continue in each race of the five (5).
Q: I see. Now it was a group then of Cain’s that came down that was sent out. Correct? Or was it just one?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Besides exiling, do you also…you mark that person for which purpose—so he’s recognized here on earth by you his problems?
Forces: That he should never forget his origin and his pitfalls. Also for our purposes.
Q: Do you have entities that are marked but not on this earth walking around with original marks as they are being marked? Is that a form of punishment?
Forces: Correct.
Q: In more evolved galaxies?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Thank you.
Forces: The mark of a thin or slender person in the species would be considered grotesque.
Q: In which species?
Forces: In these galaxies we would consider that and very long hair, as you would call hair.
Q: Grotesque?
Forces: Marked.
Q: Those are the marks of punishment?
Forces: They are the beginning of the marks.
Q: Very skinny and long hair.
Forces: The other mark in your species…not needed.
Q: The skinny and the long hair, that’s another mark of Cain, that’s the beginning of that?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Thank you. Does the speech of Lamech refer to Cain’s killing or something else?
Forces: The annihilation of species on the earth.
Q: The annihilation of species on earth?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Who were the other sons and daughters and were they all from Eve?
Forces: The other sons and daughters, majority of them were from Eve. The others were from a higher field.
Q: Were these children by thought forms or partially by thought forms or not at all?
Forces: Some were, some weren’t.
Q: The ones from the higher field were thought forms?
Forces: Correct.
Q: And the others were regular birth, the way we know today?
Forces: Not the way it is today.
Q: How many children did Eve have altogether?
Forces: Over 400 (four hundred).
Q: How many years did she leave…did she live?
Forces: How many years did she need? She needed all the years she could get. You would consider her years to be 180 (one hundred and eighty).
Q: How did she have 400 children?
Forces: Each month she took something. You would say her years to be 180 (a hundred eighty) to 160 (a hundred sixty) to 150 (a hundred fifty).
Q: Was birth less than nine months.
Forces: Some was more like immediately.
Q: OOOOOOOOH! Were they all part of Adam, too?
Forces: Yes and no. Satan.
Q: How many of good kids were out of those 400?
Forces: A hundred and fifty (150).
Q: Now since she had another 250 children by Satan, did she live by Lucifer?
Forces: Star of the morning star. (?Venus)
Q: Now how was she going to take care of all of that?
Forces: She didn’t. It is a Satanic woman who loves to have children and gives it to others to take care of. It is the characteristics of the marked race.
Q: How did she ever redeem herself?
Forces: We do not know.
Q: But she did redeem herself?
Forces: In respect to having Seth. Let us say she redeemed herself through the consciousness of Mary.
Q: Yes, that’s what I mean. She reached that point of being Mary.
Forces: Correct.
Q: How did she reach that point?
Forces: Through a lot of suffering and awareness that was to be made.
Q: Then were all women at that point in the same situation?
Forces: Yes and no. Some of the births were of thoughts forms. Some of the births became physical, and the births that became physical…
Q: Were 250.
Forces: For the births of the 150 (hundred and fifty) that became physical were more or less 255 (two fifty‑five). The births of the ones that became physical the ones 250 (two fifty).
Q: So all the black forces were born physically? Some of the white forces were born physically?
Forces: All the black forces were born either mutants or very charming. All the white forces were born with a lot of strength and what would be considered a passiveness.
Forces: Correct.
Q: There are two Enoch’s mentioned in Genesis about seven generations apart. And each one had a son. One was named Methuselah and the first one’s name was very close to that, Methusael. And each Methuselah or Methusael had a Lamech. I’m wondering what the connection is between them?
Forces: A cycle that is being repeated. You are seeing the evolution of the spirit coming into the earth as the same. Question.
Q: And one was from the line of Cain and one was from the line of Seth. Was it not?
Forces: One was from the line of which was darkness and one was from the line which is of light. Both had to same, the follow pattern. Question.
Session 21
Q: The movie I watched last night. What does this all mean? I couldn’t understand certain things that I was questioning Tom?
Forces: It would mean taking into consideration that the devil has his disciples and so does God. That the devil offers his disciples great magic’s and powers. But God offers only progression of the soul through kindness, through wisdom, through patience. And eventually in which progression into which is the Christ. Nothing is speed up in the evolutionary pattern and the only way it can be speed up is through the silence. Also, what is known as Lucifer, has given certain powers only to reign a thousand years. But the thousand years have come to an end. And now it is God’s turn to reign. So a thousand years will reign on the earth. And as you saw for Satan, so now you shall see for God. Is this understood?
Q: Oh, it could be actually the same thing?
Forces: Only by who’s playing and who’s up to bat. The ball is the same. It’s the one who’s hitting it that is different. And their objectives. Is this understood/
Q: Not fully, but I think I got as much as I…the answer as much.
Forces: That is very good. Remember that God already has the score of the game. And he knows who’s going to win. That is a crooked ballgame. But it must be played out to the end.
Q: Well, I think that was part of my objection. Why does it have to be played out in the hands of Lucifer?
Forces: Because the entity or that which is named Lucifer in the very beginning was cast out of the heavens. But from that point he was told to go see what he can do. And after he finished, then God comes to see what he can take and undo. And the power of Light is over darkness. And the Light curses the darkness. It is futile for Satan to continue, but he does because in the end he will lose himself.
Q: So after this thousand years, there is, is there going to be again a cycle of Lucifer a thousand years? Is there always a cycle of thousand-thousand?
Forces: Until the Christ Spirits enter into the earth. Maybe after this thousand years is up, that thousand years will not progress. And then we will go on to other galaxies in which Lucifer does not have control over.
Session 211
Q: Could more be given about what it was like in and around the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were there?
Forces: Who do you think Adam and Eve was?
Q: Adam as one man was Amelius and a group consciousness.
Forces: Anyone else? Any-body else?
Q: Was the entity also part of Adam?
Forces: Adam and Eve did not come from this world. All you know that, right? They were planted here. They were from a distant galaxy and took on forms of the earth as time grew on. Adam and Eve was a consciousness of peace before they desecrated the laws that was with them thousands of years ago. These laws can still be in use and working if only time could only stand the strength of man’s demands.
Q: Was Adam…was Adam the ark or was he placed in the ark?
Forces: It is of both.
Q: Could you tell us more about the mountain that Adam or the…or generations after Adam which they lived on in the cave?
Forces: This is that of the Higher Forces coming down to work with man. You will still find remnants of our presence in the earth in these caves. Question.
Q: Where are the caves of Adam?
Forces: On the earth.
Q: Thank you.

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