Foundation Part VI

Session 623
Q: Are we going to be getting help from the White Brotherhood in these days ahead?
Forces: They will intermediate and become a great source of intuitive knowledge and focus, yes.
Q: How will we recognize them?
Forces: By the gathering together.
Q: Will they be in the physical?
Forces: They will be both physical and etheric.
Session 615
Q: The books on Montauk, they are accurate?
Forces: They do exist. Question.
Q: Can I ask one more?
Forces: Question
Q: It’s about time travel. The idea that I had was Melchizedek was actually Jesus going back in time.
Forces: Correct
Q: Are the 12 mystery schools still intact at this time on the earth?
Forces: Yes
Q: Are we one of them?
Forces: The land sits on it, yes.
Q: Was the area where Montauk was that another mystery school?
Forces: Well, let us just say that before the Montauk was, yes.
Q: And that was with the Indians?
Forces: Yes
Q: And they were related to the Atlanteans?
Forces: Yes.
Forces: And you will still see the Crystal Pyramid on the ocean of course.
Q: off of Montank?
Forces: Yes
Session ?
Q: Can you tell me anything about white magic and its relationship to the development we’re undergoing now?
Forces: White magic is just a terminology of the Laws of God. As simple as that. Those who develop are those who first come to the awareness of (1) Fear thou God. (2) Love thy neighbor. (3) Do unto all things as you would have them do unto you. White magic is incorporated into what I have just given you. To love your God with your whole heart and your whole mind and your whole soul, and likewise is the precepts of the law based unto this, to love your neighbor as yourself. If you understand these precepts, you’d have in your hands the power of white magic. Prayer is the antidote again and also the by‑product and also the backbone of what you call white magic. It has been brought into perspective by one who was named Solomon. The undertaking of mathematical skills, the construction of thought forms, the destruction of thought forms, the bring into harmony, calling of the angels of all 12 of them, calling unto all of the forces of the galaxies, calling of the planets, and the hours and the days and the years for each day and year and year has that moment of angel that guides it. And we ask that you come into an agreement within self. White magic is love thyself, too. And if one can do this he can understand gradually what white magic might truly unfold to him.
Q: Could you…could you tell me anything more about the Psalms? If through Psalms there is something deeper like a healing power when they were written?
Forces: The Psalms are mystical, magical laws and regulations of every spiritual miracle. It is the corner‑stone of every miracle that can and will happen. Every seven Psalms is a mystical, spiritual miracle. Every seven Psalms represents a physical-elemental, natural law. If going through the Psalms, you take every seven Psalms, from that point on you will have one law in working-ship and order.
Q: Could I just ask in the Twenty‑third Psalm, what the rod and the staff means?
Forces: The rod and the staff is life and energy in the kundalini, spiritual substance. Also it means the measurement in which you must use your own development of consciousness and under­standing of what you say and how you say it. Man must be constantly measured every evening.
Q: Thank you. Also, why is the Twenty-third Psalm the most sacred psalm?
Forces: Because it describes the descent of the soul into the earth and the mastery of the soul out of the earth with the guidance of God.
Q: With Psalm 24 when it say’s Lift up yea heads oh yea gates and be lifted up yea everlasting doors and the King of Glory shall come in”. Could you tell us what happens when that’s being said?
Forces: This is a straight back during meditation, that your pineal and pituitary might be in alignment and that the doors of Heaven might open up to the other centers of the body. All gates on the earth represent the gate between the pineal and the pituitary gland. So where there is a gate made out of iron and wrought rail with points, it represents that gate within your body.
Q: Psalms 120 through 126 this particular set of Psalms?
Forces: They are nice Psalms. They develop the thymus and the thyroid center. Remember again, the thymus, the thyroid, the Psalms develop each center; some are a set of 7; some are a set of 22.
Q: Could you tell us which ones are a set of 22?
Forces: You will find them in that which is near the end and beginning.
Q: Those Psalms 121 to 126, I believe was given as for the thyroid and the thymus. Are all of them for the thyroid and the thymus?
Forces: Of course not.
Q: Could it be given what the rest of them are for?
Forces: To help you along with each passing day, certain particular glands as a different part of that Psalm. First you have it going from the leyden center to the adrenal, from the adrenal to the pituitary-pineal, pituitary-pineal to the thyroid, thyroid to the thymus.
Q: It’s almost like the Lord’s Prayer then?
Forces: Correct.
Session ?
Q: In the book I have been reading on the kabalah. In one part it mentions that the Books written by Solomon, the Song of Songs that it represents the sephiroth on the Tree of Life of Beauty and that Proverbs represents the sephiroth of Judgement no Ecclesiastes represents the sephiroth of Judgement and Proverbs represents the sephiroth of Loving-Kindness. Would this be accurate?
Forces: We find it as such.
Q: It also says that a tool that Solomon used was breathing and that whenever it says in Ecclesiastes that all is vanity, that another translation from the Hebrew means breath and that what he was saying was all is breath. Implicating that he was using different breathing techniques along with meditation and along with prayer to invoke the, to invoke the different sephiroth, the experience of different sephiroth. Would this be true?
Forces: This is correct.
Session 162 5/21/78
Q: With the kabala that I’m reading now a little bit, is that detrimental for me?
Forces: What would be detrimental is the entity not getting involved with this life process It would not be detrimental to read this book.
Q: With the Song of Solomon, could you tell what that means, in general, the whole book?
Forces: It would be simply the balance between male and female in the natural elements of the earth.
Q: So when you read that, just read that, that’s balance?
Forces: It would manifest the balance.
Q: When you have that balance, what does that indicate?
Forces: It allows you to move on forward.
Q: So, can you tell me about the woman in the book? What does that represent?
Forces: It only represents the quality of movement and strength forward.
Q: Thank you very much.
Q: Is that Kabala?
Forces: It will guide you on the path that is reasonable.
Q: Could you tell us all about the Book Ecclesiastes, who wrote it and all the ins and outs?
Forces: Well, Ecclesiastes is written for those who got caught in the earth, trying to show them that the soul is the only salvation for man out of the earth. Who wrote it, well it. a combination of many what would be called experienced Prophets. Also it was influenced by Moses and Aaron, and Aaron being the one who got involved in the earth, and Moses who had to go through the pain of the soul. Helped along spread about by the encounters of the Prophets and lead by Isaiah and given to Joshua through Isaiah, then handed down to Solomon, which Solomon opened up the information too those who would have to perceive it.
Q: The voice of the Speaker is primarily Aaron or Moses?
Forces: No, no, no, the Voice of the Speaker is primarily the Forces on the mountain.
Q: I mean the one who is sort of feeling the. ( part missing tape changed)
Forces: Get the picture?
Q: Not exactly.
Forces: Lets say the Book serves 3 purposes, ( 1 ) to tell you the past fall of the visitors of the earth, who misused their power. (2) told you Moses problem, and (3) it told you Solomon’s problem.
Q: Are the giants the ones that came from outer space?
Forces: Yes. That’s Just the beginning of that, there’s more to add on to it later on, couplings we call it. There’s 82 couplings in all divided by 13 you get what 445, 632 couplings.
Q: Is that verses to be added to the Book?
Forces: You’ll find out.
Session ?
Q: Daniel, in the Book of Daniel, three times he’s told that he’s the beloved of God. Three times. None of the other prophets are told that, not even Ezekiel.
Forces: It is the evolution of the prophetic state in which it was the thymus center that Daniel represents, too. Divine Love and mastery of all those around you when this is a product within one’s life.
Q: Could you explain how when a person is confronted by something negative in the outer world that stimulates a desire within, how this operates through the body, like its automatic and without thought. Does it operate through the Leiden or?
Forces: Operates through the Leiden, the adrenals, gonads, thymus, and then the question of what would be happening as the test? If the test is confronted with and corrected and done right, then it travels upward. If it fails, then it goes to the gonads.
Q: So the key is in the Leiden in controlling the…?
Forces: The key is very definitely in the Leiden center, but then again in the thymus also.
Q: How does the thymus?
Forces: The thymus is the Love of God first. Without that all is failure. That”s why it says without love, everything is nothing.
Q: In the book “Initiation” which talks about….?
Forces: Comes the House that you have here represents the pineal gland of Virginia. So it is only fitting that you light it up. It is in the shape of the pineal gland; in its complete acreage, and in its complete shape, the pineal gland is in totally representa­tion of the structure of this house, and all that it is accomplishing. It has been put into the one who built it, and had received it from revelation.
Q: In the book Initiation when she says that her consciousness fell into her body……
Forces: Believe and all Things will be given to you. With the hope of your own belief, you shall arise out of your own doubts. This is the key to everything that you meet day by day. You are the creators, you make, or not make the day that is before you. Go ahead we will not interrupt you again.
Q: When she says that her consciousness fell into her body, and it was no longer in the ( ) or axis of her spinal, column, from where her true self radiated. Could you tell us anything about that.
Forces: Run that back please.
Q: In the book “Initiation and her consciousness falls into her body…..
