Foundation Part VII

Session 1/11/03
Q. On these waveled lines of six you gave me years ago, do I understand now their the six scale, the tones?
Forces. Yes.
Q. So you have Earth, Air ,Fire and Water elementals, what are the next two elementals?
Forces. Earth, Fire, Water, Air, the Etheric world is the fifth and then the ah what you would consider the Angelic or the Spirit world.
Q. Would be the Angelic…….?
Forces. Yes.
Q. Now this gentalman talks about the I can”t even pronounce the word, Solfeggio which was hidden by the Illuminati, the scale of six tones instead of seven is that correct?
Forces. Um-Hum, Yes.
Q. Are the frequency numbers he has correct?
Forces. Yes.
Q. Now the gentalman, who was the person who was giving it to this man, he said his name was Jeshua?
Forces. Moreso the……Jeshua, of that linage.
Q. And on Numbers, ah once you gave Ninai to do it half up and half across for music, that would form an 18 by 18 grid-matrix?
Forces. Yes.
Q.Ah in the first chapter of Revelation you said in one session was Genesis, and I never caught this before I read it,….today too. I guess your saying then the second chapter would be Exodus?
Forces. Yes.
Q. Then go on down the line, the third chapter of Revelation would be Leviticus?
Forces. Yes.
Q. And the Zodiac that I saw that he”d made, where it talks about Gemini going into something like Taurus and the whole clock-face being wrong, is that correct?
Forces.Well we always talked about it being ….factor, it has some merit.
Q. With the Crystal Structure of Time, do I understand as being the same as the Crystal Structure that they discovered around, that holds up the DNA, on the outside in a hexagon shape of water, water molecules in a hexagon. Would that be a representation in the body of what we call the Crystal Structure of Time?
Forces. We find that to be accurate.
Q. So as you resonate that, that”s what the DNA itself then makes you, cause you resonate…?
Forces. All these things……………..
Q. Spinning of the body?
Forces. Yes.
Q. (Discribing)? it spinning around?
Forces. Oh, Yeah.
Q. Is then the fourth center the gyro in the body?
Forces. It would be, yes.
Session 7/24/03
Q. The book by John A. Parker, Squaring the Circle is that all accurate, like I discovered recently,realized, being the basis of the Pyramid numbers?
Forces. It is a Foundation of such, yes.
Q. And you can derive them all from that?
Forces. You can.
Q. And the book Cosmic Fire by Bailey, Alice Bailey, the 14 rules do they go along with the precepts?
Forces. Yes it is true what you just said.
Q. Is that a good book to read?
Forces. Yes it is.
Session August 2003
Q. Also the Obelisk that you gave, the base is 64 and you gave it to be 133ft heigh. Now does that taper down, taper to that from 64 to, down to like 13 ft across?
Forces. We find this to be accurate.
Q. And then it goes to a point for another 11ft?
Forces. Yes.
Q. Also in the Book of Daniel, the sealed Book that he had, is that sealed Book the same Book that John revealed?
Forces. Yes.
Q. So it was sealed then and the he revealed it?
Forces. This is true.
Q. And also the Angel in the Urim, is that Uriel?
Forces. We find that to be a strong significant element after that colony.
Q. So that” the one I see in there?
Forces. Yes.
Q. Is he helping me?
Forces. Of course.
Session August 2/3 or ¾ ?
Q. The square root of 3 goes along with the third chapter of Genesis, you told me once that it doesn”t go along with the other square roots like the square root of 1, 2 ?
Forces. No it would be just the sealing.
Q. So what does the square root of 3 mean, really?
Forces. Its more like the tangent of energy and the powers of such tangents. It is the measurement of such beings of another level of existence.
Q. Can it be found in Genesis 3?
Forces. Yes it can be found there yes. If you look carefully and see the wording it can be found.
Session 8/15/03
Q. And how did they know, those families, that King David had that?
Forces. Because of a lineage pulsation that they have of gene research, that will trace or trigger it to the very beginning of the information sector which.
Q.What is the beginning of human h, and how does that tie in with the Pyramids and also what you were speaking of tonite with the ah, the gene……and the ….?
Forces. Now lets say give us a question, you gave us six.
Q. Ok, where does human Dna, what is the very beginning point of that?
Forces. Now your answer you gave is in the question, where is the beginning of DNA<A, that begins with A.
Q. Begins?
Forces. It begins with A, A…
Q. With alpha?
Forces. It begins with A, what we”re saying the Tone A is the Beginning of the DNA. A, A is the beginning, its not the alphabet A, but it’s a Tone A was the beginning of the structure of the DNA cycle. It is that which is and reverberates in the consciousness. A deals with the Thyroid, the Adam”s apple is where the Dna is stored, so therefore in man the Adam”s apple is where the networking source of DNA is listed. In the Woman it is also in the Thyroid, and it is the DNA structure formed. The Dna structure is formed in such a way that it is then located in man, what would be considered down the Trachea into the Heart, in Woman it is down the Trachea into the Breast, therefore the Child receives food from the Womans Breast, it actually receives substance for the DNA strength. Dna is then formed in the molecules, where was it formed first, it is found first in the Trachea in the Adams apple. A, A, A is the beginning of the sound of A. It is the tonation. It is also found in the very Ethers of the very Electrical field of the person, therefore the Dna structure is not found resonating in the body, but is found in the Etheric form the Aura that is surrounding the person, the vibration of sound intonation and music creates the structure first and foremost of Dna to form. The Pyramids of course was built to bring down the DNA structure in the Earth form, it is through this energy that slides through the Pyramid structure, on the inside and out that the DNA structure is formed in Body form. WE find that there are many different strains of Dna, but we also find that DNA structure, as you know, is the cell mercator map of Life, the Life form of the mercator essence of existence is found in the Ethers first and in the Air second, and then in sound, and then in the Body.
