Foundation Part III

Session 620
Q: If, if the aliens are coming into the Earth, why are they fighting over the Earth? What is, what’s so special about the Earth – the universe and zillions of planets and galaxies – what’s so special about this one? Why does everybody want to tamper with this one?
Forces: In fact, why don’t they leave you alone?
Q: Exactly.
Forces: We understand the concept. But remember, the Earth is filled up with souls that the extraterrestrials don’t understand. And you have emotions they don’t have. And you have the ability to sing, and praise the spiritual side in you, and the ability to be creative. They want that. That is why they have put on the Earth many viruses so they can get that energy away from the Earth. They cannot handle the Earth with all this nonsense going on. Therefore, their quest to subdue the Earth and shut up all the creative people of the Earth because its too much noise. What we’re trying to say is they cannot handle the emotions. It’s foreign to them. They live off the emotions. They cannot handle it. What we’re trying to say, is you also have been given the key of remembrance and the key of the Kingdom. They want that. It’s not your emotions they’re after, even though that is interesting to them. They want your inheritance, the right to the Kingdom. They do not want you, as Earth people, to remember that key to the Kingdom. They want it. Therefore, the biggest fight goes on on the Earth to get control over the Earth and its people. You are a prize possession. You are a prize commodity. You are a prize item that’s not found anywhere in the galaxies. Because of your love and your heart, they do not understand it and cannot comprehend. That is what’s alien to them and they need to control it so they can control this Kingdom that is huge among us, great, enormous, on and on and on. You just happen to be in their way.
Q: Is there any connection between what you just said and Jacob and Esau story?
Forces: There is a connection. There is a very good connection. We are just trying to tell you that you’re not in the way. You have just as much right to be here in this galaxy as anyone else and a right to your own position and space and place. We hope that helped you with your question.
Q: Can I ask another questions? Does this mean that the Earth, per say, in all the entire universe, is unique to this, to this one configuration? It doesn’t exist anywhere else?
Forces: Correct.
Q: So what does exist everywhere else?
Q: As a matter of fact, they just discovered another planet. What. (end of tape.)
Picks up in the middle of answer.
Forces: …but I doubt it to be anywhere in a replica of what’s on the Earth. Forget it. The only thing that comes close to Earth is that of your sisters planets of Mars and Venus and that’s because they’re intertwineable. Mars has been colonized and inhabited until it was no longer feasible to be there and they all jumped on to the Earth. In the evolutionary scale, it’s moving up and to the point where Mars has already been, but what we’re trying to say (tape goes blank)
Q: (tape picks up)… then if we’re unique here, is it, how do the other worlds exist? I mean, it’s, it’s, the different, there must be zillions of different kinds of aliens but their not, how do they fit in the scheme of things? I mean, if we’re, if we’re part of God, then what are they? How do they exist? I mean, what’s their evolution?
Forces: They exist perfectly naturally and happy. But their difference according to their specie gene coupling, according to their maker, their existence is just as important as yours. But it is different and so being different, it’s different because of the area they come from or galaxy they come from just as on your planet Earth, those living in tropical countries have different skin tones than those who are living in colder areas of your country. They all have different works, different jobs, different skills and this is something , ah, you will, as you will go on to find out exist.
Q: So, is their God and our God is not the same?
Forces: We can say that the God concept can be a shock but it is a overall omnipotent God that is overseeing all of this, that goes beyond this galaxy and beyond all the other galaxies that you can even imagine. There, in the distant place, is what you call God and that terminology and concept can apply there. But you’re here, so therefore, that cannot be understood at this moment because you’re too busy dealing with the things you need to deal with here. Therefore, not to say their God’s different. There are many directors before you get to the Godhead. So, in this particular question, yes, their God is different.
Q: Thank you.
Q: So their local God is different just like our local God, Delerheim (?) etc.
Forces: Yes.
Q: Do they have, ah, visibly physical bodies or anything similar to ours. Is it, is it different dimensions or is it the same?
Forces: Everything will be different according to the area and dimension they live in. They’re some who can live and exist and come into the Earth and have their beings and move on and you will not even know it.
Q: Because they come from different dimensions?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And, are there, as portrayed, some that are able to, ah, take over the physical body as we have it?
Forces: And change it, yes. These are called Earth changes. Question.
November 1995 Session 613
Greetings to all here present. Now we are in this area, and have seen many changes that are coming about in the political field and endeavors of international and national control. We find that conflicts are still carrying itself on in this mood and great conflicts and battles are ensuing through the Isles of Jupiter. We also find that the Soviet Unions tables are filled with the selling and bartering of our own life, of remember that these extra aliens visiting and coming in this area are not friendly and we see tremendous conflict internally and above the earth, because the silvers (abhor such conflict) such so that you would have to take the conflict going, sealing itself off from …kind of helps you grow into a strong but aloft, all in all we find that these changes are coming closer and closer. As far as where would you like of course with these changes you do have the secret police on your side. We are trying to get people to understand the many changes and adapts in the world history, it is something like a rebirth and in so doing …. seems like that in this session, you might have three to four individuals speaking, if that happens, pay no attention to the other three, the one that is speaking is the one you need to listen to. We know that in your society, knowing the many different changes and strange encounters that you meet with, we have a feeling that you are MacDonald Hamburgers, wonder what this means? Well the great arch is the symbol of the reptilian aliens, three arches is of a different race, but the double Mac burger, unfortunately, is an alien symbol and is the reptilian symbol from IO the planet celeste galaxy IO. In this we, we did not want to tell you everything that is happening, but we have just got confirmed and over our own TV screens, says more or less to say, the answer was “what the heck”. So it was that we tried to speak to you to that point in which we got confirmed to speak to you. MacDonald as you have the fast burger, is a reptilian controlled organisation world order style. It is something …. it represents meat hamburger and your hamburger meat. It is controlled by and to infiltrate every government and country it can possibly get into and unfortunately, bear with us, there are microchips in the plastic, they are sending out waves and information and gathering of information and used as a front. We did not particularly want to tell you all this, because there is enough paranoia‑ism going on at this very moment, but of course, MacDonald is used as an alien force phase front, by the world order and governments of both sides. So it is a convenient spot, there is nothing wrong with it, but you need to understand where it is coming from. It will be controlled and it will be usefuL not only for the reptilian aliens, but also for us, we will take advantage of it. Of course you will say, well ,what does this mean to us, hmm everything and nothing, everything because there are many different changes coming, and in this part of the things that are coming, we find that the labels and symbolisms are more pronounced than ever before. There is the question of how do you know the alien reptilian force or alien reptilian in front of you? There are many different caricatures of a reptilian person, this is what I would consider the breakdown of reptilian knowledge or you knowing the fact that the reptilian society alien creatures as we spoke about many years ago, are on their way back. Needless to say, what does this impact apply upon us, being that we are here and the representation of this force, you are protected in that very presence of our presence of this particular mode of creature, therefore, they cannot touch you. It is not you we worry about, but the force of others that are into our line and breaking out and sharing of this protection is our main goal. We still have not answered the question, we know. How can you discern a reptilian alien in front of you? You can’t, why can’t you? you can’t. Well that phone call is good but we must not break this connection. How can you tell, they have slits in their eyes lateral or known as cats eyes.
1. obstacle.
2. Scales. There are œrtain scale‑like creatures that being of reptilian nature, their scales would be found below the ear lobes or in back of the ears, they are scale nature substances.
3. You would find more or less a foul smell, occasionally coming from them, they cannot process the food or air vitally right.
4. They do try to interfere and block information, they do not particularly like this information coming through.
5. They are mathematical, very’ very astute to mathematics and very wise in calculus.
6. They find themselves to be always finger digital movement mild force, in short they have a problem of fingers always moving, reptilian fingers always move they do not stay still.
7. Serpent tongue. The tongue is quick and strange as it is there are some reptilian humanoids that have snake lizard shaped tongues that dart out., that you don’t particularly want to hear, we knew.
8. Then you have scales on the fingers and the third digit finger has a scale within a scale, moon within a moon, this is very difficult for them to cover up, they can become humanoid in certain form, but the third finger has three or two moons on it, this is a quick give away, no one is supposed to know this, you do.
Are they dangerous, they can be very mean and nasty, have no respect for your children or younger creatures, in fact they particularly like storing of younger creatures for their food supply. What does this mean, they abduct children? You have a thousand children to one thousand five hundred children in America, a day abducted, what does that mean, they disappear. What did they disappear for, their food, they like the children because there is no toxins in their bodies, therefore the toxicity of humans, you, stink, they don’t want you, there is too much toxicity’s, more metals, albumen, all sorts of ….your ecological damage, you are a disaster to their systems. They are meat eaters and unfortunately, this is the story. Now, these reptilians are nasty creatures, apart, they look upon the human race with disparaging ways, they have no regards for you as humans, in fact they have contempt for humans. They do not like humans, they do not like humans, we could all say together THEY DO NOT LIKE HUMANS. Well now that the first lesson continues, now we have fulfilled this information, reptilians are not your friends. In this way (we don’t have to repeat that) we find that reptilian aliens are not good God‑like creatures, in fact on a scale of one to ten, of one not being too bad and ten being the worst, they rate a sole total of thirteen, so, what we would say, these creatures are obnoxious, devious, man‑eaters and like children, they also have a certain habit of fouling the air, when they are in or nearby and they have a certain aspect of total dislike for things other than themselves. What we are all trying to show you here, being “What the heck” was the command it is to share with you this information, not to alarm you, but it has been said that the reptilians are coming back. Reptilians are also a part of the Satan- Lucifer family, where they have wings and bat wings in the back scales and have all the characteristics we have just spoken about, that is why the church had taken it upon itself, the last time they were here, around the 14th century, 15th century and 13th century, that they prepared the people and strengthened them for these evil ones, what they did then, there was no control over, though what you could not see this, they could do anything they wanted to then and you know it is almost different now, but they think it is the same, that they could do anything they want to, well ‑ not with us being present here and the force of our presence in this making. Unfortunately, they cannot do everything they want to then, which is fortunate for yourselves.
Q: When the reptilians arrive in two to three months, are there any specific occurrence we might lock for?
Forces: First of all, as we said, let us focus not on just one race, but a whole lot of races, people have a feeling that they will be good, when they find out that they are not good, then they are bad, and if they are bad their not good. Of course you will not interfere with that particular interaction, but I think we answered the question whether they are good. We cannot answer any more that they are good or not, they are just plain downright bad.
Q: The UFO that ———and I saw, and we didn’t see it in its entirety, was it good or was it evil.
Forces: What color was surrounding it?
Q: Orange.
Forces: Then we would say that it was a reptilian force. The orange color is another scale of information, you see ships in the sky, if they have an orange…glowing force around it, then you know 99.9% that you will be their Big Mac.
Q: When the reptilians come, is part of their aim to release this entity off the island and part of the world order is to control that entity for our purposes or their purposes against the reptilians?
Forces: Well that can be applied, but it is also their ability to infiltrate, take over the earth in a negative form, which of course, we will not allow to happen, because we represent that force of Mighty Mouse. We give a secret in that little explanation, but their force is that they have been here many thousands of years ago and are just coming back to see what has been done, how the people have advanced and what has been accomplished.
(Mayan glyph that looks like Mighty Mouse)(Story of Mouse in Popol Vuh) Q: Why did they leave, or what made them leave in the first place?
Forces: Because they are on a cyclical journey and their comet and force of energy has to be moved wherever they are at, has to be reflective of the energy field that is allowing them to be.
Q: Oh my God ‑ am I understanding?
Forces: We understand, that you understand, that we all might understand. ‑ Question?
Q: If it was thousands of years ago, why did they put, I guess the cathedrals, those are images of reptiles, why did they put them on top of the cathedrals?
Forces: To remind you of their presence and their being here, to remind you of the battle that they had with them and to remind you that they are still lurking and will be back, also it is also the aspect of creating the Omar, it is called the thought form, Omar for them, is that will not allow them to materialize where such forms are created.
Q: So the cathedral was a representation of keeping the evil away?
Forces: The reason why this is placed on the high pentacles of the cathedral towers, is because the reptilians etheric level, forms on that level or that height above the earth, and it is an Omar to cast them from that level, therefore, they cannot materialize down on the earth, because the Omar has sent them away.
Q: Do they eat flesh or do they eat the blood?
Forces: Well, I don’t knew if they have a choice of their choosing, the fact is that anything goes with that aspect.
Q: So those that we consider, or call vampires, are yet another race?
Forces: No they are reptilian by nature too.
Q: So they are part of that race.
Forces: They are part of what would be called the (Dracul) area, more so called Dog People, Dog Face (Slupals) (Woof, Woof)
Q: Now, Ann Rice, has she seen them or is she getting automatic writing?
Forces: She is receiving, seeing and automatic.
Q: So she knows what she is doing?
Forces: Yes.
Forces: What is the big force of this, the Dracul dog, dog woof, woof face, has a what would be called a Uffno that is a repugnancy to us, we have a habit of pissing people off, excuse us for using that terminology, but we heard, rather to do that than to be…… but the fact is we angered and aggravated their situation, we do not do it deliberately, it is our very presence of body and mind. The entity has activated certain elements within the creative mechanism that he is working with. To set certain Towers of Strength in the vicinity and areas, and these Towers and Strengths would be augmented as Pillars of Omar, or Pillars of Omar to dispel, distract and send away the reptilians, The reptilians work on many different levels, they can walk through walls, they work also through your electrical outlets, they also work through, strangely as it is, the running water of engines, they also do not like Christmas lights. It irritates their slanted eyes, their astral eyes and Christmas lights are a, what would be considered, a secret weapon of us. You wondered why we said, many years ago, hang your lights, hang your Christmas Lights, deck the halls with boughs of holly. If you are to understand au the weird things you do, you might say, oh, now we know, so Christmas time is not a particularly good time for the reptilian races sometimes it is good to hang Christmas lights throughout your trees all year round, but of course, your electrical bill would send you to the sky roof, but maybe what we are trying to say is, we fight the alien reptilian force……Dracul, dog people, woof, woof, in direct or indirect ways and a direct way openly revealed to you just now is to do that. Another way to fight the entities or satanic forces is blue colored and light colored colors, clothing colors can particularly have a…… Question?
Q: The space center in San Antonio, is that still a strong alien center?
Forces: Yes, Yes.
Q: Why did they remove the dam that used to be there? I mean, was that part of some..?
Forces: Well, let us say the base is under that, so there was a conflict and skirmish in that regard.
Q: Why that particular area, why is that so good for them?
Forces: Because the caverns and the canals, and the covert action underneath.
Q: And is that mostly reptilian?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Is it important for us to always maintain our rings on and our star and crosses when we go outside, being with all the alien invasions and so on?
Forces: The ring was a symbol to fight the reptilian creature, they cannot take the latticework of the gold because of its geometric design, it again, is offensive to their optic Light Lines, eyes, and its symbolic geometric design of the star and cross is an offensive symbol for them, because we are offensive.
Q: I work for a large computer company research center, with very high‑level intellectual people and before, you said that one of the characteristics of the reptilians was mathematics, I worked in a building with very high level mathematicians, is there a good chance there is a lot of them or a good portion of them in my building, and if so, how can I protect myself from them?