Forces: What you are talking about right here is the Tiphereth, Zohar tree of life, in which man, if he meditates, communicates the bridge between his higher self. There is a time when the higher self does take over the body. If you ever had an experience, an accident, or fall, in that short moment of time, there elapse what we call a “stalibium deleva” or warp time warp. There the higher self takes over and slows down time itself: so that it might prevent a serious happening to its vehicle. The higher self has full control, total control of the earth. If one allow his higher self, or her higher self to come into the body. When a person is suffering, this severe accident, or pain, or inflict the higher self takes command level its shock. The higher level is the higher self, which for that moment allows the individual to see all that transpire slowly, not caring, but in the state of elation, of complacence, or quiet joy, peace, knowing that the body is about to be harmed, but yet, giving it up that it transforms itself from the physical body into the spiritual nature, allowing the graces and the benefit to carry the body vehicle from danger. There we try many time. You must understand that in our imagination we either go after the things we would like, and in so doing, we justify our desires. . . in so doing we condemn our­selves to our own torture, that we need not have to suffer. It is easier to quietly get the bridge between the higher self into the lower conscious mind that you are aware of as you, your smaller ego. It is the ego that fights the higher self recogni­tion…the same with Jacob and Esau. Jacob represents the spiritual mind, and Esau the physical desires. As you all know Jacob grabbed a hold of Esau’s heel and because of that had control of the physical desires. No matter how much man tries and strug­gles to run from God and spiritual ideals, God, the higher force the spirit has already fixed the game, a game started by santanic beelzebub, lucifer, the Higher Forces had entered into a pact, but the pact was entered into with a stack of cards from the force of God. God does not make a deal when it is not for him. When we deviate our creative abilities to our desires, of course we send out notes and sound. Its like a seal. A seal sends out sounds in the water constantly so other porpoises or seals might hear it, and it is a very high pitched sound, that sounds (sound similar to those recorded by underwater mikes)higher than that of course, but those are your first 3 notes that send out that of “are you there, and human beings are the same way. They send out high pitched sounds to “are you there, and other human beings who are on the same frequency, pickup these notes. Now, what are we talking about. How did we get involved in such a complex answer to a most relevant and simple question. The answer is,…the question is complex in nature and deserves a complete and accurate reply. We, everyday, through the course of our prayers, and Meditations set up a force field around us, by the voice, structure of sound thought patterns of thoughts, actions, body movements, and eye contact. In all these unequivacable experiences we are a walking orchestra, and each part sends out a note, a beat, a rhythm, and the rhythm is felt, and the chord is known, and the word is given; so, when we attract situations to us, it is not those around us, but it is rather that which is within self that attracts it; so when you are speaking about this revelation, or this happening, it is the attunement with the higher self that has complete control over you. Now we got to face some facts each end every one of you have, what we would call a higher self. This higher self is devoid of all emotions. It does not have emotional feelings. It can give you punishment, and it can give you grace without any emotional attachment. I am not saying that it does not care for you, but it does know what you need, and it will find the force and thought to give you it, what you need. Of course, your ego has to put up with it and suffer it. Also it can benefit by it and flow by it if it sets itself up in the right rhythm daily, by prayer and meditation. The words you pray are words filtering the body’s force fields in harmony with the music of the spheres. So each prayer that is said or read is a part of the system of the glands that are being worked with and put into harmony, on an invisible level so that creation can be done. Therefore when felt in the spinal area, sensations or feelings or enlightenment as might be known by those who have gone onto the path of soul or searching, then this would be the out-come. Enlightenment of the soul in the physical body, by revelation. This is a normal process, that the higher self puts into order, and at times of stress, and exertion, of work, of anticipation of bodily harm, the higher forces come in, or the higher self, and this is called the time warp. Does that help you?
Forces: Yes thank you.
Excerpt Session 35
We have given you the answer. We have so many smart people. But when it comes to their own they’re stupid. They perceive answers for others, but for themselves they perceive slowly. If they could only be as accurate with others as they are. They should also be just as accurate with themselves. It would not be explainable at this moment. We give certain things so the entities will work for them. Do not make it so easy for yourselves. For we can make it more complicated if you pretend to be as smart as you are. There is a force that rises underneath that of the energy in which is by x‑2‑7‑6‑1‑0 . By this force you would find the interesting factor in the leyden center that is connected to the pineal center. This center when manifested correctly will give you the undertaking of your purpose here on the earth. Figure that one. And I give you the name Ishavel as your key.
Q: Could you tell me what the name Ishavel means?
Forces: This repeat.
Q: Ishavel.
Forces: You would say “the counting of many” or “the number of storing discipline of strength’!. Question.
Q: In the Rampa books there was a point when he said that people should pray to their over-selves. What does that mean?
Forces: That is exactly what it says. The over-self is your Higher Self that knows your plans that must be done here on the earth. The higher God or the deity is busy as you might say keeping the over-selves together with the lower selves. The lower selves are busy running away from’ the over-selves. Every self is running away from other selves. There are so many selves that I don’t know what is going to happen with the over-selves. All it means is that the lower selves can and should communicate to their higher selves. So your higher selves can say to the deity that we are in control.
Q: Well, how do you pray so that the lower self can communicate to the higher self?
Forces: You do not say “Higher Self, Higher Self, here I say, Higher Self.” Do not have this concept in your mind. Just project to your Higher Self and know that it is within your reach. Do not project and say, “Where is my Higher Self? Where is my Over-self? Over-self, Over-self, I am talking to you. You have no con­cept of who you are talking to, but you are talking to God.
Excerpt on Prayer and the Rosary.
They go to a storehouse of energy that is pelted down into the earth. For remember, it is not our prayers that is from us. It is your prayer that is from you. You send it up we only send it back down.
Q: So actually it is not bad to pray for specific things?
Forces: Correct. That is why the rosary that you have is a very powerful instrument. You do know the power that you have in those little wooden beads. Simple. Use them correctly and no one, need we say more. The power is right in front of you all the time. Hum. You just wanted to do it yourselves. But it was right there all the time. Do yet understand at this point in time why this woman of God is yet so powerful. She holds the crystal in her hand. But remember, the prayers of many souls before were sent to this woman. Now look how much energy you have if you continue to send with the force in back of it. The request is not a request, it is a intercession. Never make a direct request. But always make an intercession for help.
Q: How do you do that?
Forces: You just ask for a direct request. Then your Father knows your request even by your not saying it. Even before you pray, your Father which is in heaven knows your request. Prayer is your weapon, use it. Prayer is your spear, drive it. Prayer is your shield, use it. Prayer is your power, don’t abuse it. Put that to a song and use it.
Q: Could you give us some more information about the rosary, its history?
Forces: The rosary is used as a force in which raises the spiritual 144,000 cells in the body. It is a combination of ethics, principles, and philosophies across the whole continent of the earth. There are many galaxies and star‑stellite systems that are used and is in combination with the design of the rosary. If you would look closely, a solar system is derived in that shape of a rosary. Rosaries or that of beads are used for conscious object in stirring up the healing energy forces from the lower centers to give power of light and healing to those who say it.
Session 512

Q: Could you explain the force that rises through the rosary when we do it as a group?
Forces: Let us say it is a force of energy that is raises for many years and lifetimes ago. More like the force of energy that turns the earth around.
Q: In Ecclesiastes when it says that God put the world in man’s Heart. Is that the part of the Heart that’s evil?
Forces: It is the rotation of the earth’s axis that the electrical impulses of the heart are (running?).
Session 195

Q: Would you describe in detail what happened when the rosary was received into the earth?
Forces: That the rosary was transported on an astral level to this particular person. He in respect was receptive to the astral spirit, in which the Madonna as she is called manifest herself. And in so doing you have a story of St. Dominic who received this particular rosary. And he was also receptive to certain answers within. This particular rosary if used rightly can cast away all evil force and replenish this certain 4th center of the nervous system properly.
Q: Can you tell me, in the meditation room sometimes when we say the rosary, I feel a presence after a certain point, It feels like a spring cool water. What is this presence?
Forces: The presence is a guide over the rosary,
Q: Is that Mary?
Forces: It is some aspect of Andrew.
Q: Andrew?
Forces: Correct. Question,
Q: Thank you,
Q: Can you tell us why Saint Andrew is the guide over the rosary?
Forces: Because the road forms and the basic beliefs of this strong individual affects a … of all kinds.
Q: Its like building a is that the way you would build anything
that in the rosary repetition?
Forces: This is a couplet. In this you would find the secret of the word. You’d find the word and find the meaning couplet. You’d find the answer to this particular system.
Q: Would you tell us at this time how many other places besides Japan that Jesus manifested when he was crucified?
Forces: We would say a large amount of times over that of fifteen.
Q: Was Jesus crucified anywhere else besides in Israel?
Forces: The Master was crucified in Israel, or what would be known, near Jerusalem. The repercussions on the spiritual and astral level were at least 15 other distinct places, representing the 15 major nervous points within the body.
Q: I want to ask something about the statue of Michael, is it the same thing […] sees as he’s killing that thing in the heart?
Forces: It is depicted a little bit more in detail. The wings are a little bit larger, and the face and eyes are stronger, the sword is up, but this depicts a different era. Now the sword is up, but this depicts the sword being down. It is not wrong, it is only an expression of time for the sword to go down. But now the sword is up, ready to come down. This is the finer depiction, or that of the finer outcome, in which the sword shall go down. It is not bad, not far from accurate.
Q: Does it represent the thing at the heart?
Forces: Close to the proximity of.
Q: It represents Michael killing the blob?
Forces: What a horrible name, blob and Archangel Michael.
Q: Well what’s the name of it then?
Forces: Blob, what name you give it, call it Excalibar, call it Rock of Hades, Call it the Noise, Call it whatever. It does communicate a thought.
Q: And its based in the Heart?
Forces: It would be settled on that point.
Q: When did it originate in mankind?
Forces: As man developed in the earth, so did this develop.
Q: It was over a period of time?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Is there a connection between the nervous system and the tentacles of the blob?
Forces: There is a direct connection between the nervous system and the blob. Our desires. Remember, the blob as you call it is seated over the heart and gets energy from the gonads misuse and misapplication and represents Judas who fell away from the apostle-ship of Jesus. Represents misuse of your energy and must regain commitment to your God. It is connected through the nervous system and in such a manner that it is throughout the whole system.
Q: It reaches to everything in the body?
Forces: Negative field reaches out.
Q: What does the blob have to do with moon day?
Forces: That is the force that tries to take over the back section of the center brain. This is the battle that is confronted by moon day.
Q: Could you explain how when a person is confronted by something negative in the outer world that stimulates a desire within, how this operates through the body, like its automatic and without thought. Does it operate through the Leiden or?
Forces: Operates through the Leiden, the adrenals, gonads, thymus, and then the question of what would be happening as the test? If the test is confronted with and corrected and done right, then it travels upward. If it fails, then it goes to the gonads.
Q: So the key is in the Leiden in controlling the…?
Forces: The key is very definitely in the Leiden center, but then again in the thymus also.
Q: How does the thymus?
Forces: The thymus is the Love of God first. Without that all is failure. That”s why it says without love, everything is nothing.
Q: When they built Solomon’s Temple did they use the power of, did they manifest things in it. They say there wasn’t the sound of a hammer?
Forces: They used instruments that were not of a hammer nature, more of a thought process of using pressure versus pressure. A stone versus the pressure of the other stone.
Q: What were the tools for architecture that were used in Ancient Egypt?
Forces: : In one respect: they have a screen and project the pattern onto the screen, then the screen projects it onto the sky, and they build in the area where the projection is.
Q: They did it then by thought.
Forces: Correct. With prayer and surrounding yourself with thoughts of the item you are going to create, then you will have no problems from that point on. Praying is the only reason why you have complications: forgetting to pray over the work, and asking to be done should be done.
Q: These old masters that created all these styles and designs that’s how they did it?
Forces: The master is the key expression of the soul. Each design is a certain expression of the soul that you call upon to come into the house to help guide the souls. This master is a spirit master.
Q: I see. It’s only a reflection to the worldly level?
Forces: What they would see.
Q: You mean that a prayer becomes an actual entity working itself sort of out and that’s the prayer finally manifested?
Forces: Correct.
Session 292
Q: What does the phrase the Strong Paw of a Lion mean in regard to what actually resurrected the Builder Hiram?