Q. Thank you for coming in, going back to the topic of Time Travel, I’am wondering about the actual technology that’s being used, there’s some speculation that there’s a theory that the willpower forces are using to create the technology to open the portal and it’s theorized to be called the Unified Field Theory. I’am wondering if A. this does exist and B. did Einstein discover it and did they take it from Einstein?
Forces. Well A. does exist, no they did not take it from Einstein because the Theory is inscribed in the walls of the Pyramids, so therefore the Theory was utilized in the Pyramids. It was uncovered by some of the greatest archeologist that discovered this particular room, handed down by certain scientists in Germany, in which at that point Einstein was involved in it.
Session 9/19/03
Q. On the Unified Field Theory and it coming from the Egyptians, which hieroglyphs and which hieroglyphic books did they get that from?
Forces. Well we would like to say the Book of the Dead, but then there is a Book of real-ities or re-alities and a Book of Understanding it”s called, so all these things can be equated to information being delivered.
Q. Q.That Book of Understanding and Realities is that in a library somewhere?
R. Forces. Yes.
Q. Is it called that?
Forces. The Book of Understanding of Pharaoh and Book of Revelation of Osiris, see if you really look at it, Mars of course is related to the extraterrestrials or the gods coming to the earth, and we all know that, but what is on the space, or the ship, or the land of Mars is the Sphinx or the Reptillian head of half Lion and half Man, as you look at it, was this not the extraterrestrial Lion-Man that came to Earth as a visitor, he did have a very high forehead, prominent and 7 foot tall. But if those who were on Mars, which was about 14,000 to 21,000BC, coming to visit the Earth were Mi-on male or animal male or Lion males or Lion mate. So therefore if you really look at it the Mi-on or half Man, half Lion is what the Sphinx is. And if you look at the Sphinx, it smiles a little bit, this is the people, the extraterrestrials that have visited the Earth to give the Egyptians their information on knowledge of household events, but of course what’s unfortunate is that the Lion male never aquired shoes in the running or the walking. Babylonian and Mesopotamian, Babylonian, Persia always had Lions in Front of the Great Halls, half male, half Lions. Even the Egyptian of Osiris which is the Son of Seth as is such, as would be, what would be considered the word for Osiris, Horus and of course won war against Osiris, being taken away, so Horus was Warring against Osiris, being (ultra-ended) and in so doing became in the Hebrew language, have the revolving Red Light or the revolving Light or the Travelers from the Red Planet, for even the Hebrews realized the gods came from the planet Mars and of course the Palestinians Amin is the throw-offs of the creatures of the Persians and Persians with Babylonians knew the history of the Martians or Mars, along with the Hebrews, knowing about the Lion Males. So in so doing you have our whole history of the relationship between Lion Males on the Earth. So this is the creatures that have always been on the Planet Mars and We call them the gods that landed in Greece. And the Greeks knew of them coming from Mars and also in there was with Babylon, the great Lions that stood on the waterways, protect the ships, so it is a continuation between Earth and Mars and their relationship from societies of , civilizations of, of extraterrestrials or the gods of (?). And Mars has come close again, which is the insurgence of the reaction of such powers of (?).
Q. Are you saying that the Greek mythology or the Egyptian mythology, which one, or is it separate or is it the same thing?
Forces. They are both related, one always takes off from the other.
Q. So it is the Greek mythology, the gods that you are speaking of now?
Forces. Yes.
Q. And they were not you they were something else?
Forces. Yes.
Q. Were they, what you are saying they were aliens actually that visited Mars?
Forces. No, they were from Mars going to the Earth——?
Q. They were from Mars. How did, Is there any lifeform at this point on Mars?
Forces. Yes.
Q. Would we be able to understand it as such as?
Forces. Yes.
Q. Would they appear human to us?
Forces. Yes, half human, half animal, be it lion, be it reptilian.
Q. So the reptilian, the lion are they both ah different ah creations you have?
Forces. Yes.
Q. Are they like here people, white people, black people, or is it…..?
Forces. Something in that genology.
(Later in session)
But of course this too of underground bases can be put at (?) and conquered by the different chanting of Psalms and the Prayers that the entity has been teaching. Each Psalm unlocked means each reptilian force conquered.
Q. So it”s like a key of sorts for a mosaic of locks.
Forces. The Psalms are called the Key or the sounds, but there also the Key. Each Psalm unlocks a different vibration and also different extraterrestrial to move them forward in that way.
Q. Were these locks placed by (?) community or …….of it, is that what were trying to unlock or free ourselves in a sense?
Forces. Well they are called safety locks, not that we are trying to free ourselves of it, but we are trying to unlock our own pressure gauge or our safety gauge against thsese extraterrestrials, for each one that we unlock becomes a power tool.
Q. So its our destiny to keep unlocking those for all of humanity?
Forces. It would be that to be true. If you notice the chanting and practice and practice and song and sung, and then if you do this as we and you have done, new individuals who come for the first time get to unleash the history of chant. They are just simply wanting not to leave and take anything that would be a (?). So this could be some answers for you.
Q. Osiris and the Egyptian resurrection is one of the Books right?
Forces. Yes.
Q. And the Book of Understanding, what the, which one is that?
Forces. This is on Ra, the Understanding of the One God.
Q. Is that the Egyptian …? you would find in the library?
Forces. Yes and you’ll also find that of 43 next to it.
Q. 43 what?
Forces. That’s it, 43.
Q. How about the Pyramid Texts that I have is that the Understanding of Ra or connected with that?
Forces. Yes.
Q. So Mars, Earth, and the Moon, are they a Trinity?
Forces. Yes.
Q. The way I perceive, each one rules one of these Books?
Forces. Yes.