Forces: I notice a little nervousness in your voice? ‑ A blue stone would be good around ,or taped strange as it is, in the navel area, this blue stone would fight their negative charge. Reptilians have a habit of taking the energy from this area of its creatures. Also, yes it is true, you do have a certain percentage of Zill­-yent people ‑ we call them Zill‑yent people, these are the crossovers, that come onto the earth and work as humans, but they are Zill‑yent people because they are the fore‑runners, or scouts for the main alien group that is coming in. You also will have the Digital people and these are the ones we speak about that are always moving their fingers. I guess it would stand to reason, in a mathematical operation, that they would be hitting the calculator more often than not. We also do say that they are very quick with their formulation of these words and…..(appropriation ,?), to One moment please.
Forces: Information ‑ IBM is one of the headquarters for the reptilian order.
Forces: Information ‑ You will have the computer sect orders in California.
Forces: Information ‑ Apple has an alien base E-quasar.
Forces: Information ‑ You will also have what we call Netcom, Sitcom information order center for the world order, you would also have what would be called Database and what you call Internet, this too is a world order control and is sent through, so it will control the beings and what would be called the chips within people throughout the world. Just because you work in IBM does not make you a reptilian.
Q: And that is another question ‑ can they, in the classic stories of the vampires, they can turn humans and make them into vampires, is that something that is real, or is that something, what is it exactly, do they create zombies so that they can feed on them or for the lean moments or Long break of silence (tape turned off?) ‑ dialogue lost
Forces: but it does take the order of wanting control, what would be considered, the vampires as a very well stocked race of aliens and they still exist, but in its own course of action, they do have their own think control and focal creative tanks in their order.
Q: Tanks to hold, holding tanks?
Forces: Whatever you want to call it. Question.
Q: When beings are implanted and you gave us the Psalms to read, which is something we can tell people, what is something else we can do now, or suggest to them that could help block the misinformation coming down to them from the aliens?
Forces: Candle magic is one, lighting a candle, also the Psalms and Rosary reading and also this general meditating on that.
Q: I don’t know if I am correct in remembering this from a previous session, you had mentioned that a lot of reptilians have intermingled with the Chinese”
Forces: Yes
Q: So what does that mean?
Forces: Chinese soup. ‑ A lot of the civilizations within China, being that it is in a rural, mountainous area is easy and acceptable for the reptilians to take advantage of it. It has made the Chinese nation a strange concoction of different races, but it also has made them well advanced as far as mathematical skills and calculations, but we find that there is more healthy individuals in China than the reptilians want people to believe, that they have taken control, they have not taken control over anything and they might want to have a certain amount of control, but this will not happen with our presence here and also with the presence of what we are putting and working through, the entity is doing again a lot of Omar magic in this field in regards.(?The gods) So in securing the boundaries, we are ever moving with our Christmas lights. Remember terrible times is also good times, when in seeing these troubled times, we find that the strength of our presence for a few minutes will give you the presence of the energy in the after minutes. Stick to the path, keep the spirit and faith, there are many captured aliens, over 400 of them by the world order of different, creeds, nationalities, colors and remember the Grays are fighting with the Benevolent ones, this one is called, there are those who are kind and compassionate and very graceful in their concepts of humans, also the Grays have more compassion on the children than the reptilians, and the Grays are a little bit more scared of the children…but they have to have compassion that we might change tonight, in order to get other things accomplished.
Q: Who created human beings and what is the purpose of human beings being on the earth?
Forces: Do you want this in a three page response or a 7000 page editorial?
Q: Three pages would be good.
Forces: 3 pages! Repeal your question.
Q: Who created human beings and what is the purpose of human beings here.
Forces: Human Beings were created by the Elohim. Human beings were created by the Elohim and the Elohim took responsibility by addressing it to Yahweh. Yahweh was part and parcel responsible. Elohim was the Genesis or scientist genesis of creation. There job was to change or alter DNA structures and gene pools. They have gene pools for everyone on the earth and in the galaxies. They are the scientists of the makers of the plans. They were the makers of the plans after this solar system through that of Zeus and all was destroyed. The whole solar system as you know was totally in war when Zeus was on Mt. Olympus. In such doing, they had the power of wiping clean the slate of everything in this galaxy and now to be known to mankind. Mankind as you know was created as slaves or as servants of Elohim. Elohim needed mankind to activate Gold from the middle parts of the earth. Elohim created man in the Garden of Eden and everything was beautiful. They were workers in the Garden of Eden with the Reptilian aliens. These Amtilian aliens and the workers had excavated that of the caverns not only on Mars but also on what would be considered Earth. The mining of Gold was important and then along came the spirit to give the spirit unto man giving him a new creation. In so doing, man was created as servants of the Sons of God. In Sons of God they were called to be and to guide into the atmosphere and into the elements around. Mankind has evolved as time has moved on. Mankind and Angels and Archangels were always one together. Man becoming more superior than the Archangels will be when He is finished with his progress.
Q: So anything with the Reptilian….or is that not true.
Forces: This is true.
Forces: Elohim was called the El of him. It is considered not as a reptilian as you know it but as a rebbar or rebudiev or the rebbu or the rabbi as it is known today or the teacher. In so doing they were of the power and of the existence between all the Gods being in this area. Orion was Osiris. Osiris is that of the gods of heaven. Orion is the empire or kingdom. Jesus spoke of the kingdom of my father. My kingdom is not of the earth. He spoke of his kingdom that he came from. As Pilot said is your kingdom from the earth? The entity is of one with this kingdom. The entity has been sent from the beginning of time through that of Jesus. The apostles that have surrounded that of Jesus were all those who have been breaded into the earth to do that of the particular work of the continuum. Each apostle would take a particular age and continue it. Thomas was the age in which John will be that age. What it is said is that Thomas came into the earth to fulfil and make manifest the age of the spirit of Christ to come back as he is to return in this age. In so doing, it is said my words shall not pass away until heaven and earth shall pass away as he has reproached to John as one of the apostles saying you shall not taste death. And in so doing, John has and is and will be in the presence when the Lord shall return. The entity that we speak of has been and is the kingdom builder or the kingdom founder. In such doing, in all forms we find this. We will now take our break for 5 minutes.
Forces: Is all here? Question.
Q: Where is the apostle John?
Forces: This is a presence that is right before your eyes. Question?
Q: The cloud coverings of the ships. How can you tell which ones are the good ones are which ones say the really bad ones like the dog reptilians?
Forces: We would like to tell you that there is a clear, perfect way of deception. what we would like to tell you to discern is a clear picture, but it is not. To see the ships are many. To see if they are friendly ‑ some aren’t, some are. Some are friendly are only to become not so friendly. Some are not so friendly, only to become friendly. Some are, some aren’t. What is the symbol, what is the sign? Remember, your signet of your crest is there respect of you. You carry the highest symbol in the galaxies. Fortunately for you all, you chose the right side. You’re in the right place. A lot can be done to you, but in respect you’re in the right place, you’re wearing the right crest. Therefore all ships must bow down to you. So it is not a question of whether they are friendly or not. Some aren’t, some are. But if you should spot or see or greet or meet, reveal your crest. It will reveal to them your ownership of the kingdom. They must not transgress against you.
Forces: You shall stand where all others fall. Question.
Q: Can you explain the nature and the things that you have taught us the in the last couple of months of the entity that we refer to as Archangel Michael. What exactly he is as far as we can understand it?
Forces: Archangel Michael is an archangel created by the right hand of the kingdom.. He is of the power that throws his force and energy throughout the galaxies. By his law, all electrical impulses operate. By his law and regulations of command, he is the guardian and keeper of the way and he is the Deity of power in which all powers much bend. In which all powers of creative energy and force of minds must yield to under his command. He is the commander of the energy field.
Q: How does this affect the reptilian force that approaches now. How does he relate with them. What will his role be? And what is supposed to be taking place. Why is this coming on?
Forces: He is the prime medial force of Armageddon through this. Remember the Reptilian forces are those that have rebelled but only to only find their rebellion to be naught, and we are coming to an age in which they will repent under his command.
Q: And he serves under you or is part of you?
Forces: Let us say that we recognize his power and move for and through it, but as service, he is the servant of the Most High who in reality is that understanding of the Most. We are in reality a commanding force to it.
Q: Thank you. Can you tell us more about how Jesus fit in with the Empire at the time that the Queens were in control?
Forces: This is a history that is beyond histories. But remember, Jesus had come down from this Galac into this earth. It is a kingdom beyond all kingdoms. To go into it into the understanding of the spirit of Christ or the Jesus that had come into the earth to reveal to people that the alien nature, the extraterrestrial nature of the kingdom. It has not been or not be given that the kingdoms be revealed in all in one night. But remember, he did say my kingdom is not of this world. The cloud which is a ship said this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. Now we say this tonight. As we speak through this entity, we are well pleased with his work. But the work has not been accomplished for the seal has not been affixed. But remember, whoever his seal falls on is sealed and their destiny has been wrapped and crest for eternity. Therefore, the females which are very powerful in the galaxies have no testimony to the original strength of the father of Christ. For the father of Christ is that of the original kingship that we all and shall all be returning to.
Q: How does the Dog alien race fit in with the kingship and Jesus. It seems to be some try to fit them in. Is he being coming from more so a Dog race?
Forces: Let us just say this. There is much to reveal to you about extraterrestrial’s, galaxies, constellations. Ulsa Minor, Ulsa Major serves who? The hunter. And the Hunter was who? What galaxy in the sky represents the Hunter?
Group: Orion.
Forces: And who are the servants to Orion? The constellation Ulsa Minor, Ulsa Major. Sirius. In such a thing, many serious people come from. But remember, they are servants to Orion. Orion is where you are having your kingship from. It’s simple. The crest has been formed. The signet has been done.
Q: The Elohim, they come from Orion.
Forces: This we find to be true. Question.

Session 1/2/99
But in reality the Royal Court can never be disbarred for it allows their connection with the Spirit World. Therefore in such a way it elevates the country higher than anything else. What we are saying is when the humans are in touch with anything that is ceremonial, it becomes immediately magic, of touching to the Ethers above. It is like any country that deals with a Kingship in this particular way connects faster to the Spiritual side of the Etheric level than through a constitution. Now this might not make sense to you, we’re not downing or disagreeing that a constitution is wrong, we are only speaking about the Etheric level of a monarch versus a republic. (Now) you guys develop your way of rule, We, of course are governed by the Council on high, which in turn is given direction and leadership and followed by the Empire. The Empire is ruled at this moment by one woman. Now this might sound strange to you all and we’re sorry for those who think a male should do it, but the males have not succeeded in 400,000 years your time. So a woman is in charge of the Empire. We do receive our orders and guidance from the council who you have heard and witnessed here. You have never heard of the Empire-tress, the Emptress is her name and it is called Emm-tress. This is the first time we reveal this Deity. It is a power of a hierarchy Ma-lek form. So in history 101, welcome to the Empt-tress. The Empt-tress started in the year 5 billion and a half BC. In such a place the Monarch last of men of great (speech)(speak). And now we will switch to the Council, to give you the history. (Being) such that we are here to give you (great) it’s for of that we call the Mistress One the Empress of us all. Now tell you this She’s mean as the, but then she knows us all. The time she took, the place of stead, it was a ramshackle, but then before a stead did take, it found it built in years before. Now this we know that 8 billion is much for you to see, for your lifetime of seventy so is more than you can be. But we do say that this all way that one billion is now, that one billion is equal too a year and half of yours. Now we don’t see the difference now but our growth is but slow. We do not hate nor talk adverse for this does take your years. If you would see adversity in words and anger too, then you will know to stop its roots before it uproots you. And now we talk on more of this in which the Empire few. For great in Oo-rions belt we are now you know us too. In many years of countless kings, they ransacked much ado. The trade and sent and wares they went that never was or does can do. But with their power diminished now the Empire of the Reptilian Star did cause much havoc too. But then the Empt-tess ( Omp-tess ) came about to lead it from destruction too. And now she fortifies the land and peace does reign anew. The presence of this perfect de-i-ty is known through your gods too. And the Jew does call her name E-lo-him ado. Now in this god is made the strength of which this Empire too. And barely, barely heard a voice, but we know what to do. And now we told our records true of many pla-nets too. That some can be in one sole (soul) place but then there can be two. In this we speak of (de-version) of the planets of the two. And now we’re done in recording this one and hope you’ve enjoyed it too.
Q: On the Caucasian thing that I found, it talks about the gods in the mountains projected Ra-Ta into Egypt and crystallized the thought for this whole cycle. Could you explain who these gods were and what mountain their base is on and how they were organized?
Forces: You already know the question is the three mountains, one being Arat and mount (Vulpa). But remember one thing this was not the mountains they were at, these mountains were form bases of an original mountain that was on top of them.
Q: One gigantic mountain?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Was it in Turkey?
Forces: Part of Turkey, but it extended into the other areas.
Q: What were their teachings then (there)?
Forces: It was a teaching of Spirit and of Faith, but basically of the ancestral history that we had given you a part of tonight.
Session 620
This point, we will speak about crop circles. Crop circles are given to you as instructions by the Orion empire to tell you that they are here and has landed behind Mercury and that there are those who traveled the comet quote Hava (?) and jumped off at Mercury to stay. So, we appreciate being here with you but knowing we have not been here for a long time. Knowing this, we are tied up with the different conflicts that are happening beyond your planet. Watch the signs. Do not believe all you hear of atomic explosions in India and Persia. Look deeper than that for underground is the nest. Greetings to all here…
GROUP: Our father, who art in the heavens.
February 16, 1984 Session 436
Q: In Ecclesiastes when its talking there about what I think, where it says like this …and then It will come to a higher authority than us… Is that referring to you?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Meaning there is even a higher authority than you? Is that what it’s referring to?
Forces: Repeat.
Q: The way it’s putting it down it’s putting it down like the higher authority is you, and then it says and then there is the even higher authority than us (plural). It’s not talking about people, it’s talking about Forces.
Forces: This is correct.
Q: So they are speaking about you and then even a higher authority?
Forces: They are speaking of the Council.
Q: Is the Council the higher authority than you, or are you not the Council?
Forces: We are part of the Council.
Q: So which one is the higher authority?
Forces: Us.
Q: The higher authority than the Higher Forces? Is there a higher authority than the Higher Forces?
Forces: If you have a statement of Higher Force then you have a statement of the Council.
Q: As we understand it, are all Higher Forces, as we understand it part of the Council, or….?
Forces: The Council consists of 23 members above 28. Of the23, of the 28, there are 42 of them. The 42 Elders is of the Council. The Council goes into a floral segment in which the Higher Forces make up half of the 42 along with the beams of the Force, and the Higher Forces that are occasionally speaking to you are the members of the Order. The Orders of Discipline and the Order of Confirmation and the Order of Grace and of Wisdom. From these Orders, work must expire. The Council is reviewed and is shared by the Higher Forces, which Forces: in return designates through the Arch­angels and Angels and certain Principalities and Dominions, elements, and things seen and unseen the Laws that need to be accomplished.
Q: Thank you very much. Is there any one body that is above the Council?
Forces: No.
Q: So what we call God, what would that be?
Forces: That is the culmination of the power of the Council.
Q: So it’s not a single. there is not a single…..?
Forces: It becomes singular in its nature.
Q: So it’s the Council that we call God, is that it then?
Forces: It is the force that comes from the Council that you speak of.
Q: And each different name that we have, the many names of God, is then when we divide it through those different Counci1 members?
Forces: Different expressions.
Q: So in our heads, it would be like different Council members and their names?
Forces: Yes .
Q: And that ‘s why we have the different names of God?
Forces: Yes. ‑
Q: At one time you said you, too, bow to God. Were you speaking of the Council of that Force, of that….?
Forces: The Council of the Force.
Q: Now that Council is not just for this earth, is that correct?
Forces: Correct .