Forces: The Strong Paw of a Lion is the Foundation of the Laws of other lifetimes imprinted upon the conscious and subconscious and psyche of the soul, which by no mistake can be released or taken from the bonds of commitment (which) the soul must accomplish in that particular lifetime. Going back to this Strong Paw of the Lion it also represents the laws of the government that must follow its manifest destiny.
Q: In regard to that question about Hiram, does it mean that a person like the High Priest, it was then or the very High Priest or whatever, but a person who Knows the soul can resurrect if they accidentally leave or if something happened and they die that person can call a soul back just by reminding him of his original commitment before it came in?
Forces: Strange as it is that’s true and there are messages imprinted in the etheric body of certain plants that were used by the magicians in Egypt and developed through Europe. Of course your biggest metaphysical development with flowers of implanting that of the spiritual purpose of this law dealt especially with Holland. When they, the occultist realized that in the Tulip was this law and when you would grow Tulips they would manifest the law protection and the law of , of growth and spirit. So they started to plant the Tulip bulb and they realized in order to maintain and save Holland from being taken into the unseen world, which would they knew as time would progress, that the water would claim it back into the ethers, but if they would always maintain Tulips on the land, the land would never sink and this was the big commitment with the angel of the law of commitment with the laws of the Etheric Flowers. In fact flowers strange as it is are the laws that have been captured in them. And this is the great fascination with flowers to people today without them realizing it, but in the flower world is the different ah laws ah from the beginning of time pressed over them so man would be reminded of it.
Session 207

Remember in order to build a structure Solomon had to get dedicated people. Dedicated people were those who for a period of time left their homes and left their conditions and moved and joined into like a club in which they would meditate and, not that the word meditate, but they would center their thoughts on prayer and align themselves so they would be properly, in a proper mold of expression, remember to build wood and shapes and sizes must be the inner centers have to be or at least strive to be in the light, right alignment. When this is so then everything comes out of the hand perfectly. You understand the old saying that whatever he touches turns to gold. Well this means that the inner centers are from other lifetimes aligned and its up to that particular entity to use the power now this lifetime for a positive effect. Of course it could be used negatively. But remember when the great cathedrals were built all those masonaries and and and groups of people were in a secret order that made them prepare their minds for the structure and for the work that they had to do. So remember it doesn’t that to build a house you have to be completely worldly. To build the perfect house you have to be completely dedicated, dedicated to that experience of mind power, because the mind wars against the spirit and when a line is straight or when a line forms a perfected piece and then the mind tries to sift and tries to send you in a different direction. If you can only see this wisdom that we give you now, that a perfect home or a house that has harmony in it is that it communicates the spiritual law factor of be yea perfect or the spiritual factor of peace in the earth. So in short you are still glorifying God in the lines and the work that you do here, even though those who will walk around and try to say why do you work so hard, they are just seeing they coming short in their own lives, where they should be doing and manifesting the spirit if they only put all that energy instead of running around and conversing in all sorts of excuses to use that energy and build from the earth up, to glorify God.
Session 158
When You are constructing in a house, any particular house, you are demanding and dealing with spirit force and energy. The spirits have construction of wanting to express their sphere of energy. The force has their expression of lines and shapes, and dimension and energy works through both. In the secrets of construction, you are more like building from the fourth dimension into the third dimension. This in itself can be very tedious, very pressurizing, and very stressing. Any individual who is termed an architect or a builder, in short, is that conscious creation of bringing always from the fourth dimension into the third sphere. Builders and architects in this dimension are known as doctors. These doctors bring and manifest the spiritual world, that three dimensional level, more permanently than ever could be realized. The expression and formation of solid objects only takes their shape and position after the thinking process of the objects and the thought process of finer qualities have been sifted and received around the entity area or areas of communication. Surrounding oneself with finer qualities is not the process of moving out just to do it. It is the process of the faculties and the expression of discipline throughout the entity life. Therefore, when you receive or ask the question “how come you do not receive?” it is not the question “how come you do not receive?” The answer is the expression and the giving out of what is received into the third dimension, for You perceive on the fourth dimension invisible level, but it takes co‑workers and masters of the spirit to bring it forth from the fourth dimension what You see into the third dimension. These or those who do or are interpreters of your vision receive, what would be considered, a growing process of communicating themselves directly with the fourth dimension. So, in reality, anyone who builds or constructs a large edifice is tapping into the fourth dimension. Anyone who builds with a constructive mind with expression for the spirit taps deeper into the fourth dimension, in which the Angelic or Angel force comes and lends a hand.
Q: Could you explain when you’re building a room with […] as you put more things in it, it seems bigger than before, even though you put more things in it?
Forces: It is the illusion of space and time, one of the laws of creativity.
Q: How does this work?
Forces: You are utilizing the invisible space height and the dimension of width to bring into manifestation, to occupy, and not to waste.
Q: What is the number of the House?
Forces: We would find the number of this House to be 33 more or less 3793272
Q: Is this one number or are those the individual numbers of the magic cube?
Forces: Those are your numbers that add up to your perfect cube.
Q: In the books on the Druids(The Power of the Serpent by Peter Valentine Timlett pbk page 67) is the method of establishing the placement of the stones of Stonehenge and various other circles correct?
Forces: Correct
Q: Also the numbers given for the formation of the magic squares?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Is there a number that would be correspond to our House if we were to set up something along these lines in order to form the magic square, to get the diagram?
Forces: Number here or their?
Q: In Virginia?
Forces: The number would be 33.
Q: And we would do it the same way that they established their ring?
Forces: You would find the number to be 33 at the northwest corner. A number 144 at the southeast corner.
Q: Is that in the individual blocks of the square?
Forces: 33 on the first full moon of the 8th month of the year or 144 the 1st quarter moon of the third month of the year.
Q: How does that correspond to the squares that were given in the books, where each row or column adds up to a number that represents the sun and the moon etc?
Forces: With the Big Dipper (at) the lowest Star would be (seized) at the first measurements at exactly 10: 35 (looking) into that position it will give you a direct ascendant down to the area of measurement. The name would be found with the constellation of Pleiades guiding you (in the direction) that is needed.
Q: The guy from Russia talks about using the pineal gland in sort of an electric setup. Why the pineal gland?
Forces: Because it has certain electrical stimulus within it. Its connection directly into the blood systems and the nervous cord. But through the pineal gland you can supply the whole course of the functions of the body. In fact you could take the whole brain out, but leave that and the other part of the lower sector of the brain and it would function. The continuum. It would not be able to function as you and I, but it would at least continue to grow.
Q: Would that be a more spiritual being?
Forces: Well we didn’t say it was, anything that’s kept in a jar over 48hrs has a tendency of not being spiritual. It smells.
Q: That arrangement of neurons, does that make it able to perceive the psychic realms beyond the physical.
Forces: Well, yes. At this point it is through the pineal gland that they will find that the blood components are made of. The blood components are rejuvenated within the pineal gland, to give stimuli in order to flow and the process of flowing. So the pineal gland has a great percentage of strength in it. Also in the pineal gland you will have your factor of blood factors which is developed and which it starts from. Jesus factor in the pineal gland was a complete A, a complete B personality. So He was AB blood‑type.
Q: Is that the connection between the brain and attitude and the immune system?
Forces: And the Heart system.
Q: There are so many schools of thought, which one is the pineal, which one is the pituitary?
Forces: The pineal is a tiny one.
Q: So the pineal is here on top?
Forces: But remember the pineal is first, the pituitary is second. But at birth the pinea1 is growth. But at birth the pituitary takes first, but then the pineal takes over and then the pituitary takes over from that.
Q: But which one is the front lobe here on the forehead?
Forces: For again the pituitary becomes the front lobe in the beginning, but then moves on back, to make the pineal move in that position.
Q: So lets say after 18, what would be here, the pineal or the pituitary?
Forces: Well it a cycle, would you believe it or not, every 7 years cycle the pituitary moves back and the pineal moves forward and visa versa.
Q: And from birth on you start counting 7 years, every 7 years?
Forces: Well of course you can’t start from before you were conceived.
Q: But which one is the one without sin, is it the pituitary or the pineal?
Forces: Its the pineal, its the pituitary then its the pineal. Its the back and forth. ?(revolving then without sin).
Session ?
Q: In the Tarot cards making them, how should I put the symmetrical figures, should they be in the center of the thing or on the side?
Forces: Whatever you seem to do.
Q: Do you have an idea that could help me, I know must be that way somewhere above, they must be made?
Forces: We would focus on the sides.
Q: Could you give a picture of the new trump card called the Unknown, the Ghost, that could be made into a card?
Forces: More or less different feelings, but it is White Horse that has an iry figure on top, which a fire wand or a sword is placed in it.
Q: Any sort of background?
Forces: Dark and white at the same time.(?black and white checker board).
Q: What would be the meaning of the card?
Forces: Transition from the physical consciousness or mental mind allowing the spiritual force to come in.
Q: The card you gave me last time called the unknown Ghost, does it have in the left hand side of a Big Dipper?
Forces: It has a, it has a Heart, yeah.
Q: It also has like stars shooting by?
Forces: A comet, yes.
Q: Could you help me understand what the Hanged Man is?
Forces: This is one of the forms of initiations. The Egyptians would put the initiate, hanging that person from the scaffold by the ankle for 42 hrs.
Q: Also is there any…are Gypsies descended from a lost tribe of Israel?
Forces: The gypsies as has been known were the priestess and the priest of Egypt.
Q: Thank you.
Q: Could you explain what the Tarot card the Star represents?
Forces: It represents the psychic opening of the 3rd eye and inspiration.
Q: Could you give which 5 of the 5 Books of Moses go along with which 5 suits of Tarot?
Forces: Leviticus would work more with it and then Numbers. More the Numbers than anything.
Q: Does it go along ?
Forces: Numbers would go along with it.
Q: Like with all 5 suits?
Forces: Leviticus would be the last 2.
Q: Would the other 8 trumps that are talked about in (God of Tarot/Anthony) the new trumps that are not in the 22 would they be found in that first 6 chapters of Genesis, like you said the other Trumps?
Forces: They are to be found in the 3rd Book of Genesis and the 4th Book of Genesis. In the 10th verse and in the 4th verse of the next.
Q: You mean the chapters?
Forces: The 3rd chapter 10th to the end and the 4th chapter the 4th to the end.
Q: Could you explain how the Tarot goes along with the animation Tarot, the aura?
Forces: The Tarot affects the aura levels of consciousness by the colors and pictures and association and this affects the thought processes in this area.
Session 385/386

Q: Could you help me understand the dream I had the other night with […]? Doing cards all night with..?
Forces: This is more of a showing dynamic insight to new Tarot cards.
Q: What sort of Tarot cards?
Forces: There is no territory, but that in which of creativity and explanation on card level, an expression, an expansion to new consciousness in man that is developing. Man is at the point of developing on a astral level his spiritual astral body to bring it more into vision.