Q. That’s how the Three Cycle problem is solved?
Forces. Yes.
Q. Of the Unified Field Theory, three being one?
Forces. Umhum.
Q. Can the, the mathematics will I be able to see it?
Forces. Yes, right away.
Session 11/14/03
Q. On the Vedic Math I saw this diagram, looks like the Ark of Noah, with lines drawn across, is that the, the lines going across from one side to the other,is that all the different rules on Noah’s Ark?
Forces. They would encompass that, yes, one going down and one going up.
Q. So how many……
Q. So how many major rules and how many minor?
Forces. 14 major rules and you have 22 minor.
Q. And on that 6 and prime number, you started to explain last session and about the beast, are you talking about the beast like the Eagle, the Bull, the Lion?
Forces. The Eagle , the Bull, the Lion, of course you have the Horse, the Goat, these are structural items that make up the diagram.
Q. How does that work?
Forces. They are the operation, pivot point from one consciousness to the next, one development sphere to the next, one offshoots again to the other and catapults to the higher mind.
Q. Is my understanding now that the prime number cross is the Merkabah, that whats your talking about with the number 6, for they had 6 wings?
Forces. Yes.
Q. One other question about this man named, thank you very much, Kapoor, is his books right about the Vedic math, is he getting the new information or the old information that was lost?
Forces. He has the information, but not all of it, but he has the beginning of it.
Q. So his books are sort of accurate?
Forces. It’s a beginning of accuracy, it’s a foundation to other principles, so don’t get caught.
Q. He seems to be talking about, the symbols seem to be pretty good?
Forces. Yes of course.
Q. Do I understand that the second layer of the Ark(Noah’s) being the Diamond quality and the Fibinacci numbers?
Forces. Yes.
Q. And what would be the bottom layer?
Forces. Liberrachi.
Forces. What is it?
Q. You mean the musical, musical numbers?
Forces. Yes.
Forces. The Keys of course.
Q. How would that be laid out?
Forces. Very simply it is a straight line and you take it and hold it in an upside down fashion.
Q. On the a 16 volumns of the Vedic Math that was lost, the gentleman said he wrote 16 volumns, what really happened too it?
Forces. They just put it under wrap and key.
Q. I’m sorry.
Forces. It was…….(?)
Q. Where is it now?
Forces. Hiding in Russia.
Q. How did it get to Russia?
Forces. You didn’t expect it to be their.
Q. No, no
Q. And who took it their?
Forces. One of the Monks.
Q. Are they using it?
Forces. No, just to hide it.
Q. So they have a plan to release it at a certain time?
Forces. Yes.
Q. And what time is that?
Forces. At a certain time.
Q. Does the Vedic Math, the Volumns that your speaking of, the one that was released out of those 16 is, poorly touches upon Calculus, do these go into higher order differential equations and multi-variable Calculus and farther?
Forces. You would find that all to be there, yes.
Q. My gosh!
Q. So this is a whole other way to do Calculus or it’s just another way to think about doing the same process?
Forces. Basically it’s another way not to do Calculus. What they do is an easier way.
Q. And is there such thing as Circular Calculus with Vedic Math.
Forces. Yes there would be.
Q. And is this what we should work toward, to understand higher dimensional reality?
Forces. Unfortunately the World Order is trying not to reveal that.
Q. They don’t want us to prove that higher dimensions exist?
Forces. Exactly.
Session 3/19/03
Q. This Book Gnosis the 22 circles with different angles, are they the 22 trumps in the order there in?
Forces. Will find it as such.
Q. Would you be able to draw pictures for them to make Hebrew Letters in the angles?
Forces. It can be done.
Q. And you said before that Revelation represented all the Books of the Bible starting with Genesis. There’s 24 Books of the Bible, there’s 22 chapters in Genesis(Revelation), which two do you leave out?
Forces. We don’t see it leaving just continuing.
Q. You don’t leave any out?
Forces. We don’t see that, we just see it superimposed.
Q. Where do the last two Books go if there’s 24?
Forces. We don’t know what your saying.
Q. You said chapter one of Genesis, of Revelation would be Genesis, chapter two would be Exodus, and go on down 22 chapters, but there’s 24 Books in the Hebrew Bible.
Forces. Well the last two are superimposed.
Q. Imposed on the end or on….
Forces. You figure it out.
Q. Start over again?
Forces. You must figure this out, we can’t give you that.
Session 657 1/25/04-1/26/04
Q. On the ah Device, the Noah’s Ark which slides up and down, is that the correct way I understand it, the, it forms the, it forms the Cup, it forms the Obeliskical Series?
Forces. We find this to be ok and right.
Q. And the gentleman just found the Russian, ah Korzarav, is his material on time accurate or..?
Forces. He’s missing a few flakes.
Q. His concept of time being ah, an equation having definite constants is that true, a definite mass with..?
Forces. The ah concept is true but how he’s getting there , he needs a lot more work.
Q. What would be the, what would be the concept or equation of time, or the, is there a definite value for time?
Forces. Well of course, you have the total space, space divided by distance equals time.
Q. So what is the, I don’t understand, whats the distance factor?
Forces. The distance in which space travels from point A to point B, is the distance of Time.
Q. _____Time is an energy how does it, something, it turn out to be a field, is Time an energy field?
Forces. The energy field if you are in distant galaxy time, will be different from what is on the earth. If you go to Venus your year will be faster, if you go to Mars your year will be longer, but Time is relevant. But the Universal Time is something that needs to be understood and it does deal with the Space of Energy and the Energy in its Field. But anything that goes from point A to point B, in between the A and B is your Space and Time.
Q. What sort of ah, does it go in a rotational manner or how does it travel.
Forces. Time is everywhere and Time doesn’t travel. Time is in the Presence.
Q. It’s simultaneous?
Forces. Yes.