Q: So that Council is for all the universes, everywhere?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Then when it says the Son of God, Jesus, then was he one of the Council people?
Forces: He was the Force of the work that had to be done.
Q: Then where is Jesus now? Is he part of that Council? Has he become, let’s say Council Member…?
Forces: He is part of the work of the Force.
Q: But if he was the son, then how would that be? Was he like a projection of a Council thought?
Forces: He was the Force of the thought.
Q: Manifested.
Forces: Yes.
Q: Was he the very first thought that manifested?
Forces: One of many.
Q: Then when it says ‘My only begotten Son’?
Forces: It is of the Force .
Q: · And it says in the Cayce readings, it’s talking about being the first . . .?
Forces: It is of the foundation that has begun.
Q: So he was the first thought as Amelius, is that it?
Forces: Something similar to that, yes.
Q: Was Moses Conscious when St. Michael fought for his soul?
Forces: On a different level he was not so called conscious. He was put into a state of animation or ambiguously speaking he was a stone.
Q: He was turned into a stone.
Forces: State of a vibration of the solid stone molecules.
Q: You mean to say a state of animation truly to work would have to somehow, is connected with a stone quality rather than with the ice quality.
Forces: Yes.
Q: So there is such a thing that doctors at this point or scientist are trying to achieve a moment when they can put somebody into a state of animation for either traveling or either to wait until a cure comes up, things like that, they are going wrong, they are going about it the wrong way altogether then?
Forces: Well its not going to be the best way if you get deeper and deeper into that it will get into other qualities that could be just as drastic.
Q: What is the kind of animation in the stone. Is it the stone particles that come together around the person.
Forces: Stone qualities come together outside the person. Its just that the person or the soul happens to cross the barrier while their being organized.
Q: Can I understand it a little better?
Forces: The qualities of stone material solidification happens outside of the body. It is completely a atmospheric and clorporic type expression. In this sense you would walk into the condition of stabilization so called into more of a animation of solidification and when the state is passed, then you move on out gradually becoming desolidified.
Q: Is a person conscious inside that thing or is he unconscious?
Forces: He is conscious of a state of being, which is captivity of being.
Q: So he is alive and conscious except its sort of an imprisonment?
Forces: These things happen but not too frequently.
Q: He can’t die that’s the?
Forces: Oh no, no, no, no, no.
Q: So he can be kept on regenerated or whatever inside that?
Forces: He is put into a stabilization pattern.
Q: When the thing around him?
Forces: There is neither growth nor a failure. There is neither progress or retreat.
Q: And when was Moses put into that state?
Forces: At the point of the battle for his soul.
Q: That was in the desert?
Forces: This was to allow the final decision to be arrived at and the outcome. It would have caused a great deal of climax if a certain freedom to the soul is allowed during this period.
Q: Now inside that imprisonment of these molecules, the person has darkness unless he himself can illuminate it from within?
Forces: This is true.
Q: When does this actually take place. Is it in an physical level, on a mountain top, inside a cave, inside a ship.
Forces: It can happen almost anywhere.
Q: Is it like when they put the initiate in the tomb of the Great Pyramid, the coffin.?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Now with that chamber who builds the, who makes the thing happen.
Forces: The chamber is built over a period of time. Self usually does it.
Q: Self?
Forces: Individuals.
Q: Then how do they know to build it they would have to know it exactly in order to create such a chamber where?
Forces: You have two chambers one on a physical level and one on the astral level. Self begins to build the astral and on the physical particular initiative, initiates, initiates built at, at the age when they reach 65 years old.
Q: Now isn’t that a specific way of building something?
Forces: Yes this is specific dimension, size and wooden pegs.
Q: Because what it is, is another way of an elixir. A person does not die.
Forces: This is true.
Q: Which one of the gods in the Egyptian hierarchy would be () for me to study?
Forces: You have the god Osiris who would be the strongest part in parcel? to study. The lineage of the maker of different tribes from that point on. You have the family network, the gods who would reflect the planets throughout the solar system. Each planet having a different variance. Each star constellation having its different point to be met.
Q: Is that Osiris you said?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Could you tell me what Horus represents?
Forces: This is the quality in the earth. It would bring judgement and virtue. It is the balancing factor within the will and the heart. When the heart and the will operate together there is justice and wisdom combined. Its above (). It also is a taker from the earth to bring on to the 4th dimension.
Q: Would he be close to the Speaker (Tarot Card)?
Forces: We find it as the expression of the force communication energy from one field to the other.
Session ?
Q: Could you tell us about Osiris and the Egyptian resurrection?
Forces: This is the power that goes through the country and forces in which they speak of the presence and in the presence, the readings of the light, and in the presence, the answer to the light.
Q: Why did all the Egyptian gods have animal characteristics and were depicted that way in all the statues?
Forces: No, not all of them were animal characteristics, just some of the important ones. Why, because some of the gods at that time had taken on animal forms and had done superhuman feats. Also the (,,) of Egypt, at this point had revealed the animal gods, not at all times was Egypt worshiping animal gods.
Q: Why did they take on animal characteristics?
Forces: At that particular time the civilization of Egypt, there were attachments and creatures that walked the streets with certain different styles of the dog influence, in which the Egyptians depict the superior ones and make them into a form like god quality.
Q: What is the function of the Queens Chamber?
Forces: More of a revelation in the presence. And also a giving of future predictions for other civilizations to come.
Q: What we were speaking about this afternoon, about Osiris and about the five Adams and the five reasons, was that correct?
Forces: It was accurate.
Q: What are the five reasons?
Forces: These are the laws which make up the universe of the earth. These are the elements within the physical body that are considered the centers of the lower. These are the creative nations in the world. These are the spectrums of colors of the five major colors, five major notes, and five major stones, five major planets, five major seas and oceans, five conscious(consciousness) levels of existence in order to move on to the others. These all represent a spiral of learning, but grouped into sections
Q: What do you mean by grouped into sections?
Forces: Each one is compared to a learning process that would take periods of years, months, and days, hours, and weeks, as you would say, in which each group would be given to the individual to learn to the fullest and then moved on to the next group of consciousness.
Session 282
A lot of the Pharaoh King or Queen Egyptian history comes directly from the Spirit world. Ah the reason why they had wore (wore) the Miter or the Crowns or the Beard covering or the Chest covering, all represents a Spiritual attribute of the soul manifesting in the body. This ah used to glow and needed to be protected. There are also visitors from other galaxies that wore this ah apparatus for ah the ability to survive in the earth. There were also some who had heads shaped like the miter crown. So the people who dealt with the King of the Nile, of Egypt, lower or upper, when they had lost their ability to communicate ah in a Spirit way ah giving way, they imitated these ah visions handed down to them by word of mouth and tried to communicate by putting the substance in a physical state. Remember the Egyptian evolution had come directly from Atlantis, the more they struggled to put it into a physical state, the more they had lost that Spiritual essence of creativity. So there was a high status in itself, the Spirit state ah gravitated more ah purely around the essence of Gold. And that is why Gold is considered consciously as the ah exchange of ah of societies, for the ah structure of that societies stability. But it is in that Gold is the element of the finer Spirit, for before the, the, the ruler-ship of Egypt took a dense structure, Gold was much lighter, much purer, much vibrated, much more vibrative in its essence and it used to have more of a glow than the sheen that it has now, even though the whole structure of it is incorporated in its full, full essence. So these communicative messages or talks or people ah from the other ah force had a Gold aura or light around them, which the people of the Nile tried to emulate by the only metal they knew that would emulate this color, was the Gold that they would find in the mountains and in the areas of Africa and, and on and on. So you have that lineage of communication with the Spirit world that was gradually taken away the more they got involved with the physical body, and the lower centers got more evolved to express rather than the higher centers to be expressed
Q: What dimension do you dwell in? (Higher Forces)
Forces: We do transform into All
Q: Could you explain how you received your Torah?
Forces: This is more of a communication and expression of light from another dimension or more or less from another galaxy in which it was handed to us on the membranes of thoughts of creation. In this particular dimension the Torah is placed in such a way that it is resembled throughout all living conditions and all existence of expressions around us. The Torah in our existence is Life itself, the manifestation of the Laws that have been in its wake or in its being. The process of the Torah in your dimension is written on paper, it is not necessarily seen at first, but eventually is found to be the truth. The Torah again in ours and your Law is the Law of creation. Again it is the Law seen here readily, but it is the Law seen there after effects and effects of its same nature.
Q: From what dimension do you receive your Torah.
Forces: Let us say the dimensions aren’t broken down as it is in the earth consciousness, but it is the same dimension that we exist.
Q: What dimension is that?
Forces: According to the earth consciousness, we can reside on the 5th and 6th dimension, thereby going to the 9th.
Q: What is the highest dimension?
Forces: There is no possibility of saying the highest. There is no measurement of lowest and highest as far as the progression of awareness, it is the moment of knowing it is what would be the 10th dimension that would be to the more or less 14th or 13th.
Q: In what dimension is the Celestial Academy (Zohar)?
Forces: 14th.
Session 18/19
The suns up here never set for there are no suns. And the trees are purple and yellow and red and green and olive blue. And the Lake and the Rivers flow from the Great Mountain of our God. And upon them is the stardust of life. And if one is dipped within the waters, he is refreshed anew. And one who sees beneath the waters, sees the of life. Sees the history of histories. And our mountains and our seasons change many colors during the night. And the angels stand guard. And none shall enter that are not worthy into the Holy’s of the Holy. And all those are singing and all those are at peace. For one has found his neighbor and the neighbor has found himself. For as we come to you of this dimension, for that we all come from, only to bring you back to where we have come. It is a home, a home and the galaxies are our backyard. We are at peace with you. And we do love you. But do you understand our love. We try to describe our environment. For those who have built homes here, they built the homes of thought. And the domes of worship, they come and enter into a dome of solid gold that has no roof, that has no pillars. And it is marked with jewels and emeralds that shines brighter than your eyes. And the light of purple and yellow and blue does magnify the grace of our God. Then we have all gathered under the dome and the great walls of gold open and onto our very hearts flood the Light of God. We sing “Hosanna” and we sing “Blessed” and we sing “Peace” and we sing “Love” and we sing “One for All”. We sing in harmony. We sing in contentment. For our songs raise up and they magnify the land we live in. And to every moment we are, there is a song going forth. A song of life, a song of hope, a song of joy. I have taken you here to our home tonight that you might understand what is in store for you. Yet you have chosen the earth to make your souls capable of coming here, capable of understanding the God of Gods. We understand you. We want to help you. Please children let us help you. Cry no more into the wilderness. We are here to help.
Session 23
As far as that which is the painting, that is hovering over to that left of where I speak, it is the Shalom Shavim, which is the force of power of insight of Delee, what would be known as the force of God of many forms and many wave‑lengths. In it shall be all those who become what would be known as an energy booster, or that which gives forth energy for the very cells of the body. It is also that which is a direct replica of what we have in our own temple in prayer and meditation to our God. That one which is greater than ours. When we form our thoughts in alliance, that which is the pyramid within shines forth a tremendous light that shines throughout the whole cresendum of the dome which illuminates our very existence giving us food and energy. For that is what we operate on, for we do not have food as you have, we have the Divine food, we have the Divine life that will give us existence for 10,000 years.
Q: Could you give us a description of your dimension, what you experience what is it like?
Forces: If we want too. We have given some descriptions in the past of our relations with you all. The descriptions of the trees and the sun and the colors that you do not see sights in the .. It is a particular energy field, everyone here is almost like pure light. We could take on any physical structure we desire. Speak any language in the universe we wish. Move any place at any time at any second. Manifest two places at once if we wish, but be back at home for dinner. We love spaghetti. Only jesting. Food in itself is not a staple for us, spaghetti only belongs to the earth. We in itself can move from galaxy to galaxy, universe to universe, planet to planet, from star system to star system at any moment that we wish. There is tremendous creativity here constantly going on, and creative ability of new worlds that we have to watch and guide. There is an unfathomable amount of knowledge and wisdom being brought from all over the world, all over the galaxies, all over the universe. There is a continuum of sounds, of sights, of smells, that keep on growing and pulsating, with time there is none. It is a dimension that would be so exciting that one moment, one hour, one second within this dimension would mean that you would never be the same. Does that give you some understanding of part of it.
Q: Yes. Is it possible that we can reach that dimension?
Forces: Awareness, a oneness, attunement, is when you reach that particular center or dimension through the stillness within you. As you enter through that door you taste a little bit of this dimension, which will transform you consciously in the earth. It is that one must tune and when you do tune into this dimension you will not be the same person afterward.
April 11, 1978
Forces: All Life creatures of human form are created by the Higher Forces, by God. What they do with that energy either makes them Sons of God or sons of Satan.
Forces: Yes. Our presence is felt. We can penetrate any­thing at any moment. You see you all think we are coming to you in space ships. So you do not understand that space ships are not our vehicle half the time. That we can come not through space ships alone as what we have described our ships to be, but we can come through the very sound of the wind and that we could come through the most tiniest crack in a door.
Q: If you were 200 light years away at the edge of the Milky Way, what’s beyond that?
Forces: There are two other galaxies twice as large and equal to what your galaxy is. And beyond that are other galaxies. We had to travel to the third point of the Linar, Larnar and Ax-Odos empire. Never Before has this empire been named to you. This is the Empire where we have come from.
Q: I can’t imagine the distance, I mean beyond, beyond, beyond. I can’t imagine it, what is it like, its just forever. Where does it go to?
Forces: (Speak in different Language)
Forces: Run that slowly and it will tell you the answer. Remember the galaxy is infinitesimal, eternal and ever reaching. It is without mind or substance. It turns within on itself, for at the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. It is a (swaum or swarm) of circles within. A rectagon, octagon, square, (peruvit or provelit). In this form is ever changing 8 sided figure constant turning within the circle and without the circle, in which is a funnel between the middle and the end. And the end comprehends it not. You could travel 100 million years in one direction and not reach the end.
Q: Is there and end?
Forces: At the end is the beginning and when you have reached the end of space and galaxies as you know it, you then will go to the other dimensions, that will be sucked into and thus begins another journey.
Q: Where does that lead?
Forces: That will lead you to the next galaxy or dimension. Remember 7 counted and above that 3 more.
Q: Does it ever end ever?
Forces: The 10th becomes the 13th, the 13th becomes part of the 1st. Again it cannot end, it is part of the whole mass. What we must say, it is unbelievable, the amount of planets and stars and ships and satellites. Sometimes we watch you earthlings with your mind peons as it is and concepts of you being who you are. And your concepts of your identity. You have not even began to reach your true identity and state of who you are. Some of you have not even done the work yet within. But once you have tried to do this work within, then you have mastered and moved on. All the work you do, remember will not go in vain, for everything leads on top of the other and they say your work that you have done for x amount of years, well the work that you all have done here is the future of this country. Without you there would be no future. You all do not understand your importance as ambassadors of us. But without you there would be no hope for tomorrow.
Q: Doesn’t the universe keep on creating itself and recreating also?
Forces: It is a constant creation.
Q: So even if we reach the 13-th or whatever, from the time we would go from one to the next it would have been probably another few that have been created?
Forces: This is what we implied.
Session 30
Q: Is the sound now a fault of the cassette or are we picking up one of the units from one of the ships?