Session (?)
Q: Concerning the relationship of the Tarot cards to the days of the month, can it be said that cards 1-21 correspond to the first 21 days of the month?
Forces: This is true.
Q: And that the Fool, the Zero would not particularly correspond to any single day?
Forces: That, Fool deals with the 22 day.
Q: What about days 23-30 or 31. Are there more cards that aren’t revealed or are there other representations that can be found?
Forces: There are other cards that supercede from the beginning and bring it on to a higher level.
Q: Would that be starting at one again?
Forces: One versus the, too the higher power or one versus that of merger with the last one.
Q: So it is like a blend of the first and last?
Forces: On and on yes.
Q: Do I understand about the Duat, what they call in Egypt is the same as Daath in the Kabalah?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And also what they call Sokar in Egyptian is the same as Zohar?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And the gate to the Duat was what they called the Ros-Tau, you reverse it and you get the Tarot?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And the Torah?
Forces: Exactly.
Q: Could you tell me what Horus represents?
Forces: This is the quality in the earth. It would bring judgement and virtue. It is the balancing factor within the will and the heart. When the heart and the will operate together there is justice and wisdom combined. Its above (). It also is a taker from the earth to bring on to the 4th dimension.
Q: Would he be close to the Speaker (Tarot Card)?
Forces: We find it as the expression of the force communication energy from one field to the other.
Session 294

Q: Is the first 6 chapters, the Tarot cards in general as we worked out last night, is that correct?
Forces: Yes you would find what you were going through is not only correct but it fell into place.
Q: In doing the Tarot I reversed the Emperor and the Empress to apply to the 6 chapters?
Forces: Well your speaking about the 6th root race aspect, this could be done now.
Q: With the first six chapters of Genesis do I understand the Tarot cards: one card for the first chapter, two cards for the next chapter and on down the line?
Forces: Correct.
Q: The card for Seth in the Bible, would that be the Wheel of Fortune or the Chariot?
Forces: The Chariot.
Q: In the Bible where it says after Enos, “Then began men to call upon the Name of the Lord”, why does it say that?
Forces: Because up to that point they had been doing other aspects of growth consciousness, rather than developing into a spirit consciousness. A different name manifested into the earth.
Q: So they were doing something further away and then they started to turn back to God?
Forces: Well, they didn’t turn back to a
Spirit-God but names of gods.
Q: Is the resurrection mentioned in Genesis chapter 6 and 7.
Forces: You would find the resurrection involved there.
Q: What part is it exactly?
Forces: It is brought through the 3rd…5th chapter beginning…well we would say the 5th chapter, you would have it recorded in the 4th, 5th, 6th verse.
Q: Where would the last card be?
Forces: In the invisible center.
Q: In the world?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Could you tell me what Tarot card would go at the end of Genesis chapter 3?
Forces: (Thaou)(Thao) Tarot card of Thao(Tau?)
Q: What would go at the ending of chapter 4?
Forces: The Lumex.
Forces: Thao(Tau?) is the man or the Magician of Thought. The Lumex is something like you.
Q: Lameck?
Q: What is..?
Forces: The ox.
Q: What does it correspond to?
Forces: Ox-Chariot.
Q: Why does it seem to be so confusing, the breaking point between those two chapters?
Forces: It’s called the Penacle of the what would(will) be known as the kloskitz.
Q: As the what?
Forces: Penacle of the Kloskitz.
Q: What does that represent?
Forces: Represents the Arch and the Wouffle of the Yogodos.
Q: The Tau you mean is the Tau the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet?
Forces: Tau-Tau-Man-Yes.
Q: And the lameck is also lamed?
Forces: Lameck-Lamick-Lamick.
Q: Lamad?
Q: So you are actually talking about a whole word, not just a letter?
Forces: Word, Letter, Symbols.
Q: The Tower of Babel, would that be the Lightning Struck Tower?
Forces: More or less the mental mind.
Q: The Tarot game that we are working on, what more or less should be the rules that we should go toward for outside understanding to be able to…?
Forces: You could slowly picture face, pictures, colors, pictures, colored cards, pictured cards, large numbers, bold for blind people to see, and a different colored boards simple.
Q: Do I understand correctly that the 48 Trumps unite with the 96 lower letter cards?
Forces: It can yes.
Q: Each Trump would equal two lower cards?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Trumps would be above lower cards and come down and unite with them?
Forces: It can yes.
Q: In the Kabbalah it says two higher cards come down and embrace one lower card. But here it says one higher is embraced by two lower cards?
Forces: The one always comes to the two.
Q: So its the pyramid up and the pyramid down. the Star of David?
Forces: In reality yes.
Cut # 3
Q: Why is Ezekiel called the son of man?
Forces: Revelation of mankind and the laws of God.
Q: In the first chapter of Ezekiel the Holy Living Creatures. What are they?

Session 141
January 14, 1978

Forces: This is a movement of force that surrounds body above, below, within, without and forces within that need to be worked with.
Q: Thank you.
Q: Who was the man clothed in linen under Cherubim wings?
Forces: This was he. We have many such walking under the wings. There are many throughout book that have done such.
Q: Who is the man on lower levels?
Forces: The spirit of Christ with the laws.
Q: Thank you.
Q: The drawings of the ship Ezekiel saw…
Forces: What Ezekiel saw was the revelation of the laws to come to man in the distant future.
Q: Is the way I wrote it correct?
Forces: That would be adequate.

Session 142
January 21, 1978

Q: The throne would be the pineal?
Forces: Correct.
Q: And on down the line to the center of the gyro?
Forces: Correct. Question.

Session 148
Q: In the beginning of Ezekiel there are certain numbers; 3,4,5. You said that there was a Pythagorean theorem?
Forces: It could have a solid foundation in this area.
Q: What does that represent, the theorem?
Forces: It represents the astral and the physical body merging on the spiritual level.
Session 300
Q: Would you say what galaxy the man in Ezekiel?
Forces: Well let us say comes from the galaxy that is found in Andromeda.
Q: Book of Changes in Bible?
Forces: Urim Revelation and Leviticus. Thummin Genesis and Deuteronomy.
Q: Am I correct on the Urim and Thummin being the cards?
Forces: Well yes before, the forward type part of the cards, the beginning of the cards.
Q: That means they weren’t cards?
Forces: More power to them. Yes.
Q: In the diagram, is it correct that the lower reflections you were talking about before, they reflect two times and that gives you the rest of the cards?
Forces: It helps you to understand the rest of the cards. Yes.
Q: That’s the way they will fit together in a cube?
Forces: Yes, exactly.
Q: Could you give me an example of the card the Magician, what psalm?
Forces: Psalm 14.
Q: Are the platforms then two and then one on top and one on top, almost like a dining room?
Forces: Yes it could be done that way.
Q: How do the dot figures, tribes, rivers correlate in a reading?
Forces: In a different form version, one aligning itself to the other.
Q: In the cube, is that correct the cube is six, in the Franklin cube?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And also in the sixth, the fifth being the Twelve Apostles?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And the sixth the Tribes?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And the seventh would be the Seals that Tom said?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Do each of the cards of the major arcane of the Tarot deck represent a person in the five books of Moses?
Forces: Torah? Tarot? Each represents a quality in the physical body of man growing into the spiritual and mental bodies. Different concepts involve different developments. You should pursue this with thorough investigation and psychic perception.
Q: Is Revelation …are the chapters marked off correctly as they are now?
Forces: We would find them adequately marked.
Q: Do they go along with the Tarot card from one to twenty two?
Forces: This is an aspect that would added to the aspect of that of developing finished products. It would develop the one to twenty-two aspect but under a different light field.
Q: On the Tarot Cards, the 22 major cards. It was said before that there are 22 galaxies. Are these cards like you visualize each one, you go into that particular galaxy?
Forces: Each particular galaxy in the 22 series represents a finite being of development and experience. Each particular galaxy makes up a series of lessons and groups of learning ability. And each has its potential of its own development and spheres of expression. There are those 22 major forces in these galaxies that has a strong connection with the pattern of the names. None the less these particular cards you do mention connect nicely, put into the order it would prescribe.
Session 74 7/9/75
Q: Can you give us any of the history of why the Tarot was first made?
Forces: It was made for the persecutions of what would be called the priests of Egypt, more so of Atlantis. When the persecution began with that of, we would say the four major kings of Atlantis or five major kings of Atlantis joining together, then the war started the breaking apart. Then the secrets of the spiritual world had to be preserved and was put in metal tablets, carved in metal tablets, then transferred over to Egypt and the Yucatan, and buried, as you all know, in the right sphinx paw and in the box of one of the steps leading up the many pyramids in the Yucatan.
Q: How did the cards come from that…how did resurface . . .?
Forces: They really did not resurface into the public until recently, but they were always around in the royalty in the high courts. They were always involved with those who were leading governments, but they were not officially as much as they are today and never before involved with the public.
Q: Thank you.
Q: How come Archangel Michael is my favorite Archangel and which Tarot card is representative of me?
Forces: We could say temperance. Favorite because he is strong. Question.
Q: What does the Tarot card Strength represent?
Forces: This is the inner power realization of matter around. Matter from a different focus.
Q: What sort of matter?
Forces: More organic and less physical elements of matter.
Q: Was there a Tarot card in reference to working things out in a dream level or getting your answers through the dreams?
Forces: There is the card of the wands from the clouds that could be interpreted this way.
Q: Would the suits in the Tarot cards, you have one called the Hearts. Does this go along with the thymus center?
Forces: Of course this goes directly along with it.
Q: And the swords what would that be.
Forces: The sword is what would be the solar plexus.
Q: And the wand?
Forces: The wand is what would be called the thyroid.
Q: And the Pentacles?
Forces: The pentacles is the balance between the leyden center.
Q: The leyden and the gonad?
Forces: Just the leyden.
Q: So the gonads wouldn’t be in there?
Forces: No, we have them placed at their own workings.
Q: How would they be working in the Tarot?
Forces: These really worked within the Key Master cards. Some of the Key Master cards, as the Searcher and the other factors of knights (nights) ?
Q: The Searcher, the Seeker you mean?
Forces: Correct.
Q: What is the meaning of the following Tarot cards: The High Priestess. . . should I continue?
Forces: This represents the quality within those who are on the path of enlightenment and the certain qualities of judgement and wisdom mixed within the book of learning and the structure and understanding of that power in all that they do. It is in the qualities of the females who usually lies the spiritual powers adequately.
Q: You mentioned in the last session that in the Tarot the World is to be placed where the Lovers are. Does that mean that all the other cards go down in order, or are any of the others switched?