Q. And does it have an energy structure though?
Forces. The very structure of the movement through Time creates your structure of energy.
Q. And what type of structure is it?
Forces. The structure is not a diverse structure of a square or circular or object, it is a structure that is not a structure.
Q. Formless?
Forces. Its not Formless, but its not a structure.
Q. Could you explain what it is?
Forces. It has substance, it has depth, it has width, it has space, it has Time. There you have it.
Q. Could I ask one other little, there’s one little thing you said in a Session tonite I was listening to about how they tracked back to ah King David. You said they followed the pulse of the genetics or something, traced it back because they were able to follow the pulse of something another. What was that speaking about?
Forces. This speaks back to the DNA structure, for the DNA structure also operates through the Time Barrier or the Time Frequency or the Vibrational Essence of Time. So simple.

Q. And the picture I understand where there wearing, balancing the Heart against a Feather, the Heart represents like a gyroscope, in the Egyptian picture, is that correct?
Forces. The Heart and the Feather, well it is something to that. The Feather is a representation of Orion or the Kingdom of Orion and also of the Ankh Empire. And also the Feather represents the Fourth Dimension of the Watchers. The Feather also represents the lineage between the angelic and archangel world and man. Man is developed not by himself alone but is meshed with the archangel world or the angelic world or the invisible world or fourth dimension. Every person has an angelic sphere around him and her. So therefore the kingdom of mankind is protected by the spiritual founders or the founding fathers, known as archangels. Therefore they are protected by their very right to the Kingdom, which Jesus has said My Kingdom is not of the earth. He has brought the Gift of the Feather in the Heart. The Heart is Filled with emotions good and bad, if your Heart is Pure your life will be straight, if your Heart is evil, your actions will be evil. Therefore the Gift of the Feather is the key of how you use your Heart, be it good or be it evil. There is no in between. And we would also advise to bring up the question again on this issue because there are tons and tons of items to talk about and books and volumns to talk on this very issue alone.
Session 656
EH: Was Mary Magdalene at the Last Supper?
Forces: Yes, she was.
EH: Is she the person or the entire idea referred to as the Holy Grail?
Forces: Well, the Holy Grail is the DNA structure.
IS: So, yes, the answer is yes then.
Forces: The answer is, ‘yes then’.
EH: Where they referring to…
Forces: Did we do right, then? [Laughter]
IS: I’m sorry.
EH: The DNA structure meaning not just Jesus’ structure but the DNA structure of the heir born of Mary Magdalene?
Forces: Or go backwards.
IS: Or the DNA structure of Jesus himself, that included you?
Forces: More or less
IS: How accurate is that book, “The Da Vinci Code”?
Forces: Well, have we not mentioned to you all these things before?
Group: Yes.
Forces: Have we not spoken to you about the history of the lineage of the blood?
Group: Yes.
Forces: Have we not also spoke to you about the societies-secret. The Huguenots, Templars?
Group: Yes.
Forces: Have we not talked about the Squires?
Group: Yes.
Forces: The land of the underlings? In the beginning of these all forces of energy comes those of the workers and the templates of the underlings. For as they build in the middle ages the great cathedrals, you would have as we spoke to you in the past, a sector of stained-glass worker in glass, a sector of wood, a sector of stone and stone-mason and carvers; bell-ringers and bell-makers and pouters and brass. It is through the cathedral that man raised up a society and civilization and their were craftsman in the cities. And it through the building of the cathedrals of focusing of something greater than themselves was this plan of the Knights of the Templars-was this not the plan of the Masons-free? All these things were part of the plan so the book stands to be true.
CN: Thank you for coming in. Can you tell me or tell us what the connection between the pentagon and I mean that symbolically and the shape-the symobology of the pentagon-how that relates with the planet Mars. And if the secret societies have any sort of symbolic understanding of it.
Forces: The pentagon is a pentagon. The pentagon deals with Mars. War. The God of War. It is the lion head of the power of the earth. It was built to reflect the Temple of Pentagorius in Mars. It was the King of Mars-Pentagonius coming down to Greece. It was the hell fire and brimstone of the war on Mars. It was the connection between the pyramids and all powers of the Earth who go to battle with this symbol of warriors in the form of a pentagon was the Roman Empire strong and undefeatable. All structures in the Earth, when they form this structure has the strongest force in the Earth.
DD: The wing-disc is that the symbol for the speed of light in the Egyptian?
Forces: Yes.
DD: Also, does it have to do with the Powers of Three?
Forces: Yes.
DD: And the Obelisk, that represents the laws of gravitation?
Forces: And altering gravitation, yes.
DD: And…
Forces: Where you have an Obelisk, the force-field at the very base is empty of the laws of Gravity.
CN: You mean there is no gravity at that point?
Forces: It alters the law of gravity at that point. It has gravity but it is altered gravity. Healing takes place at the base of all life forms. Many forms of disease can be changed.
IS: By walking into it, around it?
Forces: Being at the base.
CN: They said to build one in the Session in 77.
DD: I also have a question about the Obelisk in the Bible Code. They said that the Dead Sea, was that during the time of Sodom and Gomorrah they had the, they had it there and they misused it?
Forces: Yes.
DD: Was it one Obelisk or two?
Forces: Three.
DD: What form were they in, in a line or in a triangular shape?
Forces: Triangle.
DD: Could anything more be said about them?
Forces: Not that we care to.
DD: Could I have one more question?
Forces: We didn’t stop you.
DD: The number six supposed to be the key to the prime numbers. How does that work?
Forces: Understand the beast and you’ll be free of it.
DD: Free of the prime numbers?
Forces: Free to unlock the prime numbers.
DD: The number of the beast? Thank you very much.
IS: The six stands for the ‘Bok’, which is the nail, which is the thing that can either be the combiner or the separator. Is that what you are referring to.