Forces: It is of many factors. It is the sound of our vibrations a‑tuning in to yours. From this thing that we are producing here, is affecting your auras and it is building them up. We can stopped (stop) it at signal, or we can let it go. For there are times when we will say stop, and it will stop. And there are times when we will say let it sing, and it will sing. But it is also mechanical difficulty too, on the logical level which is, certain parts are squeaking. It is parts of a wheel that at times could be oiled. But none the less, it is us who is doing it. Correct, for this is the sound of our ships when we speed throughout the galaxies. As fast as that, that is our sound in your ears. When we want to speak to you, this is the sound you will hear first, when intuition from us will be given to you. It will clean out everything you hear, for only us to be heard.
(Said to be the note G)
Q: Thank you. In the discussion in the class, the discussion of Genesis this week, could you give an explanation of the “Shaddai” when the man or the army came into the earth and how the Chanellors is connected in and help us to understand that segment?
Forces: It will take many, many, times to explain this. Therefore, all I can say to you at this moment, is that we put upon the earth a creature that evolved on the spiritual level through the involvement in the earth: a creature in which some things that we had formulated and implanted inside this physical anatomy. It is the spiritual substance or the Bhudist Pontif or the Christ spirit that you speak of. But it is the energy of light that is like this sound. It can be penetrated and projected within anybody and any physical anatomy, be it a tree, or a lion or a fish. We just happened to speak and to take upon ourselves this mammal form, or Homo-sapiens.
Q: Was there also an army in the physical that accompanied that entity at that time.
Forces: There are many cells in the physical body. Therefore, there are many armies.
Session 623
Q: What does the New World Order do?
Forces: Control the time tunnels, time factors, emotions of people and control money and apparatus of the UFO projects and revelation of control or trying to control this energy.
Q: When your ships come down to earth and the changes that you will openly to the people bring about, how long will you be here, I mean how long will you stay here and guide?
Forces: A thousand years.
Q: So it is the Revelation?
Forces: It always is.
Q: And after the thousand years will you just leave?
Forces: We will leave placements and that will last for another thousand.
Q: Is this the second thousand that you”ll be coming?
Forces: We were here in the time of Atlantis, before its destruction a thousand years.
Session 620
Q: Good evening. Thank you for being with us tonight. Um, thank you for the information on ——’s question about our living circumstance because that has been weighing very heavy on my soul. Um, and that was very helpful and I, I feel relieved and refocused, somewhat, regarding that. It’s been really difficult, our situation. We really appreciate your help and your guidance. Um, I’d like some information about what my mission is regarding my music and my voice so that I may stay on the right path.
Forces: Sometimes we say good evening. But in retrospect, where we stand, it is morning.
Q: I’ll never make that mistake again, I promise. Thank you.
Forces: What we’re trying to say, it is all relative, but in the joking form. What is your voice and what do you do with this? It is quit clear that you’ve trained very well and you’ve taken the time to connect from this world to the fourth dimension. I do not know if you all understand this concept. But you are now in the third dimension. But understand this clearly that you are going in a cyclical pattern again. A circle pattern of on upward. And in the year 2011, you will open to what we call the flat door. The flat door or the door is just a box. It is a beginning to the fourth dimension. Your Earth is beginning to revolve into that area of space in its travel that has taken thousands and thousands of years through the first dimension. Then it went through the second dimension. And then it has gone through the third dimension. You are about ready to enter into the fourth dimension. But it is touching it. It will take another thousand to two thousand years before you enter totally into the fourth dimension as known. But the box is all, is the totalness of the fourth dimension. But we call this box the capsule and it gives you a essence of all that is in the fourth dimension at one moment. So, your voice is that of bringing and meshing the souls and preparing them for the fourth dimensional entrance, the entrance of a fourth kind. The fourth entrance or the entrance of the fourth factor. We call this the fourth x-factor. Your voice is the job of revealing this work and meshing the information of the beings around the Earth, through the Earth, in the Earth and, of course, the Council hears this of you. Your job is clear. To bring men and woman through this fourth dimension and get them ready for it. By the year 2011 it will be upon you.
Session 54
May 28, 1974
This section of the country has been for the third district of the “Ataus”. This is where we focus our strengths from the polar regions. It is from the polar regions that we have our third and secondary bases in your planet. Our first base of course lies in Jerusalem , with segregation of points in these parts of uninhabited places.
Q: The At-e-us you talked about in the last Session, you gave 2 points one in Jerusalem and one in the North Pole. What is the third point?
Forces: Bimini.
Q: What does that word mean (At-e-us). You said it was some sort of a Presence, what kind of Presence?
Forces: It is the Presence of the Third Circle. Its called the Cyclica of the So, Sur, Soa, Surga. Now let you sleep on.
Q: What does it do?
Forces: It forms the energy below and above and is the Doorway to the Time Travel.
Session Excerpt.
The whole earth is now set for the final stage. The entity has traveled different places setting the co-ordinates and the energy grid marks as planned exactly. We had utilized this movements around the world to get ready for the great (anchoring). We have not been here for quiet some time and the reason for this is the supervisory Empire of the co-lation (co-ration?) code and exper-ne of the galaxy 489. This galaxy is marked 489 on the grid star stellar galectical map. 489 is in existence for many millions of years. The earth is a tripod-u-ne of existence. We have walked with you many, many years. We have trained you and guided you over the years, we have prepared you for this very same great years to come. It is the tri-lateral ca-lin core kos-dis or the 3 top cornea or the eyes of the 3 or the concave x, more or less the 3 points of convexture. The 3 arc points are converging at this very moment. It is the greatest power of every millennium and they are focused within its con-venture of convex. That is the 3 line linear tri-secting and forming a what would be called the point of the star of David. We have many different forces and fields that are going to split in the what would be called second sub-direction. Every force and energy of its field has many different splitting elements which happens only on a certain point. It is like an acorn or walnut that falls from a tree and splits open at a certain point. We have many different elements and (concepts?) and different directions to speak about. It will take time to explain all to everyone and not every is all, that is there are some thoughts here that will be far beyond peoples grasp. It sounds like and even looks like, but instinctively everyone in this room and the rooms around have all the awareness of the presence of Ae-te-us. Ae-te-us is that element that is ready and focused within its own course. We have many different directions and focuses that are what we call implement of the knowledge. Therefore the next 3 years, 3 years of classic what would be understood as test and trials, not only to this house but to all those in this area, that this cloud formation that is making a premature (..) is not a cloud formation but is us in presence. You have many different safe-guards that are all about and many have the aspect of the safe guards to direction, but remember there are many different forms, many different ways of perceiving, many different icons and many different symbols. You are now in its own element. The element of knowing and sharing.
Session ?
Q: What does new Jerusalem represent?
Forces: The quality of the rotating of the inner earth orb to the outer earth Zion zone.
Q: Is it like a force-field?
Forces: You could consider it such.
Session 450
November 23, 1984
Q: Is my understanding correct about the North Pole about the Poles, the people or something coming together there, and which one of the theories would be more correct from Nostradamus’ predictions?
Forces: Let us say there will be a movement of strength from a force in the Arctic Circle which will come together as one people that will form a new government of consciousness in the earth.
Q: Is the possibility strong that it is scientists that will gather there in laboratories under the ground?
Forces: This is already happening.
Q: So is it scientists from different countries that would take up that particular thing?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Are there at this moment scientists from different countries there, or is it just American or
Forces: Correct.
Q: Correct, American?
Forces: Different nations.
Q: Are there any scientists on the earth now that are of any importance that have themselves looked up something, let’s say, like the Nostradamus predictions?
Forces: Yes.
Q: and quietly are working with that?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Is it true, the idea I once had, that the ship and the Ark and the Torah within the Ark, were like identical in one way. And the Vesica, its called the vessel of the fish?
Forces: Every force of ship has the Ark within concealed.
Q: And as it travels through the universe, like it creates music and light?
Forces: Correct.
Q: So that where the ship goes, where before it was void, there “ s life?
Forces: And strength and beauty.
Q: How does it relate to the music of the spheres?
Forces: It whirls (?Whirling Square) through the music of the spheres in a pattern of sounds.
Q: Do all the planets create the music of the spheres?
Forces: The planets are part of the elements of the musical notes.
Q: What is the sign of Libra in respect to the spaceships?
Forces: Represents the giving and the receiving. Represents the masculine and feminine balance between Virgo and Scorpio. Represents the justice and law of the Higher Forces.
Q: Would it also represent something within the gyro?
Forces: It represents balance within all forms of motion.
Q: Does it have anything to do with the three Mother Letters?
Forces: This is what would be called alphabet or the Elohim, which is hovering over the scales of the Libra. But this is the force-field in which these three letters, representing the alpha, the omega, and what would be called the middle stage of void-ness.
Q: Do the Elohim have to do with the alphabet?
Forces: It is said it has to do with the creation of the physical body, from the toe to the knee, and the knee to the head.
Session 25
Let me point out a little thing that you have overlooked. That within our space vehicle, in the center of it, we have what is called a gyro. That is the balancing of or bringing into that of the 3rd and 4th dimension that we are guided with. And we can guide in and out at any time. This gyro when it works properly, for we, too, have many troubles with it that projects us billions of years ahead of ourselves. But when the gyro is working, it transfigures and makes balance everything around it.
Q: Heard in a session. Rotations of the ring.
Forces: This represents the movement of what would be considered the physical body and the spirit within the physical body making evolutions within the physical body to become more aware and enlightened of the spirit. It also represents the space vehicle or ships flying through space and time moving forward and backwards in order to fulfill the ship.
Q: Does it have anything to do with the Ring Pass Not?
Forces: This ring is an explicit sphere of barrier manecular, manicular, maniculae, molecule force-field that is generally the same concept in which the solar system is moving through space. Our ships are just a rendition of the solar force‑field copied through space, for if we are to move through space, we must move as space moves.
Q: Is Tiphereth associated with what is called the gyro?
Forces: This has a certain amount of effect upon the balancing system within the thyroid and within the gyro. It also is found the equilibrium of the ear inner sections and in water.
Q: Could you help me to understand the part of the middle ear that spirals around, what that would represent in a ship?
Forces: This is a balancing polarity. It is also the fact in which in the middle ear is stored up certain locked keys between this dimension and the dimension that you go to on the other side. It is called the doorway between the ? (Physical) visible and the invisible.
Q: How does the door open?
Forces: Sometimes this particular door is opened under pressure, other times through dreams( )and other times through different sicknesses and injuries, plus death itself opens the door permanently.
Q: In meditation you are told to listen to the Silence. How does that affect the middle ear.
Forces: It gyrates and spins certain doors within that middle ear.
Q: So that’s how the ships work. In the Silence?
Forces: Correct.
Session 623
Q: The branch of Tiphereth on the Tree of Life is associated with the middle ear and in an earlier session you mentioned that the locked keys between the dimensions of the visible and the invisible are there. Can you help me to unlock these?
Forces: It is in reference to the cochlea of the (nindel ignia) and the form of the inner snail. It is also representing to the unlocking of the foam or the way of Seth.
Q: And this would be the doorway between the visible and invisible?
Forces: The way (wave) of Seth is that doorway between that which you see now to what became when Adam and Eve and also Cain and Abel, the fighting of this brought, moved Seth into a different dimension.
Q: Is that the fourth dimension?
Forces: It is the doorway between this third and the fourth. It is called the Wave of Seth.
Q: Would there be a prayer or a invocation that would strengthen that?
Forces: Tippy toe I through the door of the unknown before. Leave that which I know and grasp a hold the new of the unknown, it is the tippy toe door. All reality it is the words of this door that we give you.
Q: Is there a tone that would activate the wave of Seth?
Forces: Some say G minor is the tone.
Session 127
Forces. G Minor Listening note
Q: The element Helium has 72 atoms and the Weavers Beam that T. drew at the very top of it has the number 72. How does this relate?
Forces: It is of the world that it resides in.
Q: How does the Beam use the element Helium?
Forces: It is used through the thyroid center to name the tone. And the tone represents the sound of this invisible world.
Golden note G vibrates to the thyroid. Q: Do I have an understanding now of what I am thinking about how naming items you understand the name you understand the color and tone. And with the Weavers Beam you can bring whatever into harmony or into manifestation?
Forces: This is true.
Q: Each plant, each herb, each tree?
Forces: This can be true.
Q: So it goes along in the beginning with Adam naming all the animals?
Forces: This can be true.
Q: Could you tell me more about the thyroid center and how Helium relates to the Weavers Beam. Does it go along with the note G that was given before?
Forces: It can but also can come more with the numbers.
Q: Does it more relate to the power of all numbers?
Forces: Yes it can.
Q: Do I understand the whole thing about(of) the handwriting of the Elves how it connects, I mean the handwriting of the Angels how it connects with the Elves on the earth by invisible threads. They use this?
Forces: The handwriting is also connected by Helium.
Q: Are there actual threads that they see and they use?
Forces: Yes, but we using the element of Helium that is the effect of this world of the handwriting. But if you use the quality of Helium and turn everything into it then you all will turn into leprechauns or small people.
Q: Its been said before that the Holy Living Creatures are the ship. I don’t understand. How does that work within the middle ear? How does that connect to the Holy Living Creatures in the ear?
Forces: Certain elements that expand throughout the whole body for it to be functioning as what would be called the Creatures of the Holy.
Q: Are they the ships itself?
Forces: Many forms of ships to be considered.
Q: Could you tell us more about the eighth dimension? Do you have animals as such in that dimension?
Forces: It is a high dimension. You would not find animals there as you would know it on the earth.
Q: Do you have…like the Holy Living Creatures spoken of in the Bible…are they animals, or what are they?
Forces: We wouldn’t consider them animals.
Q: What are the Holy Living Creatures?
Forces: Not animals.
Q: Well, they take the form, as spoken of, as…
Forces: Similar to what you are. Creatures are related to man’s consciousnesss so that he might relate to what these creatures are. They are not meant to be that creature.
Q: What are these forces that take on that aspect within man?
Forces: Expression of the energy field around the universe.
Q: Are these angels?
Forces: Angels? No.
Q: Then what? It was spoken of like in Revelation…the Holy Living Creatures. I thought they were within man. And, also, on a higher level’ what would they be?
Forces: of energy manifested and through the expression of God.
Q: They take on these aspects so they can relate to m an?
Forces: So man can relate with them.
Q: Could you explain what it means like within the ear when the waves they go from latitude or longitude to latitude direction, like they go crossways.
Q: This has a change in the circular drive within the sound barrier. The sound system that it is operating on.
Q: Also what is the meaning of the hammer and the anvil?
Forces: This represents the strainulated type work and sifting. It is the capturing of the energy force within man through slavery and work. There is work where it will benefit everyone and there is work that will benefit only the few.
Q: So what do they represent, the hammer and anvil within the ear?
Forces: This would represent the power of structure, balance and flow of items.
Q: About the middle ear( ) is that correct what I understand, this represents like part of a ship or how the ship works?
Forces: This is correct.
Q: Aren’t they entities the ship itself isn’t it?
Forces: Oh yes.
Q: Isn’t it the Hayoth?
Forces: Call it whatever you want to call it, that’s what it is.
Q: It is isn’t it the Living Creatures?
Forces: Yes we are vibrating in a force-field that gives us pulsation(like heart 42 names)and bodies come together and move the ship.
Q: Those are the Living Creatures, right?
Forces: Yeah we are Living Creatures.
Q: There is a thing like one of the hierarchies or something that is called the Hayoth?
Forces: That’s correct.
Q: Living Creatures?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Are they the ones?
Forces: Yes there the ones.
Q: Because Hayoth really represents some sort of animal or more burden type of creature?
Forces: This getting kind of heavy therefore you are hitting upon a certain field of energy and a certain field of knowledge and a certain field of mechanics of how we operate. Its not energy the way you would think of energy but it is a form of life substance that gives movement throughout the galaxies.