Forces: The Lovers are the aspect of male-female within self. Not a physical, worldly sex concept of love, of male female family type aspect of lovey-dovey. Love is within self first. Loving thyself, that is loving the qualities of male female and understanding them. Many so often approach love with a demented form of expression. When that is not fulfilled, there is much frustration and detriment to the soul, body, and mind. In the relationship of love, it is never a taking and or satisfying and of saying “My husband should serve me” and My wife should give me”. It is always a giving of the other partner, never what one should want. For when one goes into marriage saying “ If you love me, you will do this, this, and this”, then that marriage is on the wrong course and should be changed. Yes, all cards are subjected to Love, but so is the Universe. That does not make the cards any less thereafter that follow.
Q: So does the Hebrew letters change?
Forces: The Hebrew letters of the world never change. From the foundation of time, they were created. There is no change with the Hebrew form.
Q: In Chronicles one you said we could find all the court cards?
Forces: Yes.
Q: What part of it?
Forces: 10th chapter, 10th verse.
Q: In the Tarot we are working on, showed me the kings, are they correct?
Forces: We would find them to be, yes.
Q: And all the pages, are they correct, except the one for water?
Forces: Yes.
Q: What would be the page for water?
Forces: We would find that to be more of a carrying of a pitcher.
Q: Would it be a person in the Bible picture?
Forces: We would more-so find that to be the Ark of Noah.
Q: So that would be the page?
Forces: Yes.
Q: The four ace cards, they go by themselves like Trumps?
Forces: Right.
Q: Like the four elements?
Forces: Right.
Q: Then there are 36 left over and they correspond to the 36 righteous men and form the pattern like in the Book of Solomon?
Forces: You could do that. Yes.
Q: On the Tarot,[…] was discussing between sessions about the 36 minor prophets, is that correct?
Forces: Yes.
Q: When you speak of the 4 suits like in the Tarot, does that relate to the Torah.
Forces: It would relate to this.
Q: It would be eliminating Genesis. It would relate to the other 4 books?
Forces: It could establish itself in all 5 books of Moses, including the 3 books are forgotten.
Q: What were those books?
Forces: They’re forgotten.
Q: What happened to them?
Forces: When man turns away from the spiritual force of life, the laws of Moses and the originality is taken away from him. For him to crope and stroff in the stones of the earth and start from the beginning of, remember only what you put into the spirit do you retain and get out of the spirit. You can not fake it. Either you put into the spirit and you shall take from the spirit. Or you put not into the spirit and you take not from the spirit. You can only take so much from the earth and then it is stagnant. Seeds must be planted into the earth to have a rebirth. Rebirth is the function of the soul within the body to rekindle back in the earth from the beginning of time, the spirit of wisdom. Mark yea the steps forward, each one in a cell, A to Z, Aleph to Beth, all things from the beginning has a purpose. All work has a cabalistic number. Remember this, you cannot start with Gimel. You can’t start with ?(The). You must start from the beginning of the force and through each step on a occult level go through. No matter how much you want to get to the end of the alphabet, you will not progress through it by violating the occult law of step line and step. Remember every step, every deed, every task, every force must be followed by a system of choice, must be followed by a system of voice, for voice within you will guide you through it. Each step must be honored and each step must be respected. If you force, if you fudge, if you cheat, the steps will reveal you the quality of the cheater. So the occult law is everything is matched perfectly and you being perfect will be the perfector.
Q: On the 8 Books of Moses, the last time you told me they were 3 elements like in the blood. Do I understand Sulphur, Mercury, and Salt of the Alchemist?
Forces: Yes.
Q: I still get the feeling there are 3 books.
Forces: There is.
Q: Where are they located?
Forces: Spain, Portugal.
Q: Could you tell what the Hebrew letters are and where they came from?
Forces: (What sounds like a sneeze comes forth) That is how it was developed. By the breath of God, they exploded into the atmosphere and the sound became the drive and the power became the Word. Each sound was the expression of the gods.
Q: Was that correct about the dream I had with the alphabet letters and the code, the blue?
Forces: The alphabet and the letters and the code should be undertaken which would be called the fourth center within the body. The alphabet is the leading of that which is called the psychomat or that of the nervous system. In other words, to put it on a simpler term, you must learn how to be A.) Comfortable with your self; B.) Patient with yourself; C.) Apply this particular dream as communication to you that you must go through the alphabet or the ABC’s of Patience. In order to get to Z. you must go through the other centers and other development sides of development of these characteristic letters. The blue represents that of tranquility that would be only yours when patience is applied and faith is under­taken to the course in which you must follow.
Q: Thank you. Is there anything else that we could learn about the…about the way the alphabet corresponds with the musical notes?
Forces: A, B. C, D, E, F. G. There’s your notes.
Q: Is it correct that the Kabala, say for instance, or all of the mystic…mystic books and the Bible can be played by assigning a letter of the alphabet to a letter on the keyboard?
Forces: This could be done in an accurate fashion, causing a great deal of harmony for all those who wish to learn.
Q: Would the first eight letters correspond exactly to the keyboard, “A” through “G”?
Forces: It could be made out to be this.
Q: Would there be a better way?
Forces: This is the best.
Q: And following that, the letter “H” would begin again with the letter, with the key “A”?
Session ?
Q: Could you explain how the 42 letters connect with the 22?
Forces: They connect in the point of the upper and lower spheres. The upper ones being the 42 and the lower ones being the 22. A diamond shape intererating into a square force and pocket soil.
Q: Could you give how the 42 letters connect with the 42 1etters, like certain ones go with like two letters from above go with one letter from below?
Forces: Yes, one from above, one on top of the above and one from below. Before anything from above can ever come down, they are two, when they come down they become one.
Q: So one then it comes down to one, then it comes down to the last one?
Forces: Then it might break up to two again.
Q: And these correspond to the precepts?
Forces: Like the male‑female coming down as one, could not make it broke up to two. At the rate they’re going they will make three or four out of it. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised in your civilization to come there will be species that will be three or four. Male‑female, neuter‑male, neuter‑female.
Q: I’ve been working with the squares, so far I’ve got with the higher letters a square of 7, for the lower letters a square of 5. It doesn’t feel to be right. Could you help me with these?
Forces: Lets have the last lines back again.
Q: For the lower letters I have a square of 5?
Forces: Yes.
Q: For the higher a square of 7.
Forces: Yes, alright.
Q: Is it the right way?
Forces: Yes it could be utilized this way, yes.
Q: Is this the way you were referring to when you gave it to me before?
Forces: Yes, not directly as I just gave it too you before, but this particular method has some improvement on it.
Q: What was the way you gave it to me before?
Forces: More or less taking it from the lower sphere of the 14 and working on up to 22.
Q: Do I understand now what you were saying before, the way I understand it now is that from below the 42 3 times 14?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Go through the 22 which are the key links?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And link up to the higher 42.
Forces: Uh, huh yes.
Q: So you have the square of 7 above and the square of 7 below?
Forces: Ok.
Q: Is that the right way?
Forces: You will work that, yes, you will yes.
Q: On the diagram I was talking to Tom about you have the
higher letters and in the middle, the middle letters and then the lower letters. Do these go in sequence taking out the aleph and you take the next 7 letters for the higher letters?
Forces: These would follow in sequence and would continue a pattern of 42 patterns.
Q: The second 7 symbolize the center of the diagram?
Forces: This is true creating 17 to 21 pattern.
Q: Do I understand the letters again, that the first 7 letters of the Hebrew alphabet would be the stations of the cross, the next 7 would be the precepts, and the last 7 would be the aspects of the Beard?
Forces: Alright that does very well, yes.
Q: 42 letters above embracing 27 letters below. Not enough higher letters?
Forces: There are some letters that are involved or absorbed in transforming.
Q: Lower letters are the same?
Forces: Lower letters same as lower some higher.
Q: How absorbed?
Forces: They are absorbed in a lower form and then transformed into a higher form.
Q: What is the sum of the lower letters and the higher letters?
Forces: Sum of each 14 to the lower letters absorbed to 23 of the higher letters.
Q: 5 letters left over?
Forces: The 5 are the Key letters.
Q: I thought 14 was the higher letters?
Forces: 14 becomes the lower letters which will be transformed into the higher letters, as they become the higher letters they maintain the 14 qualities as the higher letters, but then transformed into the highest.
Q: Higher and lower and connected in between?
A . Twenty two is your key figure balance.
Q: The 14 letters as they relate to the 22. Do I understand it aright that the first 14 letters of the 42 letters, as they relate to the 22, the first 14 letters go with the first 7 letters of the alphabet and the next 14 go with the next 7 and the next 14 go with the last 7?
Forces: This is understood right.
Q: Could anymore be given on that?
Forces: Each letter is interconnected with the one preceding it that it would be in the form of the double square. That it forms a pattern of force used in the right way it manifests a strong quality of growing and development. In that field of growing comes a new awareness and new sorts of plans and Revelations.
Q: Could you explain what the double squares are?
Forces: The double squares is that of above and below.
Q: The higher letters above and the lower letters below?
Forces: Yes.
Q: The double squares that we talking about the other day, do they relate to the cube of 3 that I have been studying?
Forces: The double squares relate to the number(s), the higher and lower. More practically involved with the earth consciousness and they involved with the wisdom’s and pillars of wisdom and beauty.
Q: About the letters you said last time that the application of it was not understood. Could you explain a little bit about that, the application of the letters and the numbers?
Forces: Numbers and letters can only be understood as experiencing of time presence and movement. As you move through the space and items related you will find that the awareness factor of each letter and number is what the entity is going through.
Q: The higher letters themselves they don’t ever change do they?
Forces: They are stabilized.
Q: And the lower letters they are the same as the higher letters, its a reflection?
Forces: They are more what would be called flexible.
Q: And you said in between them is what we know as the Hebrew letters.
Forces: These are the ones that would be considered like (mercury), moving back and forth.
Q: And are their some below those as a reflection of the higher?
Forces: We would have some but not as much.
Q: In the first six chapters of Genesis, do I understand the fourteen higher letters unite with the twenty-eight lower letters?
Forces: This is a correct calculation.
Q: Could you tell me what the Large Faces are, they talk about?
Forces: More or less signs that projected themselves into the earth.
Q: Signs, like symbols?
Forces: Signs, correct.
Q: And the Pillars?
Forces: More or less the power of fire and form of energy coming down.
Session ?
Q: The five secret Hebrew letters that were passed down through the Patriarchs, were they the last five letters of the alphabet?
Forces: No.
Q: What were they?
Forces: Five letters, that you will find these five in the Midrash.
Q: And where in the Midrash?
Forces: In the Midrash, find it, you find it, its right there, the first 4 sentences, first 4 words .
Q: Why does the Book of Numbers, Chapter 3, verse 1 speak of “these are the generations of Aaron and Moses in the day that the Lord spake with Moses in mount Sinai” but does not mention any son of Moses?