Forces: Exactly.
IS: Thank you.
Session 3/16/04
Q. On the Mayan glyphs they start, there 12 across and I believe it 8 down, as I visulize it, do you go from the top right to left down for the cards. Would that be the right way?
Forces. Repeat the question.
Q. On the glyphs, there’s like 96 of them that go in I think it’s a row of 12, 12 long and 8 wide and I’m wondering whether you go from the top, from right to left, that would be the sequence of the cards?
Forces. Interestingly we find that to be correct, we thought you were going left to right but that would not be the right way.
Q. And also you said, I was listening to typing the sessions and you said there was a certain Egyptian room that they found the Unified Field Theory in. What room was that?
Forces. There’s a room in the Pyramid of Giza that is, is revealed and it will reveal all these qualities, in that particular room.
Q. Is that one that we know of the King’s Chamber?
Forces. No it deals with another room they have not officially discovered, they sonically discovered it but they haven’t talked about it.
Q. So somebody already been in there though?
Forces. No not particularly.
Q. Well how did they, how did they discover the Unified Field Theory in the room if they..?
Forces. Well we are saying it’s in there.
Q. Oh.
Forces. It’s just that they haven’t found the room itself being that.
Q. But you were talking about some German, or some Egyptologist that had found the, in writings I guess mentions the room, that must be it, the writings mention the room?
Forces. Well there’s also a corresponding room in the left paw, paw of the Sphinx with the Great Hallway there, that you’ll find the same type of room.
Q. But they haven’t got in there yet?
Forces. No.
Q. So the writing about it would be in the Book of the Dead and different writings?
Forces. Yes.
Q. I have a question about the Knight’s Templar, everybody, everybody is writing about them, talking about them, what were they really?
Forces. They were a secret society to build and create and to house metaphysical and occult information and to carry on the DNA structure of the Christ Spirit of the Servant, of the beginning of ah Issac inception, ah from the Egyptian period, Atlantis period all the way too the present time of today.
Q. Continuous?
Forces. Yes.
Q. And, and…?
Forces. It also has to do with Noah’s Ark where they had the same DNA structure for preserving all life in the Ark itself.
Q. So the Knights Templar were a society from..?
Forces. A secret group.
Q. From before the time of Noah?
Forces. Oh yeah, yes of course.
Q. Is that what later became Elijah’s School of the Prophets?
Forces. It was incorporated into that.
Q. Is there a name for it that you could recognize from the Bible, there are certain parts in the Bible where they talk about something that seems like a secret group.
Forces. Well the Essenes were the, part of the group too, but there was branches off of that called the Children of Judah or there’s another one called the House of Ruth and then you had a group of, of a interesting ah individuals called the Pharoahs Claw.
Q. And before the Days of Noah what was it called?
Forces. Hey-you.
Q. That’s it.
Q.And what’s that?
Q. Heru, Heyru?
Forces. Heru yes.
Q. H-e-r-u.
Forces. Uh hunh.
Q. And is that group connected with, ah when they talking about the person that was never born, and then, and then He was not, therefore, what was his name that walked with God?
Q. Enoch.
Q. Enoch which walked with God and then he was not?
Forces. Yes.
Q. 2009 what will be the biggest Revelation for the people of earth?
Forces. The Christ Spirit.
Q. Not the Antichrist?
Forces. The Christ Spirit at the same time will be seen.
Q. Will it be seen in the physical?
Forces. No not until the 2000 and 11 and 12. At the same time of 2009 would be the Antichrist too, they both come in on the same moment. Equal time.
Q. They both come in at the same time?
Forces. One a little bit lesser, the other much more.
Q. Who’s lesser.
Forces. Oh, the Christ Spirit.
Q. Until 2011?
Forces. Yes.
Q. So 2011, 2012 the person that will be revealed as the Christ will not be a surprise to us?
Forces. No.
Q. You mean we would have known him already for all the 3 years?
Forces. Yes.
Q. 3 and a half years?
Forces. Yes.
Q. On the Mayan glyphs I know you go from right to left, now do you go from the right to the left and then you start back on the right again and go right to left again, next level?
Forces. Yes.
Q. And the other thing is ah the Rosslyn Chapel that was brought to my attention, the 215 strange cubes…?
Forces. There is a painting of the Rosslyn Chapel by the way right over the entity Isis’s head.
Q. That’s what I thought, I thought it was that.
Forces. Yes.
Q. Yeah I thought it was that. I was going to ask that but.
Q. So what does that 215 cubes represent?
Forces. Each one is the evolution, the development of mankind, and the different stages that mankind will go through in the spiritual journey.
Q. Could I reproduce them in any way or would it be?
Forces. Repeat.
Q. Would it be useful to reproduce them like in stone?
Forces. Oh yes, it’s very magical no matter how you reproduce it.
Q. Put um in a cube, like there’s 216 really what would be the 16th to make a cube?
Forces. Whatever you do it would create such magical ah sphere itself.
Q.Would, you think I’ll be able to get a copy of the…?
Forces. Knowing you, you would get 3 copies.
Q. Thank you very much.
Session 8/15/2003
Ninai: Thank you. What is the beginning of human DNA and how does that tie in with the pyramids and also what you were speaking of tonight with the gene, but the secrets of the…
Forces: Now, let’s say, give us a question, you’ve given us six.
Ninai: Okay. Where does human DNA, what is the very beginning point of that?
Forces: When your answer you gave in the question. Where is the beginning of DNA, ‘A’, ‘A’?
Ninai: The pyramids?
Forces: It begins with ‘A’, ‘A’.
Ninai: Alpha?