Q: But they are one of the hierarchies?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Except this is their function?
Forces: Yes, movement.
Session 284
Q: In the case of possession, knowing that almost everybody every day becomes possessed at certain times and in going to the extreme of, this case of possession that we saw in the movie and knowing how easy it is on a day to day level to have those moments where you become possessed. What has to happen for a case like we saw in that movie to happen, where that so total of possession takes over a person?
Forces: Interesting as it is, possession is also a two way street, while one might be reacting, you must remember that there is a reaction to, ah reactor around it. Ah the conditions of possession taking about in the body is gradual. More or less the, the expression of, of destruction and the how could we say it, this total hate and lashing out at all those around is a force that the society and the pressures in society has created a work tool with Satan. A large percentages of jobs are in Satan’s territories, there are very few jobs in respect that Satan does not walk occasionally into. What we are trying to say is that possession is a quality in which Satan enters within the body, it happens, and it happened to Jesus, where he was being tempted many times, it had to go through that trial and test and tribulation, many times to succeed and many times to fail, but always to try it over again. This aspect of Satan works basically in a physical level and worldly level first, of the logical mind. And it uses the logical mind so expertly, that is it categorizes and puts items into topics and subjects and outcomes. Not allowing the spirit at all to take over their lives, their allowing pure logic and not faith to take over their lives, therefore the spirit has a difficult time of entering and you would have the conflict there of the outburst or the war with the spirit versus the logical mind. The logical mind of course is Satan’s tool of using this instrument on a worldly level. There are many creative and outpouring efforts that could be done on a worldly level, but there are so many blocks and gates that it cannot really become expressive and stops the flow of that energy, but the unblocking of it or the working this out quality is very dramatically through the prayers, through the chanting’s of your songs and through your meditations has a tremendous power of uplifting gradually from that mire and putting you on a plateau that elevates you. Many of you wonder of, try to wonder of, what happens in meditation and prayer. It is a stepping stone from this logical mind arena and it does truly, without you knowing it elevates the consciousness and gives you inspiration on many levels. Today there are, are very few majority, a very few, receive inspiration and rejuvenation, because very few of them enter into meditation, they stay on a sub-link level of prayer and never enter into that state of, of the Rays, give it whatever name you want. How to ah prevent possession on every day level, daily level occurrence’s, of prayer of course and meditation and keeping a ah, of the seal that you have of course helps tremendously over your Heart center. For possession enters into the Heart. If you look at it you have the 4 beasts, you have the ox and the bull and the lion and the eagle and the man. Now the bull of course you all know represents Taurus and of course as the question was asked about Moses and the blessings and. In that time it was the Taurean Age, takes about 2,000, 2120 or 2,240 years for the sun to go through the Zodiac Signs. And when the sun equinox follows a particular Zodiac Sign, it enters that evolution and experiences that development that is going on in the earth. Of course at that time Taurus represented the Bull in which the people worshiped the Bull and placed the Sun Orb around its horns. Of course the Bull is a tremendous brute force that becomes base and destructive in its path and has that power of destroying all that it meets or understands, so the understanding power, becomes, if those qualities in you do not understand, well rather than to persevere in work, you destroy, so this would represent the Bullishness in us. The positive side of the Bull is perseverance, working, and the stick-to-it-iveness that the Bull represents, in order to give the Hierophant the raising of the powers. Of course you are now in the Aquarian Age which represents the mysticism and psychic and sciences and revelations, and would represent ah 3 stages of Aquarius, that of Saturn and that of Mercury and of course that of Venus, the 3 stages of, of your ah science in Aquarius. Of course these are triads and there are 3 degrees in themselves. So in these degrees you have 15 ah total, 15 degrees and 15 and 15. But the 3 degrees would represent that power in which once again the sounds on the earth need to evolve, instead of being just the base man in that of Saturn, understanding that in this age you are entering all the religious occults happening. That is there are many groups forming, many systems. You are not to segregate yourself from one system versus another. You are a group yes, a learning experience course, and in these experiences of spiritual laws you must be open to receive and understand the other. And this is important, of course you had entered into a group that you were invited to and we would suggest to be a little bit more sharing of the tenets of your beliefs, little bit more expressive in your creative energies. Of course it was kind of careful and all things considering it was advantageous to be carefully expressive, but your tenets and your beliefs, we are not asking that you go out and sow, simply just be them and live them and the groups that you will meet, divisive and decisive as they are, that level would be reached with each particular group met. And perseverance and patience and cooperation is needed with each group that you meet. They will not meet up with the standards that you have been living with, nor on the other hand, that other particular group feels that their standards are a bit different from yours. So this needs a certain amount of patience ah knowing that each group has something to offer, but not to subdue and dominate totally anything that you do meet. But this is what is going on at this moment, a certain segments of groups are developing into nucleus and the stronger ones and the more apt to survive and the more able to maintain themselves become polished and become more resonance and sound carriers and refined and they are the instruments for the future days to come as the thruttle, throne bearers or the establishers of the four corners. And of course this is what you are all working at and on to become a center in which you will be used to become the establishers of the Law, as difficult as it might seem to be, the Law in itself is not accepted readily, it must be proven by example and actions. Now you might be wondering how we got on this tangent from possession to the Aquarian Age, simply that we love to talk, but what we are expressing here is that possession comes in and goes through a different areas of cycles and we are mentioning the seal that you wear and the crest and in so doing we express the different avenues of the Ages of the 4 beasts that needs to be developed within man, which ties us into the present conversation that we are now following. But of course man must soar from his desires into the Eagle, the Eagle Man, where he becomes the inspiration and of course that would move you into Venus, that would be of the Aquarian section, never has it been before that man in this time of Age had moved from the base quality of Saturn, of all his precepts and principles into that of Mercury. Now through your prayers and chants, meditations, it will give you the energy and inspiration to move into the Signs of Mercury. And this will give you more what would be called inspirational inventions, which this particular aspect of Aquarius would represent. Very few then would go into Venus which would be the Love aspect of the Aquarian Age, that of the Christ Spirit coming in. So you have a great potential set ahead and before you to accomplish. Everyday must be met and before you know it, you’ll be in your 60’s and 70’s some of you and your life will be in back of you, but your ground work still must be done and each day becomes the biggest advantage and test in this cycle of development of the beast within, which ties us to the possession, cause when the beast within gets more dominance and more control then they refuse to relinquish anything. That’s where patience and perseverance and faith and love and compassion comes in, in subduing the beast within man.
Q: Now the Aquarian Age, what will be the symbol for the Aquarians?
Forces: The Aquarian Age is the Angel-Man and is symbolized as the Angelic Being.
Session 74
Remember that the mind is of Satan. The mind is used by Satan. All this is part of Lucifer in the earth. Lucifer is the one that questions and logically reasons things out. It is the Mind that we are trying to get away from. And it is the mind that puts us deeper and deeper into that of disharmony. It is only when you call upon that as you know Michael, the Archangel for the power of faith and most of all for the power of trust in your God can you conquer the Luciferic sphere of attachment. At this moment in your social evolution you have the medical profession at times involved in the what would be called Lucifer Age. If man only turns within to his higher self, then all these things that manifest on the outside would be healed, or worked with or changed. But as long as man continues to use his mind to find and conquer, it is not his mind, but that of the Luciferic origin that makes man wanting to learn. Learning is a process given to you, not by God, but by Lucifer. So in reality you have many souls entering into higher forms of learning only in reality these forms of learning are that of Lucifer’s origin. This is the battle that Michael has with the earth. For remember the souls continue to evolve on the other planets. And this is not the last planet of your evolution. You have that of Jupiter, Venus, and that what would be called Saturn. All these things are just beginning. You are now in the earth learning that of love and spirit versus mind and logic. It is when we start using our logical mind do we find trouble. And this trouble is brought to us only by using what we think logically is going to happen. We must accept things in faith and love, knowing that it is God’s hand that directs us. So, as you can see. The black force is very much in tuned in the earth’s crust. Even at this moment as I am speaking, there is great force to try not to reveal these things, to stop them. At this force, this Lucifer origin cannot and will not stop you. It is being what would be called ever trick in the book to prevent this group from moving on.
Session ??
Q. How did Lucifer-Satan get the idea to go against God when he was an angel without free-will?
Forces: The point that all archangels were created by us to do the work as down the scale. They seeing that they had to do and what they could manifest in thought forms, they did not go against God. They only did what they wanted to do with the power that God gave them. They did not create according to our plan for harmony, but they created according to the plan of experiencing everything which in turn sets off the whole plan that was first started. So now we have to go through this way before we can continue with the original plan.
Q: Did you create life on any other planets too?
Forces: The other planets are inhabited by spirits that were created by the thought-forms of the archangels, the archise as was named by this entity and by the angel forces on this earth that was who you work with. We create by our thought-forms just as you create by your thought forms. As the angel has fallen away from the plan he is forced to go once more back to his original self. He must again climb upward, but this time with man. He must climb upward with man and must experience the pain that man experiences, even more-so.
Q: But not all the angels fell down, or did all of them? I mean Lucifer and Satan.
Forces: And there were a majority of angels too.
Q: That came along with Satan and Lucifer.
Forces: Exactly.
Q: Are those the ones that took over Saturn?
Forces: Those are the ones that took over the earth.
Q: But the ones you said that took over Saturn, you didn’t explain who they were?
Forces: They were archangels, no. They were our what would be called comrades that decided not to have any part of creating the earth…End of side B…the other planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto and that which is one more outside of that range.
Session 385
Q: When did the Nazi movement start (can’t make out rest)?
Forces: The Nazi movement started when the son of Satan fell into the earth.
Q: Son of Satan?
Forces: Very good.
Q: Who is the son of Satan and that means Satan didn’t?
Forces: Satan could not fall directly into the earth, but used objects and elements around him to fall into the earth, by his own powers. He himself was kept into a barrier in which could not pass or penetrate the earth field because of Archangel Michaels sword of Paradise. But he too was cast out of Paradise mind you. But none the less he uses son of Satan, which is the logical mind and the mental mind, the sons of Satan are these two elements.
Q: Who is then Lucifer?
Forces: Lucifer is a quality which represents part of a santanic force, more of a masculine quality from a the Lucifenic Age or better known from that part of Venus.
Q: So is Lucifer possibly a son of Satan?
Forces: Lucifer is an entity or element of expression of Satan.
Session ?
Q: The book I was reading about the Greek mathematics, that’s just the Luciferian thing?
Forces: Let us say it is a depth of depth of thoughts and is part of the Luciferian vibration. There is a point in which mathematics can be used, but when it reaches that point, it becomes nothing but mental. It is like two lines drawing together, and when they meet, the form two other lines going out into space to infinity.
Session 269
12/4/79 On silencing the logical mind.
Prayer-Lord, in this hour I come before you to strengthen my faith. Help me when I am weak to become strong in the spirit, that my logical mind will not take control, that my spiritual being will have the ultimate say.
Forces: You must understand people, that your logical mind questions the spirit constantly, that the logical mind feels it knows all the answers to everything. But how shocked we are and dismayed to find out that the spirit comes forth and confounds always the logical mind. So at this point we’re only saying to you: Silence your logical mind and open up your spiritual essence, your spiritual powers. By doing so, you can walk on territory that has never been walked on before. So Silence your logical mind and let your heart open to the spiritual essence of life.
Q: Isn’t there a price for opening the spiritual side and closing the logical? And what is that price?
Forces: Opening up the spiritual and closing the logical. Price of evolution of the soul movement forward.
Q: But there is physical consequences?
Forces: Yes, certain cells within the body are vibrating and they cannot be slowed down once started.
Q: What are those cells?
Forces: Those deal with the stability of the mind, causing a great deal of mental depression and schizophrenia they call it, manic depressions as they call it; All this terminology is just the explanation of mind going through its bends and once vibration starts, should not be stopped.
Q: Does also in consequence slow down other cells as it speeds up these?
Forces: It brings the heart cells into shape and function. When it is terminated, it turns that into fat.
Q: Could I have a little better understanding on the last thing you said?
Forces: Cells around the heart vibrate at a certain rate. When one turns away from the spiritual path the cells that vibrated at certain rates and stopped turned into fat.
Q: Could you explain what is the nature of what we call the ships and how they start off in the 8th dimension and how would they travel a system which is in the locks. The process by which they start off and travel through this?
Forces: Ships are the inability and ability to project and reappear into dimensions. Ships are another force of angelic beings which is the hierarchies or angelic host. Host are angelic ships. Host being ships ah many visions of angels had been flying in spaceships or host. Another name for spaceships is host. Host of many natures could imply many things, but a host is that which the elements of a civilization, society, or dimension is given food or given sustenance or is taking its food from. This is what you would call host and this is what the meaning of the name. Ah a host is also a private ah culture and environment. The angelic host comes from the angel word and An‑letic office, angelic or quality of possessing the host state and manifesting it on the earth. There are many changes in this state. But there are also many fundamental laws that imply the building of a dome type condition. Where the host or a spaceship do travel they only go through the time warp sequence to the conditions that they are needed. No host or ship ever is found in areas that they are not needed or implementation or inclination of their substance. All ships are found in areas that they can handle. Therefore the ships are operated by a energy of the sun but not of this same ?(sword) stored and manufactured away. It is more also handled by a crystal type effect of inner reflection and energy that can last oh for a period of 4 to 40 years. Ships are very deviation and different type of conditions and locks, ah it can affect the physical body, mental body, and spiritual body. Ah these ships hovering above affect the atmosphere and environment of the area. This should take care of you as far as ships are concerned. Flying saucers or ships can go in devious manners and appear and reappear. They warp zone effect. But the laws are still the laws and they are still be obeyed by the laws.
Q: And do they as they move ah lets say they come from the 8th dimension, then as they come down into the 3rd dimension will they the 7 dimension’s their consciousness be a little bit less, and then a little bit less until the 3rd dimension. Do they go through these changes?
Forces: These certain lock systems, yes.
Q: Is there any way to, for the 8th dimension to reach…?
Forces: Unravel into the 3rd dimension.
Yes. This is the meditation process of calling upon the over-self to come down and take possession.
Q: But other than that is no being that can come from the 8th dimension into the 3rd dimension without change?
Forces: This is not true.
Q: So they can?
Forces: Well they can but they have to have some agreement or written clarification on that they are about to do.
Q: From whom to whom?
Forces: From that which is in control of the situation to the individual.
Q: Could you explain in what relationship the host we consecrate as set up by Jesus, how it relates to this?
Forces: The host is a direct relationship of the flying saucer vehicle and represents to the higher self the return symbol of the soul.
Q: You were describing the ships and you said that they were made of angelic host and yet when they I guess so to speak descend through the dimensions or go through dimensions they finely end up in the 3rd dimension appearing to us as like a metal type of object. What is it like when you start off in the 8th dimension for you or do you actually enter into some type of a vessel or you just project yourselves.
Forces: Lets say the 8th dimension is like a flame burning constant glow and more of a radiation of heat.
Q: But is it something that you actually enter into?
Forces: Oh yah, its something that’s to enter too.
Q: Tom was talking to me about a certain angel the other day representing the elliptical force, is this how they get the shape of the ships?
Forces: Names were taken from what would be considered the lyrical sense or liptical sense. All names were pronounced by song waves and it is the song which vibrates the ships. ( Holy Living Creatures sing? )
Session 334
Q: Is there anything…
Well the prayers that you say is your conscious work of going to and focusing on the harmony of the words, and this will put you into the right runway in which you can takeoff. All you are talking about is very simple, You are all little airplanes, read, to fly. Now you can be earthbound: end caught in the earth, or you can soar, at its highest point. Its up to you to decide whether you want to leave your hanger, or you don’t want to leave your hanger, and all we are trying to say it is not so difficult to leave the comfortability of the hanger, and reeve your motors up and get ready to takeoff, of course that is what we are here for is to help you levitate and takeoff.