Forces: If you were to the Book of Numbers would be a digital book.
Q: What does it mean the two sons of Moses makes the Book of Numbers a digital book.
Forces: Many different forms of Kabala, by writing down the Hebrew or the Aramaic or the numbers or names in the language of Hebrew they disguised the numbers of the item between the black ink mark, the ink mark of the Hebrew letter you could see. It is between that and the next letter forms the digit.
Q: Is there anything you can help me to understand the digits you were talking about.
Forces: The dishes.
Q: No digits or numbers.
Forces: The digits are dishes, each one has a certain movement, no more no less. There are 12 dishes within a unit, 42 units within a dish. 42 dishes makes that amount of digits. 12 dishes within a unit, 42 units within a dish. 72 dishes makes one closet. Green is the color of the units.
Q: What does the color green have to do with numbers?
Forces: The foundation and healing of the same force. 12 times 42 equals 504. 72 times 504 equals 36, 288. There are 36 chapters and 288 verses in the Book of Numbers.
Q: If the names of the sons of Moses would become a digital book, is that a certain key to the entire Book of Numbers and where would it fit in?
Forces: It will fit into the secrets of creation. It would be part of God moved upon the face of the waters.
Q: Do the two sons of Moses represent, Gershom tohu and Eliazer bohu?
Forces: Repeat.
Q: Would Gershom represent chos and Eleizer formlessness?
Forces: Correct.
Q: It says in the Bible (Genesis) The spirit of the Lord, this represents Moses?
Forces: Correct and the Spirit of the Sheckinah or the Spirit of Aday Evoh Moen. The creative force of the beginning.
Q: When it says hovered, this represents Zipporah?
Forces: Correct.
Q: And over the face of the waters, face would be one son, Gershom and waters would be Eleizer?
Forces: Formulated into the same Spirit.
Q: What would the stones (from Zohar) be?
Forces: Consciousness of the earth.
(Excerpt of Session, how to tell if Books in Bible are literal or metaphoric)
Q: Is there a way you can tell which is which?
Forces: There is a way. You take every 6-th line and see what’s being said. If it sounds like the 1-st line of the 6-th, then it’s metaphoric. But if the 6-th line does not correspond to the 1-st line, then its literal.
Q: Should it be like continuous, like regardless of chapter or should it be like each chapter, the 6-th line.
Forces: Each chapter.
Q: So each chapter were starting every 6-th line, is this true?
Forces: Yes.
Session 3/9/98
Q: Could you tell me about the Bible Code they found in Israel, is that correct?
Forces: Yes.
Q: The one that I’m getting will that be workable?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Is that just one factor of it there talking (..)?
Forces: There are at least 17 factors of it.
Q: So they only found one?
Forces: (..) one to 7 they can interpret, yes.
Q: Is it possible to program the other ones in?
Forces: Yes, each one is kind of a, an tiered (?layer) tier level, one on top of the other.
Q: The Bible is so many letters they said 300 and some odd thousand, is that, I was thinking it could be coded, they only have 2 dimensional level, it could be coded on, actually be coded on 3 or ..?
Forces: Yes, one goes within itself to the other.
Q: 3 dimensional level?
Forces: One in, yes

Session ?
Q: Could you tell me what the Wall Room is (my dream) you talked about in another Session about these (—-) aliens were using?
Forces: The Wall Room is a room of planning and also of reconnaissance, it happens above this house and above the area in which the entrance starts (spots) for the vortex to open.
Q: What does that have to do with the, you said the letters, their arrangement, you said the only perfect form of letters were found in the Wall Room?
Forces: It represents the coordinates of entrance and dates of entrance.
Q: Can you tell me what the planet Vulcan is?
Forces: Let us say it is the planet of quick intellect and reasoning and logical thought and less emotional flare‑ups.
Q: Is it like an anti‑matter planet?
Forces: Let us say it reflects the opposite thoughts of those in the matter of degree, or those in the third dimension.
Q: Is it like the planet across from the other side of the sun from the earth?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Why do the alchemists call it their planet?
Forces: Because it is from this planet the elemental of fire comes through creation. For remember, in the earth you have the element of fire that is constantly moving. It is in your body, the heat of life, the breath of life. When the body is vacant of this, it is termed to be of dead matter. This is the spirit that gives it heat and light; the living spirit is the flame of God. The flame of God is the name of God. The name of God is the of this burning light, the all‑creating power that heals or destroys the body. It can either create harmony or disease. It can also generate tremendous amount of heat to destroy or create a planet. It is from such that all prophecies endeavor to store and walk upon. The elemental creatures of the salamander walks through all the elements of the earth, visiting and knowing mans mind. It is termed to be, but yet he understands what is to happen. Such is the fire element of creation. Such is the fire element within man. He must know, create and construct his future.
Q: So this is the sun behind the sun that you talked about?
Forces: It is the sun behind all suns.
Q: The fire, the planet itself, is it talked about in the Kabalah?
Forces: Correct.
Q: What is it called in the Bible?
Forces: It is called “The secret place”.
Q: The secret place of the Most High?
Forces: Correct.
Q: What is the Magnesia of the alchemists?
Forces: It is an item that is of a diamond or more like a silver mixture that is highly liquid, soluble and movable in shape, form, and density. It is also an item of congeniance of bringing elements of liquid and solid together, forming a third state.
Q: Do I understand the First Matter as being Atlantis in Alchemy?
Forces: I, that would be yes.
Q: The seven metals, do they go along in the Book of Judges with the chapters, the seven metals do they go along, like a metal to each 3 chapters?
Forces: (?) You would be able to place them in this particular Book.
Q: Each metal represents a certain thought?
Forces: A thought process of deduction and evaluation.
Q: In the Book of Judges you said that’s Alchemy. Does that mean each 3 chapters would be one element, one metal, going on through the 7?
Forces: Each particular metal has storehouses in which they jurisdiction over other elements around. Let not just one metal that one can say is all there is. But generally speaking there is just one family of metals.
Q: How is that divided up in the Book of Judges?
Forces: Each particular force or metal is explained with the character within the body that is being worked and refined.
Q: Is it true that there would be 7 metals, basic families of metals?
Forces: Generally it would always manifest on the earth those 7 basic development until a new consciousness within man takes over and a new form of metal will appear.
Q: You have 5 tools that work with the metals?
Forces: This is true.
Q: What would they be?
Forces: This not only applying to the instrument level, but you have the moral and spiritual levels that would be applying those tools of working with the metals. Along with the faith aspect as the universal scepter or divide or ruler is faith and then the hope and the love aspect. Each one represents the family and sphere of the expression developments. Then with each their expression goes into wisdom and the wisdom from the knowledge aspect.
Q: In Alchemy, the four elements, mercury, sulfur, salt, what do these represent?
Forces: The four elements are interrelated with one another. You would find certain oxidized chemicals and oxidized vapors and a fourth element and an oxidized gas.
Q: On the planet Vulcan is its influence to increase on the earth?
Forces: Increase, diminish, Tzabaoth.
Q: You once told me about Vulcan being Tzabaoth, being the armies. Can you say any more about Tzabaoth?
Forces: The deals with movement and time and space, with the movement in time and space.
Q: The 13 chapters of Judges,it seems to be dealing with conception, birth(Samson?).
Forces: It deals with a doorway. Its a Pyramid door.
Q: The Great Pyramid?
Forces: Entrance into the Great Hallway, yes.
Q: How does that relate to the Alchemy aspect?
Forces: The changing of different substance.
Q: Does the whole Book of Judges relate to Alchemy?
Forces: No just half.
Q: First half?
Forces: Yes.
Session ?
Q: Does Alchemy go along with the Book of Judges, the whole complete Alchemy?
Forces: Alchemy can be found in there. But you also will find Alchemy with Samson.
Q: You mean his 12 labors will be 12 aspects of it?
Forces: Yes.
Q: In the Bible when it’s talking about Samson, did he have 12 labors?
Forces: Correct.
Q: Was it the same 12 labors of Hercules?
Forces: Correct
Q: Would he be the same person as Hercules?
Forces: Symbolically.
Session Aug. 99
Q: The three revolving bodies like I understand them, is that correct? E=Mc squared and all that goes along together. (From John A. Parker book, Squaring the Circle, talks about solving what”s called today the three body problem)
Forces: Yes.
Q: Is my understanding correct that the Urim is a way of calculating the code, even though the people that have the Bible Code now say you can’t calculate without a computer, with the triangle they could calculate the code then the same way. Could you help me understand how to do it?
Forces: A mirror reflection is the perfect way.
Q: A mirror reflection?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Could anything else be given on that?
Forces: Holding it between that reflection can give you the answer.
Q: Could you tell me if the Ogam has anything to do with calculating the codes?
Forces: Yes, it locks into place and anchors it in the anchor is of a (L) degree twisted to the right, forms a (T) sets in place, locked in time. Time Travel.
Session 625
Q: The things we saw in Egypt like the cloth around the Egyptians, its in a triangle form and it has rays coming out. We saw it in the museum. Is that a trigonometric function?
Forces: Yes.
Q: How does it work?
Forces: It is the apron or the apricot of movement, of sound with the ships.
Q: Is that the same thing we were talking about like in the Bible David had an ephod?
Forces: Yes.
Q: The Urim points down, it points up?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Does it cross each other?
Forces: Yes.
Q: The Fourier Transformations that’s the right way to…?
Forces: Yes.
Q: That’s what we call it now, the math?
Forces: Yes.
Q: The simple way not the new wavelets?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And the Ogham just hold a mirror up to the…?
Forces: Yes.
Session 627
Q: The John Smith(Person from northern Boston who was doing the same thing I am with Tarot etc.)who you spoke about in the last Session is that the same as the Captain of the Titanic?
Forces: We have given it as such.
Q: And he’s the one that designed the, or helped design the Time Chamber?
Forces: We have given it such.
Q: And do I understand that Noah’s Ark, I saw in a diagram Noah’s Ark was the same design as the Titanic.
Forces: This is to be true.
Q: So how far did Noah and his, how far in time did they jump?
Forces: Let us say as far as two thousand and twenty.
Q: So Noah’s ark jumped ahead that far?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Speaking of the Noah of the Flood.
Forces: We understand who you speak of.
Q: What will happen in the year 2020 will they appear?
Forces: What will happen is there will be a great conscious raising and understanding of the true Noah of his (this) time on Mount Ararat. And a great tribe shall come from that mountain and the people shall be one, and they shall lead many to a new consciousness.
Q: It goes along with the original Queen in the mountains that you gave us sessions ago. Does that go along with the Queen who was in the mountains in the beginning?
Forces: Yes
Q: Would the board for the Tarot be as I envision it, going on top of the Ark, Noah’s Ark, all the different squares?