Forces: It begins with ‘A’. What we’re saying the tone ‘A’ is the beginning of the DNA. ‘A’, ‘A’ is the beginning. It’s not the alphabet ‘A’, but it’s the tone ‘A’ is the beginning of the structure of the DNA cycle. It is that which is and reverberates in the consciousness. ‘A’ deals with the thyroid. The atoms apple is where the DNA is stored. So, therefore, in man the atoms apple is where the networking source of DNA is listed. In the women it is also in the thyroid and it is the DNA structure form. The DNA structure is formed in such a way that it is then located in man what would be considered down the trachea, into the heart. In women, it’s down the trachea into the breast. Therefore, when a child receives food from the women’s breast, it actually receives substance for the DNA strength. DNA is then formed in the molecules. Where was it formed first? It is found first in the trachea in the atoms apple. ‘A’, ‘A’, ‘A’ is the beginning or the sound of ‘A’ is the tonation. It is also found in the very ethers or the very electrical field of the person. Therefore, the DNA structure is not found resonating in the body but is found in the etheric form, the aura that is surrounding the person. The vibration of sound, the tonation of music creates the structure first and foremost of DNA to form. The pyramids of course was built to bring down the DNA structure in the Earth form and it is through this energy that slides through the pyramid structure on the inside and out that the DNA structure is formed in body form. We find that there are many different strains of DNA, but we also find that the DNA structure as we know is the cell, Mercator map of life. The life form of the Mercator essence of existence is found in the ethers first and in the air second, and then in sound, and then in the body.
Ninai: Thank you very much.
Cameron: Thank you for coming in. Going back to the topic of time travel, I’m wondering about the actual technology that’s being used. There’s some speculation that there’s a theory that the World Power Forces are using to create the technology to open the portals and it’s theorized to be called the Unified Field Theory. I’m wondering if A) this does exist, and B) did Einstein discover and did they take it from Einstein.
Forces: Well, A) it does exist. No, they did not take it from Einstein, because the theory is inscribed in the walls of the pyramids. So, therefore, the theory was utilized in the pyramids. It was uncovered by some of the greatest archeologists that discovered this particular room. Handed down by certain scientist in Germany in which at that point Einstein was involved in it.
Cameron: And in my study of physics, am I getting anywhere close by studying the Unified Field Theory?
Forces: It does exist. The practicality and the application of it is very, very acute in its formation and in its presentation of experiment and proper performance of that which we would call time travel or time ‘vecting’.
Cameron: So is Free Energy another application of the same theory?
Forces: Which is existing everywhere. In fact, there is no real reason to have electricity, for Free Energy if you had the right components in your room would absorb the electricity immediately and transform into the items that you need.
Cameron: All right, thank you for that. My next question about the DNA: So, again what I understand from what I heard, it’s a third and fourth density concept and the soul maybe interacts with the body or resonates with the DNA, as you said, resonating, so is the DNA itself able to be manipulated by these Upper Echelons, either… Some people have described it as a Consortium or the Quorum of, as Isis said the Families, but is this whole process of DNA resonation, I mean, a technology that’s known?
Forces: Let us say, yes to that question.
Session 8/1/03
Greetings to all here present now. It is the first of the month; a month of prayer. It is the month that we would say – one should pray. For the things that the doors of the time force is to be opened. You might say, What is the time force, or the time center? We are here to tell you – the time center and force is on the first of August. With each passing day it becomes stronger and stronger. All creative substance and work is become increase to the point of explosion. We do wish that on your Second Friday of the month that expression of this time travel concept be shared. It is of lineage of time and energy but is also a focus from hense forth for the first thirteen [13] days of August to be that of celebration and also humble devise of energy to be recieved and to be experienced. We find that on the Thirteenth of the month it is stronger than any part of the year. As we show and explain, this is the exact moment throughout history in which the experiences of warp time travel exist. It is the time in which the Great Pyramids were built and the time in which great traveling was done from this planet and to the origin of this planet – Mars. Earth is the woman part, Mars is the masculine part. It is when the connection of the energy field is in synch. One might not understand this but there is a invisible force-field around Earth and Mars from the beginning of its own concept. Mars is close to this. And in so doing is an experience that cannot be achieved unless involved. Therefore, one needs to involve him or herself to that pressence of not doing anything in opposition. For as you know, that is not abstain by individuals but by members of the public. You might wonder where we are going with this. It is the direct doorway between Earth and Mars. It is the exact doorway that was created during the Pyramids. It is the doorway exchange that happened between the Pyramid of Giza and the Pyramid of Giza on Mars. The Pyramids were doorways and thresholds of time travel. The Pyramid of Giza was also the time travel from this to Mars; well anchoring. Unfortunately, the development of this is much less because that of the super-rod or the existing had to show his identification, therefore completely different from what he was. Mars and Earth are in conjuction and the energy field is tremendous during the next ten to twenty days. But in the next thirteen days, it’s a rebirth of all that is and can be done. Prayer is very important because they do not know who they have or who will represent them in the future. The entity had to say, “Your lights are too close, you lights are on but you’re too close anyhow”. Unfortunately, this is the time of year where people just like to relax. In so doing, in so doing, this relaction brings the bridges to different concepts of the aura. We have the constituted change. Each one a bit similar to the next, but each one different from the next. Mars is most closer to the Earth in the next few days, which would resemble the exact doorway opening from the beginning of the Pyramids and all the way subsequently through. The last time Mars was closer to the Earth is approximately, is over 60 some-odd years ago. It is very important that one would represent the placing of these Pyramids on Mars and to leave of course that which is unexplained or that which is just not absolved. The doorway between Mars and Earth also has it’s benefit sequence and that is those who lead the channell and those that lead the gamet of the pamphlets can adjust by putting their own sequence and their own code within each planet and with each client. So, something to think about. I am completely exhausted in that field of trying to make physical things happen. This is why when you said you like to… And you are allowed to snicker or laugh… to, to, we don’t do this to often, it might create something… But in so doing the doorways between Earth and Mars also extent the abreviation of the power of the computer and the nailing down of Mars as a concept. At this point I think we have covered all that we had to do. Yes, we will be ready for your questions. We are not particularly ready for your questions. We have many other things to talk to you about. But in so doing, this portal that opens up also allows the spirit world to be more manifest, insight and ingenuity to become more expressed, and also psychic information to be more pronounced, along with creativity to be more exact. This was the beginning of the Pyramids and this was the time in which those who created this philosophy have found themselves to be joined once more again in this tremendous habitat of energy. We then are now fullfilled in explaining everything that is before you and all things that are to come. We are ready for your questions this time.