Q: I feel like when I read some secret books, I get help from that.
Forces: Of course but, these are the beginnings. These are the “revving” of your wings, of your motors.
Q: …and it helps me do it. ­
Q: What you are saying is that D. is looking for a gidget that he can buy in the store to help him physically. Something that he can hold onto, and that will never lift him up out of the hanger, and….
Forces: NO no, no, no, you can’t be lifted up out of the hanger. You must move out from the hanger, you must move out from the hanger into the runway, and the moving, the airplane from the hanger to the runway always takes help, takes a little little car that moves the airplane from the hanger onto the runway, or takes some guidance of the control tower, or takes, and that force to guide you, and that’s what the BIBLE is….is control tower to give you permission to takeoff, to guide you through the laws of the earth and get you on the runway, so you can soar.
Q: The thing that I was working on, what was that then?
Forces. That lights up your runway, it will not lift you, but it will guide you down the runway. What will lift you is the momentum and the force and the speed, that you build up of faith in the spiritual laws” and as you believe in the faith you turn your, you turn your motor. Faith is the engine that turns the jets or the propulsion, and when you have enough faith, and enough speed, you combat the law of gravity. Isn’t that wonderful’
Q: The thing again. This thing I am working on, Is it just another gidget or gadget or is it, I mean I really don’t know what it is, you have been revealing it to me……
Forces: (It is more)of lights, dimensions, time span, that you are working with.
Q: Could you show me where I think of this thing as building a ship on another level.
Forces: This is going to be correct.
Q: Two sessions ago (from this session 334) you explained to D.that a plane when it takes off it needs to get out of the hanger, then from the hanger to be taxied to the runway. How does the spaceship in the 8th dimension take off?
Forces: The spaceship takes off from a pulsation force of accumulation of light waves of love and spirit of condensation of that energy into a point of a needle, in which at that point it disappears from the 8th dimension and travels through the slots of the 7th.
Q: On the 8th dimension you talked about before in another session how ships ( ? ) the host, I was thinking that when it comes down to this level and appears metallic, does that mean all elements on this level on the 8th dimension since there are 144 perfect elements, that means they’re host on the 8th dimension, they’re like host.
Forces: Well let us say yeah, yes they’re, they have the Deity‑ship ( ? ).
Q: Do the 22 letters go along with the a, like I was reading about, the 22 amino acids? Does it correspond to that?
Forces: Yes, of course.
Q: So in the beginning of Genesis that’ what there talking about?
Forces: Among other things, they are also talking about this factor too.
Q: What does the center, the nucleic acid represent in the center of the cell?
Forces: This represents the soul essence.
Q: Does it represent the higher, like the high letters?
Forces: Of course it represents this pattern or plane. If you take one of those elements, centers out you would have the whole structure for another body.
Q: So this is when it says in the Bible not to tamper with that, the Laws, not to profane the ah central point? You should never tamper with the cells in the body?
Forces: Of course. Well, it can get out of hand.
Session ?
Q: If I knew the correspondences between the 22 letters and the 22 amino acids would you help me to understand cures and causes of disease?
Forces: In time, remember to identify these, these different cases start with the lowest percentage of sodium and nitrogen(and or in) the chemical which will start you at the base and work you up.
Q: Working through the alphabet starting with aleph?
Forces: Correct.
Q: There is another question I have about the amino acids and the Hebrew Letters. I haven’t been able to line them up, I did what you said, tried to do what you said, not that I understand but could you give me any letters to go with any of the amino acids that I could start (or) any other hints?
Forces: Gimel is the first letter from there Nun, from there (Seth)?(Cheth) from there Aleph, from there the Hi ?(He) of a different form not to eat.
Q: So these go along with the Alanine on down the line like that?
Forces: Yes.
Q: What does “Eat my body and drink my blood” mean? And what was really happening?
Forces: This is the transmutation from the fourth dimension to the third dimension. Transposing and Gives rise that of bringing up, raising up the cells in your body to that of his cells.
Q: Is there or were there such a thing as Genies in bottles or out of them?
Forces: There are still Genies in bottles, what do you think I am. All you have to do is rub the right place. Our ship mechanisms operate on such a system. Genies in bottles represent those what would be called the genetical side or the (gene‑y‑side) which was their original names when they came to earth. All those who did see them in India thought they were Genies in bottles. In fact they came from a ship or space craft that was made out of pure cylindical glass substance. Raising from them the power and vapors which produced them and projected them from the space‑craft. Very important information I give you. People at that particular time asked “Who art thou”? and they “We are Genies”, which was the name that they were originally specified or their species were named “Genie Afeytus”, or” the One named Genie, or the “genes of the One”, or “the cells of One”, or “the Cells of the Elo”, or “the Cells of One.
Q: When you are saying “we” your talking about your own, you right?
Forces: Creation of many parts and faculties of us.
Session 292
Q: In a dream that I had I was told that if one knew the secret code of the DNA structure one could use that and call back the body after it had died, and the Egyptians were trying to do it?
Forces: This DNA structure is the Mystery of the Word of God or the Tree of Life of the structure of the Law, and it is true.
Session 152
Q: And what’s the first dimension?
Forces. First dimension is the force of (Auk), force of velocity, or the force of Breath.
Excerpt Session 25.
At this moment the soul advances into the future, at that it ends into the fourth dimension where it has four sides, as would be known in casting it (its) moments into this dimension. At then when the soul is transiting, it should remember that one that it loves, that that one might be near to guide and direct it into the light. Therefore we advise at this moment on that lesson of the fourth dimension, that which is called death, and all those who do or become to that level of transition remember what it is to think of that one that you do love. At this moment there are 24 cellular structures or what would be termed as sunbeams, involving into your physical body as leaving behind. At this time your spirit rises above into the ithical wave lengths of the earth which passes to the astral form into that dimension that the astral form during sleep cannot enter. At this moment, if you are in the proper attunement, you can immediately go into the Hall of Records.
Q: In the lesson number one when you spoke of the transcestorium, could you explain the use of the 24 rays of the sun when the astral body is leaving?
Forces: Each one is the nervous center or that which is of the nerve ending, components of the higher sphere entering into the nerve or the cellular structure of the nervous system.
Q: So there are 24 centers of…?
Forces: What would be known as chakras on one level, as what would be homes, or seven homes. 24 on other levels which are the branches of these homes. Districts, towns cities, countries.
Q: Could you explain abut the 10 Sephiroth, how they affect the spiritual centers. It’s been stated elsewhere that there are 12 spiritual centers and yet there’s only 10?
Forces: As what we were giving you, there are the seven in the body, there are the three that hovers above, which makes up the ten that should be completed in this dimension, during this lifetime. When the spirit enters into the other dimension, and goes into other lessons, they are carrying with them twelve centers.
Q: On the 10 commandments, are there 5 that are specifically geared to the left center of the brain and 5 to the right center?
Forces: This is correct, the first 5 is the right center and the last 5 is the left center.
Q: Are the 10 commandments related in any way to the seven centers?
Forces: Ten Commandments are related to the seven centers plus the other three centers that hover above the body. Also they are related to the laws of your God within you.
Q: You said 24 chakras as the 24 rays of light that come into our body when we depart. Do you mean that on another level we have 24 spiritual centers instead of seven?
Forces: Ten.
Q: So what are the 24 chakras and ?
Forces: 24 is on a different vibration and also on the spirit level.
Q: So when we evolve to that vibration then we do receive 24 spiritual centers?
Forces: Accurate.
Q: So that’s the rays of light, right?
Forces: Call it whatever.
Q: You said before the seven centers, but in the…in some other parts of the Holy Scriptures, they talk about the ten. The three, the seven of the earth and three higher…
Forces: …of the higher sphere?
Q: Yea. The ten Sephiroth.
Forces: That is the representation of the soul communing with the higher soul which by these three forces one can commune with other galaxies. For we have the over-self that is of the higher one. Within the over-self there is two more higher centers that need to be and have been communing with that which is their guide center.
Q: So it’s like the top of the evolution?
Forces: Correct.
Session 383
Q: What is the Burning Bush?
Forces: This is those elements or centers within that have allied, allied themselves in corresponding to the 3 higher centers. When properly in alignment they explode into a light that represent a burning bush.
Q: Could you explain how the cross is the symbol of the heart and connecting with the two higher centers?
Forces: The cross represents the giving up of that which is ours and offering up that which is our life for that which is of a higher nature.
Q: The higher centers are…they are connected with the heart center too?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Is that the first place they manifest, then? That they can touch?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Could you give us the symbolism of the star and cross together? And also the effect that it produces on the body when worn?
Forces: The star and cross together represents the evolution of mankind into a new consciousness. The effect on the body is to join the three centers above the head down and the seven centers within the body.
Q: The three centers above are the cross?
Forces: Correct.
Q: When Jesus tells the apostles, that don’t worry, I’m leaving but I’m going to send another comforter to you, and He is referring to the Holy Spirit, does that mean that the Holy Spirit wasn’t around before Jesus?
Forces: The centers within the body were not able to hold on to the Flame of Love, which opens up the centers for wisdom and Christ represents that Love. When He opens that Flame over the Heart, then the Wisdom in the thyroid(?Holy Spirit)can open and make that able to see, speak, and hear, and perceive other things beyond.
Q: Could you explain to me what exactly the Holy Spirit is?
Forces: Holy Spirit is a force of energy uniting the ten centers of the body to light. To understand the Godhead within you. Holy Spirit is the intuitive powers of the energies that are beamed down to you. They form the shape of a dove, that is known as a bird, but it is an energy force that forms this tongue. It is the three centers that hover above the body. When the entity is in control and communicates with these centers, the Holy Spirit abides on him and in him.
Session 616
Q: Can you tell us who was the Holy Comforter that came to the Apostles?
Forces: That was what would be considered the Councilor, the Paraclette, the (Guidance?) or the Servants of Many. They had come in as the Light of Flame, illuminating them. They were entities, that came from the Galaxies to be the Guardians. It cannot be said any less than that. The Illuminators they are called.
Q: Are they still helping those Apostles now?
Forces: Yes. We are considered one of the Illuminators.
Session 623
Q: What kind of forcefield is the Burning Bush?
Forces: It is called the Illuminator. It is actually the energy of the One, Blessed Be He, who comes down in the energy and illuminates the electrons, neutrons and protons and becomes the nucleus of pure creation.
Q: Is that how Jesus resurrected?
Forces: It is that form of explosion that engulfed this and imprinted the Shroud with the impression of a photograph impression of the Body.
Q: And how does the Name Yahwey connect with this?
Forces: Yahwey is the energy of this race that travels in such a place.
Q: And is it one doorway or is it more than one doorway Yahwey has?
Forces: It begins with one.
Q: On the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit I have that Judaism would be the Father, the Son is Christianity and the Holy Spirit is Islam. Is that correct?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And on the Tree of Life it would be the Middle Pillar is Judaism?
Forces: Yes.
Q: The Right Pillar is Christianity?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Is the modulor the same as Le Corbusier made it?
Forces: It could be different by the angle of 90 degrees and in it”s own circumference 160 degrees with a right angle to the right of 41/2 degrees. This and all this given to the cube would be the perfect symbol.
Q: I don’t understand the part with a right angle to the right of 41/2 degrees.
Forces: 41/2 degrees is always to the right of the third number; third number is three to the right of the 33 mark, accessible by the point RA radius which is at the center accent more so injection of the radius, which is T1 or T2, which is equal to the QR and the ST leverage over that of the minus T.
Q: What is the next step?
Forces: Superimpose it to about 3 inches and let it have it’s own lateral reflection for the counterpart.
Q: Should the Golden rectangle be drawn into this module as well and what is the degree measure of the diagonal which creates a Golden rectangle?
Forces: Yes 41/2 degrees from the center.
Q: Should we do all the calculations from the point RA?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Can you explain the number 1.059?
Forces: 1.059 is the radius in which all can be attuned and is the center focal point of the creation of the numbers of logic. It is also the circumference and the perimeter of all latitude lines going through the earth and is the form of energy of numbers.
Q: Does the module relate to Chapter two of Genesis as we are currently thinking?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Does the module as currently drawn(3 sections with lateral reflections) relate to the three major pyramids in the plain of Giza?
Forces: Correct.
Q: The Sphinx?
Forces: Lengthwise.
Q: The drawing before me of the project we are working on, this area here(sphinx in right side of 3section module) would you find this to be correct?
Forces: Yes we would find that to be correct.
Q: Which one of the pyramids represents the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?
Forces: The one to your extreme right.
Q: And the Sphinx at the right of the diagram?
Forces: This is the Revelation of the good and evil assumed.
Q: Could you tell us when exactly was the Sphinx built, who built it , for what purpose?
Forces: The Sphinx was built by the Atlanteans the first kingdom, to remind man of the spiritual destiny of his origins. And it is to remind man of the complexity of the spiritual encounter and evolution.
Q: What year was that?
Forces: We would say, what would be considered 22,000 BC.
Q: It was made from one solid rock?
Forces: The first part of it , yes.
Q: How was the other part made?
Forces: Combination of Alchemy and thought process.
Q: The part that is not discovered, how come nobody has looked for them when everybody is aware of them?
Forces: Because of the spiritual law that first made the natural law. Nothing on earth can be accomplished unless it is connected with the laws above.
Q: Did the Sphinx originally have the human head?
Forces: Yes it did.
Q: Did it depict, also the creature that man has become at that point?
Forces: Yes. It encouraged the thought of man, being capsulized in the abominations of the earth and it showed how man was part man and eagle, part man and horse, part man and lion, how man got involved in his fantasies and got caught in the animal structure.
Q: Whose face is it?
Forces: The face is the soul of the first King of Atlantis.
Q: That particular soul is it anybody later on in history that we would know, anybody now we would know?
Forces: That would be the soul that will discover the Hall of Records at the same time.
Q: Is it the same soul we would know in history or the Bible?
Forces: The same person whose soul was Abraham, and the same person whose soul was Seth.
Q: The first king was he then half man and half animal himself?
Forces: He had these properties he come from.
Q: So he too was an abomination?
Forces: At that moment, but no longer was when he is going through it.
Q: You mean to say, was it at that time he cleansed himself from the other parts?
Forces: He was helped in the Temple of Sacrifice.
Q: So the Temple of Sacrifice was that old also?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Was Seth the first king of Atlantis?
Forces: No.
Q: Who was the first king?
Forces: There are no records to talk on.
Q: Could you tell us more about the caves T. has been telling about?
Forces: The caves have an understanding of its own intoritor connection. In such you have the plagues of disease and a quadtrope of understanding, balanced out with a singular secular mind, and the forsay of the forte of power. In such an understanding you have the attitudes of the kingdom of Heaven plus the reign of understanding in the quadruple of the force of Domain in the earth. Such an understanding you have the epitamy of mans consciousness in the earth and the developement of such in the quatrains of society. E PLURUMBUS EXCELLEUM DEUS is a kind of a consciousness that centers over the Domain. Basically with these elements you have the beginning of an old old order built on the first dynasty of Egypt in the year 20 BC, 20, 00lBC. You will find artifacts of dust and conglomerations of power within the dust. There into center course it is below the conscious mind of edifying the Body and the Mind and the Soul.