Forces: Yes we see it as such.
Q: And the Urim and the Thummim, ones a 108 going down and 108 going up, that would be 216 that would be a cube?
Forces: We see this.
Session 627
Q: Question I had last Session, the cards the 108 deck, do I have it reversed and should the 108 be the board and the others be the cards, or did I have it right the first time the 108 are the cards?
Forces: We see it right the first time.
Q: After the Titanic what was the next big Time Travel project?
Forces: It was a complicated concept, but hanging in there with the thoughts and we mean this in the most compassionate way, the atomic bomb was also an element of time presence time factors, an element of the ratio of energy of the co-ordinates focusing of the co-ordinates of the earth. From there came what you will know as the Philadelphia Experiment. We will call it the Epoch of the approach. It is like a Black Hole of a smaller version and what happens is from the detonation point literally turns time inside out and then outside in.
Q: About the question before, do I understand it aright that the atom bomb can’t be set off unless your at a certain co-ordinate latitude and longitude, is that correct or can they be exploded anywhere?
Forces: Your not supposed to know this, so therefore maybe we shouldn’t say it.
Q: I’ve heard it before.
Forces: Then if you’ve heard it before.
Q: So all these things they say their going to launch an atomic attack is all a bunch of malarkey?
Forces: Well nor do you want to stand on the street corner doubting their word either. But it is true.
Q: They can only go off at a certain latitude and longitude?
Forces: But everything, yes its true.
Q: So who figured out the Time Machine it seems it was a lot of big to do about nothing and they got nowhere, who actually got it right?
Forces: Well, can we go back a little bit, the Time Machine was given to the Egyptians in the Pyramid form and was used specially specifically for Time Travel. You’ve come upon the pyramids, it is a weight to balance the earth, but it is also a counter lock to that energy field that allows time travel to happen. Now we don’t mean to be absurd or challenge civilization, but every 10,000 increment years this time travel lock is open and it puts us at the time of Moses when it was open again and now it relatively can put us close to that time happening again.
Q: Now when we talk about Time Travel are we talking about just the future or is it possible to go back into the past?
Forces: Both ways can be accomplished.
Q: If we go back into the past can anything be touched or changed?
Forces: Going in the past creates you to the etheric, where you cannot alter and in fact going in the future creates an etheric where you cannot alter
Q: You said the Time Lock at the time of Moses to now, would that be 10,000 years?
Forces: There is a Time Lock variance, it begins to happen in this era. The variance takes part of the opening. There is an opening of a etheric level, spirit level, and a physical level. Each level is part of the opening.
Forces: (excerpt)But what we are also speaking about etheric, spiritual, spirit, and physical. For it to finally manifest takes a completion of many thousands of years again.
Q: (excerpt)But Jesus basically, that’s what Jesus did.
Forces: Yes.
Q: He actually transported every molecule.
(to past, present, and future)(An Initiate can)
Forces: And moved it, yes.
Q: When you time travel though if you go in the past like Jesus I understood went to the past, was Melchizedek, so he did change something, but when you change something in the past, its already done everything?
Forces: Already done before you change it.
Q: It already moves at once. All three past, present, and future move at the same time and nobody ever notices any change.
Forces: Correct.
Q: Each time we try to understand how many years ago everything from Moses to Adam and Eve to whatever else, Noah’s Flood took place. It seems we come up with different sets of years, is that because we need a different concept for looking at it?
Forces: For example.
Q: How many years ago in years as we understand them physically was Moses?
Forces: Well it was not 10,000 for sure. But what we were saying or implying the beginning of the Door (Dog) to the time travel field in Egypt is now beginning to happen. It might take another down the road to meet up with 10,000.
Q: Was that when the Entity, when we were in Egypt that the door opened up?
Forces: There was such a service, yes.
Session 628
Q: I was wondering if maybe you could describe maybe a little bit like what your life is like?
Forces: It is boring you wouldn’t like it. We find ourselves to be in a space, sometimes without form or movement, but a space that is encompassing at all in all. We find it to be a (light path ?) and strong in its own force. But we also have to be the Watchers, which is a job of continuous activity. Its not an easy job to one day wake up and say we will not have the leaves be green, we will turn them to be pink or blue. Or the sunset to be or the sky to be blue, rather than to be red, yellow. So all in all we are the Keepers and the Watchers. Making sure the (Panel ?) doesn’t digress too much.
Q: Could you help me understand the Language of the Birds. Phonetics?
Forces: It is also a Language from the tribes of South America and it is what was called their language.
Q: How does it work?
Forces: It works by the very feel and sense of the environment and the area. One doesn’t have to say words to be able to see them. And one does not have to hear sounds in able to understand them.
Q: Also the time travel from last session. I understand you can travel back physically and yet you said you couldn’t, you could only do it ethericly. You cannot travel back at all physically?
Forces: You can travel back physically too, but it is etheric first then physically.
Q: So your etheric body travels and then you bring the physical with you?
Forces: Yes, but the etheric level first, all the time. If that does not materialize then the physical can never come.
Q: And the Smith guy in Boston, was he making use, you said he did the same thing I was doing and I’m working on the Tarot. I call it Tarot. Is Tarot the time travel?
Forces: It is called the Travel of Lights, yes. To travel the Road. That’s where the Tarot comes from, to travel the road.
Q: Are Leprechauns and Elves and Fairies, are they elementals or their in a world to themselves or can you explain how it all ties together?
Forces: Leprechauns, elementals and fairies. Well there are tremendous categories. Leprechauns are of a chief category found in Ireland, only in Ireland. Elementals are found everywhere and are the little people everywhere, from all different walks there are elementals for the homage of those spirits. And of course in order to achieve anything that we want to accomplish one must communicate with these spirits or elements. You cannot achieve anything unless you perceive the spirit and give homage to that spirit. As difficult as it is or as easy as it is. And believe Us it is easy if you want to achieve anything offer up to the gods first or the elements so that they will succeed in supporting your cause. But no one can succeed without that of asking the elements to hand down what is necessary and needed. Of course the fairies are the winged people and these are the etheric wings which hover upon flower and plants and leaves and tree, and all that which gives fruit. And that is only where you will find those and at the base of trees and flowing rivers and fall and ice and snow and rock and glacier and sunsets and sunrises and moonbeams and other galaxies beyond. Remember they come from other galaxies. They do not and cannot belong totally to the earth.
Session 641
Q: Is the idea I have correct here, the plane, line and point, the way I have put here. Sepher would be the plane, Sephra would be the line, Sapher would be the point. Is that the correct way —— ?
Forces: In discussing what? In talking about that in a 3rd dimension or fourth dimension?
Q: More going from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension, like in projective math.
Forces: Then that would be correct.
Q: The whole book of Yetzirah is a mathematical book?
Forces: That’s right, that’s exactly what we are saying.
Q: Projective geometry?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And that’s how they built the diagram of the Tree of Life?
Forced. We would correctly say that to be true, yes.
Q: If I study that I’ll understand more?
Forces: Well hopefully, yeah of course you will.
Q: And what? That (?) you said in the last session, the Crystal Structure of Time. Could you explain more about that?
Forces: That’s the doorway that holds all things together.
Q: What does that mean?
Forces: The Crystal Structure of Time is the process, that is the solidification and the glue and the ointment that merges this galaxy with that of the Transpot galaxy, and of other galaxies. It is the concrete form that creates the solidification of your mass and gives its form by its very presence to time. For without time and if time did not exist, then your world as you know it would not be in existence.
Q: So its sort of like the movie the Matrix?
Forces: We would say so yes.
Q: That was a program, then who’s holding this program. Sort of like programmed reality, who”s holding—?
Forces: We would say every one of you are.
Q: So the joint mind of all mankind on earth are what hold this, sort of like projective reality?
Forces: Yes, exactly right. That’s why murder kind-a goes against that. Because murder of anything of this vibration goes against it. Because it breaks the Crystal Structure of Time and every murder that happens assaults the Crystal of Time. And that would mean your reality, as you know it would be totally broken down. That is why if someone is in that state of murdering another person, then the crime should not be murder to the person who created murder. The crime of course should be life imprisonment or banished to another galaxy or planet, but murder should not be murder to that of murder. Does that follow. It’s not a question of morality or conscience anymore, but it’s a question of the Law of the Galaxies. If someone breaks the Crystal of Time, then it breaks the consciousness of your existence. Therefore your existence no longer exists once murder happens. Therefore when one creates a murder it assaults the Crystal of time. But then when your powers of authority in retribution to that murder, creates murder, it is assaulting the same Crystal of Time. So this will be the platform to help those who are fighting against conscientiousness, that is against that of murdering those who murder.
Q: Is the Crystal of Time just for this planet?
Forces: The Crystal of Time is that solidification of the Beacon of Light that goes through all galaxies. But the Crystal of Time is the essence that creates the, the Solar System. When the Crystal of Time is fractured to a point, the, it comes on itself and no longer exists. What you then experience as the Black Hole, no form.
Q: Is that the Crystal that was in a lower, more, position in the earth at the time of Atlantis.
Forces: Yes.
Q: And that is they did have Time travel and that is how they had Time travel?
Forces: Exactly.
Q: So you could take lets say someone from one Time to another?
Forces: With no problem.
Q: As a punishment lets say and put them in another place.
Forces: With no problem, yes.
Q: Did they have also inter-dimensional things or other dimensions meaning other Time warps, other no, other realities?
Forces: Yes exactly.
Q: So they could take people and banish them just into another reality?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Even at the same Time?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And then they could create different colonies or that kind of situation?
Forces: Exactly that’s where the colonies can come from.
Q: What was the experiment, the Time experiments, in that it seemed like they were pretty advanced on the Titanic. So what were the experiments before that? In that century, when did they start? And the one before that?
Forces: When did what start?
Q: The Titanic seemed like a pretty well organized experiment so they must have tried it before. What was the one before the Titanic? Or was there one?
Forces: Well yes there were many. The burning of the great library of, of, of Athens, of Egypt was one, the Great what would be considered plague, the Black Plague of Europe was one. That was what would be considered a Time crescent warp (War) that hit, and it hit in such a, a, a division that the cells of the body were falling apart.
Q: Did someone create that from that time?
Forces: Well of course it was created just like, yes, yes.
Q: Who were the ones who were creating it?
Forces: The ones that were trying to do it, experimented. We, ah the Medical profession lets say at that moment who were trying to make breakthroughs of what’s inside the body, but at that same time trying to make the breakthrough of the Spirit body with the physical body, which created the Black Plague there.
Q: So even if people want to look at this point in regard to find a way to Time travel and stuff like that, I mean this is really very dangerous.
Forces: What?
Q: To even try to find the Time travel.
Forces: Well it can cause a great deal of havoc if entered into it in the wrong way, yes.