Session 8/3/03
Ninai: What is the main purpose of time travel?
Forces: This is to focus on the past and the present and the tomorrow and bring unto those conditions a strength that is beyond, that would be beyond understanding. But time travel is itself; it took us awhile to understand that the little boy was carrying in the time travel machine, it was bubble gum fried, so – that was just a private joke – question.
Isis: Nothing can ever be changed in the past, correct?
Forces: Well, it is altered just a several slight tad, but not of that which is already done and finished. No, the alter itself will testify to the person. And of course the one we have is still, what would be considered, up for grabs. It is a painting that we all kind of respect and turn to. We are now ready to know your questions. We have a [Inaudible] type of behavior… [Inaudible]. Yes.
Session 9/10/02
Q. Am I getting any better with my general attitudes? I’am trying to get better.
Forces. Well you are if you just keep your Magi type approach. The Magician, the Magi’s have to look at the craziness of man and go above it. You don’t have to dive into it.
Q. On the board game I’am having a hard time figuring out how, basically I ask the Bible whether I should scan the figures and then to draw them and I got a negative on everything. I drew a Tarot card….
Forces. Why don”t you set out to draw it yourself.
Q. Just draw it on paper?
Forces. Yeah, and then you will be given the inspiration.
Q. And the diagram with the Pyramids on one side, facing one wayand facing the other way and the number in between, is that how it goes/
Forces. You could do that yes.
Q. Is that the correct way?
Forces. We find it to be so.
Q. Now do they slide up and down, it’s three sections, or do they…?
Forces. They slide in three sections, up and down.
Q. So that means it gives you some sort of like a slide rule?
Forces. They merge together.
Q. Calculate something then?
Forces. They merge together.
Q. And as they move up on end, then they calculate the numbers and read a number off of it?
Forces. Yes.
Q. And I found the I Ching goes along, seems to go along with it?
Forces. The I Ching Covers it.
Q. And also the Bible Code?
Forces. Surrounds it.
Q. You told me it (Bible Code) was a third dimensional and I’ve been looking into that. The Bible (Torah) so far has 304,805 letters.
Forces. We’re amazed.
Q. The closest cube to that is, the way I figured 64. And then you get 42,661 words left over letters. Is that the right way to do it?
Forces. Have you tried a cube within a cube?
Q. What would be, which would be the cube, which number? 64 and then another cube?
Forces. 46. Take 64 and the cube within that is transversed, 64 you get 46.
Q. Reverse it?
Forces. And then transverse it again 23. Transverse it again 13.
Q. And the Pyramid of Glyphs that I had a dream about, I went down there. I know I was there another lifetime, seems to be the Dee system. Comes from the Mayans. Is that correct?
Forces. This we find to be correct.
Q. And these little letters, called systemic figures, they come from the Pyramid of Inscriptions?
Forces. The systemic creatures are the strings that project to the outer atmosphere.
Q. From the Pyramid of Glyphs?
Forces. Yes.
Q. And now these 96 glyphs they found on a stella, does that go along with the 96 cards?
Forces. That will go along 96 cards, along with 96 octaves, and 96 colors.
Q. I have one more question, in the Midrash it says that King Og clung to the Ark and that when the Flood came, and I think they mean, they are talking about Ogham cling to the stem of the Boat. The Ogham letters clung to the, is that what they are saying?
Forces. It can be applied that way, yes.
Q. Is that a yes or….?
Forces. That,s a yes.
Session 4/10/04
Q. Ah Some of the questions is about, you said Horus fought against Osiris, ah won the war against Osiris and I’ve never heard, never heard of that in the Legends?
Forces. Well if you would turn up Osiris you would see the Legend, but because Osiris was added by two degrees to alter the Charade this is the way of getting there attention, by altering there, there evilness.
Q. So Osiris had something to do with the Cha-rade?
Forces. Just calling the Fire down.
Q. Another question about the, you told me a long time ago the Bards were the Bars. And does that go along with the Rosslyn ah cubes?
Forces. Ah I would say yes.
Q. You said in an earlier Session that ah, a Great Egyptologist went into the Room, yet you said in the last Session, nobody went into it, which is what I heard. Now I don’t know if you wanted me to check that or some…… of Egyptology went into the Room where the Unified Field Theory. It seems like that’s what you said and yet you said…?
Forces. Well let us put it this way and let us try to correct something that might be not needing correction. They went into the Room but not with there bodies.
Q. Oh I see, they had the ability to do that?
Forces. Yes.
Q. Which Egyptologist was that?
Forces. The one who danced in the dress around the Pyramid.
Q. Oh I think I know who you mean, I’ll look it up.
Forces. Became a balleri a ballerina so he would be insane, so the Egyptian government would leave him alone.
Q. That’s Smyth?
Forces. I believe we find that to be true.
Q. And I have another Question about the Rosslyn Temple, is that in the form of a Higher Self form, the cubes?
Forces. Yes.
Q. So I had it right, would they, would they sit down in the middle of there and do Time Travel?
Forces. Yes.
Q. Thank you very much.
Session 660
IS: They had their own agenda?