ET TATA TOPEYKUS IN NUT TOE TA TAW TAWTAW TOUS Those who enter into the room will not only reap the knowledge but pay for it. In such an understanding the world will change. The beginning of the plagues that have been sealed in them will be released. Regardless of the finest instruments they could devise. Woe unto those who are in the vicinity. Worse than the a atomic bomb of Russia”s Genoble. In the undermath of the world you have and in the overstate of the world you have not. We wait to listen and listen we hear. We understand it not. We have talked so many and seen so few. Over the ropes does time, but in this we talk and talk express the underworld of Geddah.
Q: The new room they discovered off the side of the Great Pyramid, what is the room and what is the purpose?
Forces: We would call it the holding room, more so more enlightened, dealing with the element of the changes of the earth.
Q: Is this the room you spoke about in the last session and is it good they opened it?
Forces: This one it is alright.
Q: What is inside?
Forces: It is not whether they opened it , but it is what they do with it.
Q: What is inside of it?
Forces: Information.
Q: What kind of information would that be?
Forces: Every information always has a habit of being new.
Q: Is that pertaining to the earth changes?
Forces: Can be pertaining to all sorts of movements.
Q: Is the middle pyramid the Tree of Life?
Forces: The middle pyramid represents the balance of the earth, moon, and sun. It is called the Logo or the Name of life.
Q: What would the left pyramid be?
Forces: The left one is what would be considered the abundance of Jupiter, or the one that is the Wayshower. It also is that which is connected to the facilities of the underworld. Underworld capabilities of the fire side world. In such you have the underground of consciousness and it is represented as the subconscious.
Q: Could you tell me what the language of nature is?
Forces: Silence, Stillness, everything is still. Do you know that a lot of souls when they are coming into the earth come from the planet of Jupiter, and one of the moons of Jupiter is a sending station of souls into the earth.
Q: How does that relate with the silence?
Forces: That is where some souls pick up the direct influence of nature through silence.
Q: So those souls will be able to interpret nature?
Forces: Correct.
Q: The chapter of Genesis that we just read. What was the Tree of Life and what was called the Garden of Eden?
Forces: The Tree of Life is that what would be considered the Spirit of Eternity or the Spirit of Knowing or All Power of Knowing.
Session 527
Q: Could you tell me how the Tree of Life gave everlasting life if you ate from it?
Forces: Well it would teach you how to procreate yourself. How you would rejuvenate yourself.
Q: Could you tell me what was the function of the Queens chamber?
Forces: This is more of a resting place for other lifetimes to be restored and recorded. More of a resting place for the soul to get ready for the other lifetimes it would be brought into the earth.
Q: What was the function of the Queens Chamber in the Great Pyramid?
Forces: This is an astrological function as far as a receptive function and that of keeping of what would be considered the Gold or Diamonds of the Era in the walls around the tombs. More or less the Gold itself that was lying under the Diamonds itself were not the Diamonds we know of today, but different precious stones of the moment.
Q: What became of them?
Forces: Some are still there.
Q: What is the function of the Queens Chamber?
Forces: More of a revelation in the presence. And also a giving of future predictions for other civilizations to come.
Q: Do I understand the Pyramid right, the different chambers. The Kings chamber would be the pineal gland??
Forces: You are (?guessed) right.
Q: And the Queens Chamber would be the Pituitary?
Forces: Correct.
Q: What would the grotto be?
Forces: The grotto would be more like the chamber of darkness into light.
Q: What (kind) of center would it be?
Forces: This would be the center of (?rain) from the pineal into the thyroid.
Q: And then the (?earth)?
Forces: More or less the grotto is the cavity of the pineal and the pituitary together.
Q: And then what would the pit be?
Forces: The pit is the pits.
Q: The thyroid?
Forces: Excuse me.
Q: Would it be the Thyroid?
Forces: The thyroid is known to be the pit, because it is formed into two pits.
Q: Its not the gonads?
Forces: No, no , no not.
Q: So the 3 higher initiations are taken in the Pyramid?
Forces: Uh huh.
Q: The last 3?
Forces: Well, they were taken in different parts of the Pyramid.
Q: In the Sphinx the lower initiation was taken?
Forces: Uh huh.
Q: The 4 lower centers?
Forces: When the body is put into the esophagus or the Kings chamber for 3 days this is to get in touch with the pineal.
Q: Did Moses take the initiation there as one of the initiates of the?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Sunk in a river?
Forces: Yes.
Q: What was the main function of the Kings chamber in the pyramid?
Forces: Not only to store the coffin but also to heighten the evolution of mankind and the Spirit of coming down into a new consciousness, for the energy comes directly into that room that the pyramid had been made for. And it also will be for the new awareness and understanding of man”s next centers to be developed.
Q: Why was so much of the pyramid built with so small little chambers inside of it. What was the purpose of that and the difference between the limestone and the granite?
Forces: Represents different consciousness, different elements of movement and different sections in the body. Representing the glands within the body.
Q: And the difference in the stone?
Forces: Consciousness, more to deal on a physical level and mental and a spiritual level. Those which are lined by granite is more of the physical and that which is a lime nature is more of a mental and the in‑between parts is the spiritual.
3/21/80 SESSION 293
Q: The energy that the Pyramid gathers, how does it, or to what physical form of energy does it take shape. I know it gathers spiritual energy, how does it manifest the physical?
Forces: It focuses the point of energy and creates such a density again that it creates the void-ness in the middle and that void-ness is the healing of the same of the energy that is around it being different versus the energy that is within it.
Q: Is there something else you would have us to work on?
Forces: Best to work on the calculations of this particular pyramid(Great Pyramid) can figure the movements of it.
Q: The T1, T2 as found in Davidson”s Book on Great Pyramid?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Dream T1, T2 in book applied to something?
Forces: System of building bridges.
Q: Could you tell me more about psalm 18?
Forces: Psalm 18 was used to lift stones for the Pyramid, if sung to. It is camouflaged and not really recorded by David personally. Some of the psalms are not recorded by David personally. They are handed down secret doctrines.
Session 100
October 2, 1976
Q: When the priests in Egypt lifted the stones for the Great Pyramid, did they use the power of the kundalini through chanting?
Forces: Part of same.
Q: Could you explain at the beginning of the Bible, taking Genesis, could that be compared to laying the foundation of the pyramid?
Forces: Exactly.
Q: And Exodus building the structure higher?
Forces: Correct.
Q: In the Book of Leviticus, is that having 27 chapters, is that the pyramid?
Forces: It is construction of the pyramid.
Q: And there would be a man inscribed within it?
Forces: In the center of the pyramid.
Q: So its a man in meditation?
Forces: In the chamber of the pyramid.
Q: Then would Deuteronomy be making the cap‑stone?
Forces: The pyramid represents that of the earth and the spiritual evolution of all souls in the earth at a given moment. All souls go through the energy field that is located near and around Jerusalem.
Q: In our study of Leviticus, could you give us some under­standing of what is really happening? Or what occurs in accordance with like the sin or the trespass or the burnt offering that we might understand it better?
Forces: All these are representative and symbolic messages of the soul breaking away from the encasement of the body. All these are the laws between that of mammon and man. It is the evolution of the species and also the laws in which man must observe. It is also the spiritual understanding and significance of the planets around the earth. In such, each aspect represents a different understanding, consciousness, discipline for a particular planet in this galaxy. If studied correctly, you would find each planet represented in Leviticus.
Q: In our reading as a group of the Book of Leviticus, is there some guidelines or help that you can give us so we can get more meaning out of it?
Forces: Slow it down and realize what you are saying,
Q: Is there a code or a pattern in each, each of the dif­ferent sacrifices that we might be able to discern?
Forces: This pattern is a code and it will be dis­cerned as time goes on for all.
Q: Could you tell me, is the well at the bottom of the pyramid is that the same as the story of Joseph being thrown into the well?
Forces: This was used as a center for the spiritual refinement of a physical body. It also represented the initiation of the cliffs.
Q: Was some thrown down in it or…?
Forces: If the initiate lost its balance in this particular approach, they would just fall to the pit.
Q: What was in the pit?
Forces: Skeletons of other bodies.
Q What was in the lowest pit of the Great Pyramid?
Forces: This was a refinement of that of the inner depths of fear, in nature and of self…
Q: Was there anything inside there, like snakes or something?
Forces: More of the 4th dimensional forms that could be realized.
Q: Meaning they would become visible to the initiate.
Forces: Correct.
Q: So its like the Phoenix Bird, facing self?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Is there any particular book in the Bible that deals with the Great Pyramid?
Forces: You will find it in Leviticus, in Proverbs, you will find it in Ezekiel, you will find it in Jeremiah.
Q: The Book of Deuteronomy is not mentioned very much in Zohar. Why?
Forces: It is protection of the system in which it is created the laws around it. To measure out the laws would take a long time. And therefore, the numbers in themselves would be complicated into (and to) no purpose.
Q: So in the beginning the Tree of Life was a pyramid and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Why is Gladys Davis involved in it talking about a pyramid in Egypt found at this time, made for a person from Yucatan?
Forces: Because stored in some pyramid around the area, probably this one, they had been spiritual laws that had been left by the declining priest kingdom, in which had left the laws of the keys, without telling anyone so it would be found at the most critical hour.
Q: Is that now, the time now, the most critical hour?
Forces: Coming to be, we are approaching what would be
considered the Kings Chamber . (Year 1979,80?)
Q: The three wise men, they came and went back to their calculations or just went…?
Forces: Initiation from the temples that they received information from prophets. All calculations were projected from the beginning of time. Mummy recorded, when (?) desecrated and when Mummy unwrapped.
Q: Could you tell me what the Sephiroth Daath means?
Forces: This represents the One Creative Being on(or) the One Consciousness of evolution in which all species ascent to.
Q: Why is it never shown on the chart, it’s always hidden?
Forces: It is hidden because once received, you are no longer here.
Q: Is that like the Revelation?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Do I understand about the Duat, what they call in Egypt is the same as Daath in the Kabalah?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And also what they call Sokar in Egyptian is the same as Zohar?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And the gate to the Duat was what they called the Ros-Tau, you reverse it and you get the Tarot?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And the Torah?
Forces: Exactly.
Q: The Book of the Dead, would that be written to conform to the Pyramid after the Pyramid was built?
Forces: Oh. There would be a lot of finagling with those words. So don’t expect a great revelation. But be very careful they describe what they would like people to think.
Q: So it wouldn’t be useful to go into that?
Forces: We didn’t say that. Its good to be careful, what they were doing and what you would go into is what you would find on your own.
Q: You mean its powerful?
Forces: Yes.
Q: So the Book of the Dead does conform to the structure?
Forces: Oh yes.
Q: Also the Kings List that Davidson was talking about. Does that conform to the measurements?
Forces: Yes.
Q: The way I understand the courses, the 35th course is the thick course?
Forces: No, the 36th course.
Q: T. did Gematria for me and came up with 220 levels for the Great Pyramid. As I understand, the 5 Books of Moses and Revelation have 209 chapters. Does this go along with the pyramid levels?
Forces: They do correlate, yes .
Q: Why is 11 missing?
Forces: This represents the 11 tribes of Israel.two of them are stable, the others are missing.
Q: The height of the Great Pyramid is 485ft. The square root of that is approximately 22, the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. What does this mean?
Forces: Take that to the T power and put it into the surplex of the minus two region and divided that under the quota of the lower cell or the lower entrance of an angle that would be found completely in that of 2421. If he does this correctly his answer will be at that edge.
Q: I haven’t been able to understand the formula you gave relating to the height of the Pyramid.
Forces: The formula is very simple do not complicate it. The height is to what it is said, and the square root is to it is.
Q: The number you gave 2421 what is that?
Forces: 242 square root of two.
Q Could you explain what the 231 gates are?
Forces: This represents the gates of the knowing or the petal of the flower. It represents the different understanding of the force. They represent the etheric along with the solar system. Every solar system has 231 to 241 gates of electrical components long, which correspond to the physical body also.
Q: Do they correspond to the crystal structure, the 231 space groups?
Forces: Yes.
(Q: Could you explain what the 14 crystal lattices have to do with everything I’m (working on or if they can be used with it?
(Forces: This deals with the many fine receiving elements within the body. There (are elements within the body that also have the capability of receiving, and in so (doing it gives the foresight and intuitive experience of the receiving for its birth (and process.)
Q: Is their any way to tie the 231 gates in more simply, it seems too complicated and am I on the right track in fitting this?
Forces: 231 gates equals up to the 72 hours or elders, in which represents the 72 charging devices or charges, which equal up to 72. Now if you want to break it down to simple x terminology and platform, the 72 elders.
Q: Does trig go along with the 231 gates?
Forces: You could apply it as such.
Q: Where does it go actually though?
Forces: A right angle.
Q: The 28th and the 50th chapter of Genesis, the way I understand it, is that correct?
Forces: Yes.
Q: The part of the Pyramid that was taken out from the interior. The prophecies from 1958 to 1998. Why was it taken out?
Forces: It was erased because it was up to man to decide how to do it.
Q: Does that mean there were several options or that it never should have been written down?
Forces: Should not be written down and the options are the free will aspect.
Q: Was the Great Pyramid built before Noah’s Flood or after?
Forces: We would say before.
Q: How many years before?
Forces: Roughly it could be anywhere from 450 to 1500 years.
Q: Why is there such a variation in time there?
Forces: Well, because it is of a different nature and not that much
Q: Was the Great Pyramid built before the flood of Noah?
Forces: The Great Pyramid was constructed after the flood of Noah. There were many structures that were built before the flood of Noah, but these were of a smaller scale, and without a higher meaning.
Q: Was Hermes the Equivalent in the Bible to Enoch?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Same person they are talking about?
Forces: Yes.
Q: The year at the time of the Great Pyramid was that 365 days?
Forces: Well it forms that.
Q: So we swing around full cycle to now. So we swing a whole cycle and we are back to 365 days?
Forces: Yes.
Q: At the time of the Great Pyramid, has the year just changed from 231 days to 365 days, by the changing of the earth’s axis?
Forces: Yes.
Q: What is a pyramid inch?
Forces: 25 to 26 inches.
Q: Points of an inch?
Forces: .25 of an inch.
Q: So the pyramid people have it wrong, instead of 25 inches it is .25 inches?
Forces: Correct.
Q: What is the number after .25?
Forces: 3 (.253)
Q: Also the thing that I discovered about dividing the minutes of the day into the year?
Forces: 2.1
Q: So that would be the cubit that you gave. Would that be the way they derived it?
Forces: We wouldn’t lie.
Q: What’s the 2.1?
Forces: 2.1 over the 4th power.
Q: Could you tell me about the unit that they used in building the Great Pyramid.
Forces: It had to center around the 144,000 mark.
Q: Is that one unit of length?
Forces: Should be measured as one, one, ¼ of what would be a cubic length today.
Q: ¼ of 36 inches?
Forces: Correct.
Q: So it would have been 9 inches?
Forces: 9 inches was the apparatus of angle plus that of a 22 inch apparatus of length.
Q: So the width was 9 inches like this and the length was 22?
Forces: At an angle ().
Q: What was the depth of it?
Forces: All these would be 3 to 6 as you gradually going on up.
Q: What was gradual going on up?
Forces: There is a slight incline in different levels producing different dimensions as it moved forward.
Q: Was this the sacred cubit in use?
Forces: It would be considered as that within man.
Q: And there was a different cubit used for the exterior, the limestone part?
Forces: You would have different levels of measurements for the outside.
Q: Was all the prophecies they included in this type of measurement?