Q: So the Atlanteans were able to achieve it.
Forces: And do it, yes.
Q: But that’s because they were centered on the Crystal.
Forces: Yes, or into their centering of that Spirit yes definitely.
Q: And who was the controller of that Crystal?
Forces: The Controller of a Crystal were the five Kings of Atlantis, they came together to Judge the governments with Wisdom and Love and Kindness, until they got corrupt
Q: And who created the Crystal?
Forces: The Crystal is the Form of the Formlessness that is there and only comes into form from the Formlessness and those who call it.
Q: So the Crystal is always there?
Forces: Yes, yes.
Q: It can always be called upon, but if a corrupt thing calls it, it comes in corrupt?
Forces: Yes, exactly.
Q: I have one more question, about the Bible code I was thinking instead of putting in the way we do now Names and trying to find them. Can’t you put in like a date, numbers, like 1999 as the skip distance?
Forces: You can but you have to separate that distance from that place in which you are doing it.
Q: What does that mean?
Forces: Well what we are trying to say is that you have to slow time down, so time doesn’t catch up to you.
Q: So I could put it at the bottom of the program, that date, would you find any thing out about that time?
Forces: You could we would see that possible, yes. It’s quite feasible yes.
Q: Would that be the more accurate way to do it?
Forces: Well, yeah we would say so.
Session 2/1/02
Q: I have one of my weird questions, it’s, on the formula E=MC Squared, would the E part be of Meditation.
Forces: Yes it could be applied very nicely to that yes.
Q: And then the M would be the Chanting?
Forces: Yes definitely.
Q: And so the Prayer would be C squared?
Forces: Double the Chant, yes exactly.
Q: Double the what?
Forces: It doubles the Chant, yes.
Q: Prayer doubles the Chanting?
Forces: Chanting doubles the Prayer.
Q: So C squared is Prayer?
Forces: Yes.
Q: So, so I was right?
Forces: Prayer, Chanting and then that Meditation.
Q: Prayer, so Prayer would be E?
Forces: Prayer would be first, then Chanting and then the next.
Q: And then you reach Meditation C Squared?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Did you not say that E is Meditation?
Forces: E is also Meditation, but also is Prayer.
Q: This gentleman I’m reading Viktor Schauberger, He seems to have tapped into water and he understood everything. Is that, and he could do energy and making generators?
Forces: He is correct in his observations.
Q: Is it possible to make a generator from his..?
Forces: You could, yes.
Q: And Is that the same thing that you refer to as Polaric Energy?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Can anything more be given on that, like you started giving some formulas..?
Forces: Polaric energy is also like the Aurora Borealis that you see, that is the electrical field that is around all things and the energy is very increased during the day just before the Sun rises and just before the Sun sets, that’s why temperatures go up and down during the setting of the Sun.
Q: Thank you.
Forces: Its not the temperature that goes up, its the, its the electrical field of the person that goes up.
Q: One more question about the spring down, it doesn’t seem to be running like it was before?
Forces: It runs faster in the spring and summer.
Q: Is there a certain angel there now?
Forces: All springs are covered by an angelic forcefield, yes.
Q: Is there one down there particularly?
Forces: Yes, of course.
Q: Could you give us a name of it?
Forces: Zip, Zip, Zippur, Zipplon, or Zip, Ziploc, Ziploc, Zip, Sip, Sipplora is the name. (Book ref., Sipur one of the 3 seraphim) (the other 2 being Sepher and Saphar) (Book Of Formation).
Session 638
Q: Also the Ogham Beam ah is that the Beam of the Noah’s Ark, is that, the way I understand it the Ogham?
Forces: Yes.
Q: And Vedic Mathematics, that’s the same as in the Book of Numbers?
Forces: Yes.
Q: Any other guidance for me for the New Year?
Forces: Well we would say that, your perception of different symbol math and the easy understanding of the Sacred Cup will be given to you.
Session 632
Q. Is Dune Mars?
Forces. We find Dune to be a secondary planet of Mars, a reflector planet, there is another planet in the galaxies, that it is what would be considered as anti-matter system.
Q. In the board game you gave me take 9 by 9, but the Ark folds out to like 18 by 36 which, should I use that?
Forces. 9 and 9 is 18, so you can do two levels on the 9 and the board to be 9.
Q. So I have 18 half that 4 boards?
Forces. Yes.
Q. And on the Sepiroth am I correct about the, each sepiroth their a rule for projective geometry?
Forces. Yes.
Q. I have a question on this point , line, plane, would the point be the future, the line the present and the plane the past?
Forces. Yes.
Q. In the Bible it saying about Egypt, your saying about Egypt, your calling it the Garden of God. What was the reason for it? Is the reason for it because at that point it was very beautiful, meaning like the Garden of Eden or is it some sort of connotation to the Garden of Eden?
Forces. Garden of God is the terminology in which is the Center Point of All Life, it is what is explaining the Gene Pool Level of creation, is in which all nucleous’s of creation finds itself. It is also that in which the galaxies had been made since the beginning of time. You are all hovering to the center and then going through the center hovering back out into creation again, only to come back into creation through the center. The Garden of Time is like an hour-glass in the middle where upper and lower meet, that is the Garden of Time.
Q. Is that why the Pyramids were built there?
Forces. This would be considered the Balancer of the Guardian/Garden of Time.
Q. How is it different than the Land of Israel, meaning that’s where the Temples were built versus the Pyramids that were built in Egypt?
Forces. Just a different area of Expression and also the level of the co-ordinants is the center of where the Pyramids are at.
Q. It’s not two separate forces?
Forces. If it was two separate Forces, remember the Israelies took from Egypt their gods of learning and gods that they have learned from, they brought them with them, so they all connected into the same Balance or Sphere, even though there miles apart their not too far apart, it”s only a bus ride.
Session 630
Q. I made a diagram I have of the ah, I have this cube that probably do better than the Pyramid with the Exodus on the North and Numbers on the South, Levi on the ah, on the ah East.
Forces. Levi is on the East, yes, Exodus on the South.
Q. Exodus would be South?
Forces. Yes.
Q. Would Numbers be North?
Forces. Numbers will be North.
Q. And Levi?
Forces. East.
Q. East.
Forces. Numbers North, Exodus South.
Q. You switched it around?
Forces. Levi is East, Numbers North, Exodus South.
Q. And Deuteronomy is the West.
Forces. West.
Q. Revelation is the apex?
Forces. Apex of top.
Q. And Genesis is the base?
Forces. Is the base, all set?
Q. So that would be the Pyramid shape or the Cube?
Forces. Pyramid.
Q. And the idea of having the Dee material as the board and the Bible as the cards, is that correct?
Forces. Yes.
Q. The Time Travel idea of the way I finally came up with it, they would be in the Pyramid and they could rotate in their mind where the night sky would be?
Forces. The Pyramid is then in the Cube.
Q. Is that idea of how they Time Travel correct?
Forces. That is your Form.
Q. Is the Time Travel idea where they would…?
Forces. It is already being used today to go to Mars.
Q. So they rotate the sky to the Time position they need?
Forces. Yes.
Q. And then go there automatically?
Forces. To Mars.
Q. Or to any where else you want?
Forces. To Mars. From Mars you can go anywhere?
Q. So the Portal is there?
Forces. To Mars
Q. …..?
Forces. The Earth is connected to Mars, the Earth is Mars, Mars is the Earth, they are both Twin Planets.
Session ?
Q. The dream I had where I something about the——and crystals and I was crying and I coundn”t read this manuscript, two times I tried and I was trying to read it, something about the 24th going out. Could you help me to understand that?
Forces.Well of course the manuscript deals with some sort of prophecy within the making and deals with the creative flow of energy that is also in the making.
Q. ————-?
Forces.Sure since the,their coming to take you into this prophecy mode sure.
Q.With the Obelisk that you gave.
Forces. I got you.
Q. I interpreted the numbers you gave to being an obelisk, 64, 46, 23. Is that correct?
Forces. Ah repeat the numbers again.
Q. 64 to 46 to 23.
Forces. You have to repeat the numbers again.
Q. 64 to 46 and then to 23.
Forces. You have those correct.
Q.Could you give me the height of it.
Forces. Ah it”s a 122 ft., it”s a 133ft.
JE: In Genesis we were reading given the dimensions for the Ark, and also it was saying that rose 15 cubits. But the Ark itself and the dimensions was more than 15 cubits, could you explain that?
Forces: 15 cubits represents that which is a level of understanding within the temple of the human body. It represents the travel and the measurement of that which is the speed, the atoms of the astral, represents that of the key in which man can break away from the physical body. People we are bruised (?) by that idea that this is all there is to life. You are only living 2 percent of your existence here. Are there any more questions?
Session 61
JE: In the part of Genesis we were reading about Noah going into the Ark, why is it mentioned in almost every verse that Noah goes into the Ark, and it lists the animals then it repeats itself then it repeats itself again, where it seems like he went into the ark about three times?
Forces: It represents that which is the Ark of the physical body with centers of 3 openings. The animals are the beasts in which must be conquered before these openings are aware or become utilized. They also represent the 3 openings in the earth, which if repeated 3 times can unlock the fourth dimension.
JE: Could you explain more about the three openings of the earth?
Forces: The 3 openings of the earth are those places if placed in the right direction would be found in the three great structures, in Tibet, in the caves of Tibet, in the Pyramid, Giza, and in Yucatan. If these words are repeated aloud 3 times, then the secrets of each structure will be received. And world harmony will be restored.
JE: Which are the words?
Forces: You ask so much, which are the words? If I repeat the words now, this whole building would disappear. I will repeat them if you want, you say it. [Pause] I thought you would not.
I: But can we go someplace where it is safe. I mean or even…
Forces: There is no place in the earth where that would be safe.
I: But wouldn’t one building be worth to restoring balance on the earth?
Forces: Then what do you mean by safe?
I: I mean anywhere if it can be done, you mean the people will also disappear?
Forces: Each would be for that to see when such is said then all will be you fill in the last word. There is a great law and of the law there is a price and if we are to jump the barriers there must be a price. So with that of the sonic boom of man, that plane that travels in the sky above must shatter and break the glass below and sound does echo near and far the great disasters of that by far is plagued by man’s impatience to conquer the elements. So by slowly moving according to plan all this that we speak of will soon be in your hand.
Q. Thank you.
R: Why did the Lord say that “Who so ever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him seven fold?”
Forces: This represents that element that evil destroys evil not. And there is no that is in the earth that can be destroyed, but must be worked out seven times that span. Seven days, seven years, seven insterances, seven lifetimes. For every negativity you all have here manifested in your bodies will take from this point seven lifetimes to correct. And every single time this negativity is manifested in the earth, it doubles that seven more lifetimes to correct.
R: Thank you.

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