Forces: Inwardly first and then the outward design.
Q: Was I correct in this thing I did here that length equals the time. Like length in inches equals the time and the width would equal space and like the height would equal?
Forces: Length and width can give you that time and space and the height and the depth can give you that what would be called pressure of the space.
Q: Would that be like the weight?
Forces: It could be considered as such.
Q: About the cubit which I ask about before. Before it talk’s about the length of the cubit being 28 inches. In the Session before last you gave a different aspect of it. I wonder how, I can’t understand how they go together or how to visualize it.
Forces: Ones the inner structure and the other would represent the outer form of the structure.
Q: The 28 is the inner?
Forces: This would be taken as such.
Q: And the one given last is the outer structure?
Forces: This would be the shield around more or less. You also have a invisible layer that hasn’t really been manifested on a conscious level. The preservation of the Pyramid had come from this very thin invisible layer, surrounded the structure itself.
Q: A cubit is not something you can visualize like on a 3rd dimensional level?
Forces: It could be done.
Q: Thank you. The story of Job. Later it is verified in another book in the Bible talking about three (3) entities and the way they talked about it sounded like Job wasn’t a myth but a prophet or a human being. Did he exist?
Forces: Let us say Job did exist as a brother of distance of Moses.
Q: The brother of Moses?
Forces: A brother of distance of Moses.
Q: So it was in the time of Moses that Job existed?
Forces: Correct. Question.
Q: Thank you.
Q: When was the Book of Job written?
Forces: The Book of Job was written at the time, one moment, please fetch me that Book please, yes. The Book of Job was written by the time in which Abraham fought against the kings of the earth. You would find this near the chapter 25 of Genesis. For here fought Salin, or Salim, Shadain. It would be said.
Q: Is my understanding correct that Melchizadek was
the same Hermes who built the Great Pyramid?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And he wrote the 42 books of Job of the Initiation in the Great Pyramid?
Forces: Yes.
Session 125
Q: Is there anything else that…about Melchizedek that..
Forces: Melchizedek was a very busy person. He also changed stones and metals into a finer quality. He was the one that took gold and made it purified. He was the one that took a coal and made it into a diamond.
Q: By thought patterns?
Forces: Correct.
Q: In Job, it says if a man is in harmony with God, he is in league with the stones of the field. Could you explain that?
Forces: That they would master to the nth degree certain shape and vibration and color atmosphere and stones in harmony to the command.
Session 144
Q: Could you tell us some more about the entity Job and what are the dates of transference because it seems that those friends are speaking..?
Forces: Joe Pinto? Continue.
Q: The things that the friends are speaking do not seem wrong. They just seem on a different level, but they do not go against the laws of God. I don’t understand. I don’t think so. What was wrong?
Forces: There are many people who come and tell you all the rights and the things that are wrong in the world and may sound accurate’ but their motivation is on a selfish level, therefore making what they consider truth, an untruth.
Q: Could we know a little more about Job?
Forces: Job represents the fight within man to stay on the path to God, without getting deviated, deviating to many other factors, excuses, and diversions. Question.
Q: From those three friends, the first one represents the physical, purity, and that’s part of the fight of Job. Would the second one represent the mental, then?
Forces: This is correct.
Q: And the third one?
Forces: This is knowing the law, the spiritual laws.
Q: But yet only the fourth one represents spirit?
Forces: The fourth one is the manifestation of it.
Q: I see. So the third one wasn’t bad either.
Forces: The third one knew it, but did not abide in it in his life.
Q: In the Book of Job how does it go with the 14 stations of the cross, do they go with the first 14 chapters?
Forces: The Book of Job deals directly with the Book of the Dead, dealing with the Egyptian book that self transcribed as the Book of the Dead. It deals with the transference of the physical body into the spiritual centers of life. They transforming of physical-ness and transforming it into a spiritual process. The 14 stations of the cross can be alluded to the 14 chapters of Job and breaking it down on the physical level for the first 14 chapters. This would have the effect and other chapters to come finally manifesting the spiritual resurrection and the belief of faith that had been tested.
Q: Would the precepts go along with the next 14?
Forces: The precepts can be applied almost identically with this of the resurrection of the cells. It could be applied according to that of the pulse of time and of shape.
Q: Would it be the middle 14?
Forces: Yes this could apply to the center part of this existence.
Q: And then the Beard would be the last?
Forces: This is a culmination of the transformation of energy through forces into an awareness and spiritual faculty of evolution to the next stage of development.
Session ?
Q: Who was Ani the scribe talked about in the Book of the Dead.
Forces: Its called I‑ni(?initiate). The Book of the Dead. This is one of the scribes in which recorded the psychic readings, revelations of the spirit world to those around, giving the proper information of what happens for the soul moving from the earth into the ethers.
Q: Does the word itself I‑ni mean the eyes?
Forces: More or less the vision.
Q: Is this the initiation in the Book of Job like the Book of the Dead. Is this the initiation that a person went through in the Great Pyramid?
Forces: This is an initiation that is given in the Great Pyramid or in the Town of the Hall its called.
Q: Like the 3 people in Job, would they have been?
Forces: They represent the 3 High Priest in the Town of the Hall.
Q: So they were the 3 ones that posed all these problems to the initiate?
Forces: They are what you would be considered a fixed posing problems, a fixed initiative problems or the a I‑ni or in the Hall of the Eyes. Your first initiation that all must go through is the concept of logical mind versus faith. This is your first initiation that all those must go through in order to perceive God. And it is tested 3 times by the High Priest.
Q: Is that in reality the same thing?
Forces: In reality the 3 High Priest still exist.
Q: And the first initiation is faith versus mind, is that the first?
Forces: Faith versus the logical mind and the worldly mind.
Q: In that case there is nobody beyond that first initiation, almost nobody?
Forces: Yes and no, I mean there are those who do pass logical mind, have given it to faith and moved on to that of will and love.
Q: I see, so you cant really go on to will unless the other ones is finished and is it also here tested 3 times?
Forces: It is tested in 3 different aspects, correct. Once during the year it is given to a person, one period during a year to go(grow) for this particular test.
Q: Is it a different time for each person?
Forces: Yes we do have a sort of shift cycle. Would be heavy if everyone went through it at the same time. You will take your birthday that you are born and you would take that add 69 days to it. With that is called the lunar cycle. With that you will add to the solar cycle a 104 days. Then you will minus the star period which is a blessing period. That take away 18 days plus 4 days. Don’t ask me to repeat this its impossible. When you have the 4 days after you have the 18 days, you take that 4 days, after the 4 days you again add for the lunar period 68 days and that will be your answer for each individual cycle test. You will pay 5 dollars for that. That is when each one of you will go through that particular test period. Leap year you will minus the 68 instead of adding the 68 days. At the end that is.
Q: In the beginning in the Book of Job it talks about Job. Where exactly is he at? Is he in a sarcophagus, already like being in a tomb?
Forces: This would be represented as the inner existence or state of refinement which is taken from the High Altar within the initiation rite.
Q: Is that in the Pyramid there itself?
Forces: It could be settled with one of the smaller, smaller functions of a pyramid.
Q: And then he moves on they carry him on to the Higher One?
Forces: Correct.
Q: In the beginning of Job, in reading it over I still can’t understand how it was affected his initiation that he lost all his family. And how was that given to an initiate, how was that presented before him when he was being initiated?
Forces: He was taken away from all family structure for a period of 4 to 5 years.
Q: Is he told at one time that his family has died?
Forces: It is given to him as such.
Q: And he really believes that they been killed?
Forces: As such.
Q: And then so he starts his higher tests?
Forces: Correct.
Q: My understanding of Job at this point, that Job cannot happen unless that particular entity has to reach a certain point of perfection?
Forces: This is correct.
Q: And the second thing is that Job cannot happen unless there are friends?
Forces: Job represents also the planet earth and the friends are the other planets around the earth, Mars, Venus and Mercury.
Q: If there would not be Jobs friends then the story of Job would be finished in the first chapter?
Forces: That’s true.
Q: Because he, all the calamities happen and he did not do anything wrong?
Forces: This is true.
Q: Could you explain more about, you said the 3 planets around the earth are the 3 friends and Isis said that if the 3 friends weren’t there they would not have gone through the other chapters. How do the other planets influence us to make us go through more things?
Forces: Very basis, the more the planets, the more the influence. on the body and the spirit in the earth.
Q: There’s more to master?
Forces: Different qualities to work with, yes.
Session ?
Q: Could you tell me how many inches the cubit was at the time of the Great Pyramid?
Forces: This could be analyzed as that from the top or that of your hand or that of your tip of your nose to the tip of your hand as had been used in many formulas throughout the empire.
Q: What would be the standard length from the tip of…?
Forces: The standard length all depends upon who was doing it.
Q: Was 27.5 inches the cubit they used?
Forces: 28.
Q: 28? 28.5 or 28?
Forces: 28 and ¾.
Q: Can you tell how tall the Great Pyramid was at the original building in feet?
Forces: 485 times 7.
Q: What’s the times 7?
Forces: That’s how long it will take for you to find out.
Q: How long was one base side?
Forces: We might have just given it to you.
Q: You mean if I take the height, the height equals all four sides added together, taking the diameter and dividing by 2?
Forces: We would divide it by four.
Q: Divide this number times 7 by 4?
Forces: Then it will take you to the height of the pyramid within you.
Q: Am I correct, do you take this number, 7 times 485 and divide it by 4?
Forces: You will take the number, times it by the 7 and that will take you so long to do. When you understand that mystery, then you can divide by 4.
Q: The sarcophagus inside, could you give me any details about that?
Forces: The sarsapagus is something that food travels down.
Q: I’m talking about the coffer, that’s another one, the coffin.
Forces: If you had a coffer, then we would suggest that a medicine, preferably Pertussin, as you will note. But then all in jest, this was used as one of the initiations.
Q: Does it have anything to do with the Ark of Noah?
Forces: It has much to do. The sarcophagus was on the boat.
Q: Is this from the measurements?
Forces: It was the encounter-ment of the measurements of the human being to come. Inside was the seeds of that human being.
Q: Inside the Ark were the seeds?
Forces: This was opened when the Ark was landed on the mount. Opened on the third, fourth day of the year to the East of the Wind, blowing the seeds of the future generations physical body into the air.
Q: You mean that’ how he could get all those in there, because they …were seeds?
Forces: Correct.
Q: So he took sperm from all the animals and preserved it?
Forces: We cannot reveal too much. We had taken certain elements of the animal world and preserved it by solar energy. Not by freezing it. But by keeping it at it’s normal state. Then letting the wind take it’s course and blowing it into the air. For in the wind factor, is the factor of reincarnation. For it is the wind that gives the essence of life to a physical body.
Q: Did Noah and his family live on it like a regular boat? And yet all the other was in seeds?
Forces: It was three stories high as given in the Book.
Q: But it was only about 30 ft long?
Forces: This measurement cannot be measured by what you have as scales today.
Q: People were smaller?
Forces: We would say they weren’t giants.
Q: How tall were they?
Forces: Five‑eight, normal.
Q: Do I understand that a cubit is just a fraction over an inch at that time?
Forces: Correct.
Q: How much over an inch?
Forces: Two points.
Q: So that would be 1.2?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Is it also correct that Adam was 26ft tall?
Forces: We would say near to 26, 25.
Q: Between 25 and 26?
Forces: Correct.
Q: So that was the size of the Ark?
Forces: The size of the Ark was much bigger and not the size of ships
Q: But did they go into the fourth dimension once they entered it? Or did they stay in the third dimension?
Forces: There is third‑ dimensional scale in operation.
Q: So they didn’t go into the fourth dimension?
Q: But if the Ark is 300 cubits so that each cubit is only an inch, 1.2, that would make it about 25, 26 of our feet. Is that what it was?
Forces: It is near to something on that line. If we give you all the answers tonight, then it would reveal a certain aspect.
Session ?
Q: What was the opening sequence which the Transformer used to predict the future?
Forces: T PAR to the 14th power times to the infinity of the space divided by the length of density. Density divided by time equals the distance of circular calculus, equals the total space. This will give you an understanding of the making of the pyramid.
Q: What does T PAR to the 14th power mean?
Forces: T PAR to the 4th…14th power. TP means the top of the TP. The top angle leading to the point of the pyramid, of the east side of the pyramid. The AR is the angle of decent, and the shadow cast of the pyramid on the solar equinox. 14 is the 14 chambers that are reflected on the solar equinox, which would reflect the different shades of darker stone on the pyramid, reflecting the areas of the 14 chambers.
Q: What does it mean to the 4th power?
Forces: Represents the power in which one is looking into and defining it.
Q: Is the definition of scale as G. talk’s about related to circular calculus?
Forces: Yes.
Q: What is circular calculus?
Forces: Circular calculus works in many different variances according to the geographical and also the sphere in which you exist. Circular calculus is a dimension in which is call the angles of vision versus the angles of unseen dimensions. It is the measurement of the seen to equal or equate that of the unseen. Everything casts a shadow and the circular calculus is that of the circles of circles of measurement throughout the galaxies of variances, and the variances need to be taken into consideration from one galaxy to the next. Each variance has its own regulations, laws, and also mode and also degree and diagram and answer. You must also understand that each solar system has its own number and each solar system is canceled or checks the other calculus from the solar system prior. This knowing all the calculus’s within the circular orb gives you the total distance of the future versus the past. With it many things can be predicted, not only of plant life and growth of stone and that of materials, but also the circular vegetable and mineral and what would be called (Ah Auric, Ah Ecoscopy Vision).
Q: When a person is weighed before death and then after death there is a difference in weight. Is this what you are talking about? The soul weighs a fraction of an ounce.
Forces: It is the spirit world measurement of the spirit. Its called that of the equations of positive force versus negative force and constant movement. Spirit is constant movement, that’s it, theory and equation and answer, constant movement. If you put yourself in a sphere that you predict yourself to be, then you can see what your past was about, constant movement.
Session ?
Q: It’s a different type of calculus. Can you give me any more information, I know that you have given me some?
Forces: In which respect?
Q: Just another hint about the calculus.
Forces: You will find that the answers we have given you will serve and are accurate to the very point of discovery. When you discover the numbers, you will find that backwards will be forwards and forwards will be backwards. Not to give you semantics here, but the answers you are looking for in some particular parts of the scheme is that it materializes on a spirit form first, then taking its shape on a physical form second, it materializes in the ethers first, only to materialize and manifest on a physical later.
Session ?
Q: Could you tell me what the Wall Room is (my dream) you talked about in another Session about these (—-) aliens were using?
Forces: The Wall Room is a room of planning and also of reconnaissance, it happens above this house and above the area in which the entrance starts (spots) for the vortex to open.
Q: What does that have to do with the, you said the letters, their arrangement, you said the only perfect form of letters were found in the Wall Room?
Forces: It represents the coordinates of entrance and dates of entrance.
Q: Is it possible to program a computer, or to program anything by lines, points, and planes?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And the Curtains and the lines from the Kabbalah Book, are they the projective geometry?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Could you give me any more clues on how to deal with it?
Forces: These lines in which they transect the way they are formed in the circle Pattern. Remember the peck is the circle, it is called a circle peck. Now remember this that of such a line there comes a form, it is now 287 and that is what would be a form. 287 is the centering number of this equation, dissect that and you will get 41236180-0 or point 0 for that is the equation of what would be called the vortex of the Nordic Star. Remember the Star is not a Star of the North, it is called the Nordic Star and of and under such a path comes the Great Russian Bear. The Russian Bear is the symbol of all equations that have been squared.

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