Forces: They had other things going on. There’s a lot that Moses was a key factor. Remember, Moses was not just – he was not just an earthling, his very genes were changing. His structure, his DNA structure was changing. He was evolving with the encounters of all these extraterrestrials. He was a ambassador of the Earth, and also what we would consider a… It was through Moses that the genes were changed and altered in mankind to the evolution that you are today. If Moses did not happen, you would not be the civilization on Earth that you are today.
IS: You mean the laws or the human DNA?
Forces: The laws are in the DNA. So practically, Moses gave himself up so the Israeli people, the Jewish people, would start the right DNA structure throughout the world.
IS: What was the agenda, I mean there is the God, Nahash, which would be the equivalent to the reptiles.
Forces: Yes, many Rabbi’s talked about the word – Hah-hi-she-em. Which is Reptilians.
IS: Yes. And Nahash, there was a God Nahash, which was the Reptilian. But then that was not… that was a God of the…
Forces: That was a God of the underworld.
IS: Yes, it wasn’t a God of the Israelites.
Forces: No.
IS: Except, in the desert…
Forces: Except in the Dead Sea.
IS: In the desert when Moses is holding up the stick with the snake on it…
Forces: The staff.
IS: The staff with the snake, yes, which is Nahash, which is the God Nahash, and he’s stopping a plague with it.
Forces: Yes.
IS: So…
Forces: He’s using that energy of that particular extraterrestrial. Moses used all the tricks from different extraterrestrials lots. But they did not co-habitate or mix with the Talls or the Blondes of the North.
IS: Why not?
Forces: Because they were at war with one another on the trade route. And the war continued even to the time of Hitler.
DD: What is the thing in the Dead Sea that they’re talking about in the Bible Code book II? It’s called “Lisan” and “…” and talking about the Obelisk?
Forces: All buried under the Dead Sea. As the entity had said when you stood on it. That under this Dead Sea is the extraterrestrial base buried, the underworld.
DD: So those one’s are the underground Reptilians?
Forces: Yes.
DD: What is the steel ark?
Forces: That is also underground. It is a replication of the energy field of the DNA structure and the whole system of the development of the evolution of you guys and where you are to go.
DD: And where are we to go?
Forces: When you’re finished you find out.
IS: You mean to say when pass over or die?
Forces: Don’t die, there’s no death. Death where is thy victory, Death where is thy sting. Death is swallowed up, there is no death.
IS: So when we cross over?
Forces: Cross over you still continue with you’re development. You should do your work here, as we’ve told you that before so when you cross over you will have something accomplished.
IS: But are you saying we’re going to cross over through the Dead Sea – underneath?
Forces: No, no, no, we didn’t say that, we didn’t say that. We said the example of where you all are going is found under the Dead Sea. It’s recorded.
DD: I’m sorry?
Forces: Yes, me too.
DD: Could you explain more what the steel ark is?
Forces: It is a recorded history of the evolution of man, simple as that.
DD: And the three obelisks?
Forces: Those are the elements that control the Universe – basically your Earth.
DD: And how does that relate to the steel ark – the obelisk?
Forces: It holds up the ark.
DD: So the ark is a ship?
Forces: It becomes a ship when these are connected.
DD: Is that the secret weapon of Israel?
Forces: Yes. And they already know where it’s at because the entity has informed them of it.
IS: Has informed who?
Forces: Can’t tell.
DD: The Israeli government.
Forces: I won’t go there
Session 667
DD. On the…thank you for helping me with the Hughes (F.J. Hughes book Harmonies of Tones and Colors) diagrams. Do I understand now the 18 by 36 that she gives is for the Noah’s diagram?
Forces. We find that you have grown to understand it, yes.
DD. And would it be the Fibonacci servies, would be in the middle of that?
Forces. It rotates within the middle, in an octave of C.
DD. Now you mentioned the Dynasphere being on the way, is the Dynasphere like an Arc Ship?
Forces. The Dynasphere is called the Utter or the upside down “U”.
DD. What does that mean?
Forces. The energy is dispersed in an eucalyptic form.
DD. Do I understand that Fludd was very similar to Keely and might be encoded in the King James Bible?
Forces. We find this to be Correct.
DD. Were they like the same person, or was that not important?
Forces. No, but we find the theory to be correct.
DD. And on this, what I saw with the diagram, looked like a Hydrogen Atom is that correct on the first diagram?
Forces. Yes.
DD. And this Star+Gate, the man made in the seventies or eighties or sixties, he seemed to tune into what you gave and made like a Tarot deck—like half of what I will be making. Did he get it from you?
Forces. He received it through the very simple quality of receiving.
DD. Can anything be given, more about the Fludd and how to find him in King James, since he helped write the Bible?
Forces. You would find It imbued in the words of the Flood.
DD. Thank you very much.
SESSION 6/12/04
DD. Those solfeggio notes the six, six notes, now the cubes in Rosslyn Chapel, there’s only, there are many cubes but only six different faces. Do they go, each one go along with one of the six notes.
Forces. This is correct.
DD. And also the Giza plateau is that true that it’s the Plato’s Atlantis it’s talking about there?
Forces. Yes.
DD. Another question that I have is the, there’s a manuscript called the Voynich manuscript that nobody knows about. Where did it come from, it seems like it came from outer space or received.
Forces. It was dropped off from the visitors, it was received.
DD. The ——————————————, did he translate it alright?
Forces. There are a few errors in it but about 90 percent right.
DD. One last thing about the ship in the Dead Sea, you said it was a triangle shape and was sitting on three obelisks. Would those obelisks be made like carbon and one steel magnetic and one, the last one I don’t know what it would be?
Forces. Well they would all be of such a preportion, equal to the different chemicals of the earth.
DD. What would the third column be, did I have the first two right?
Forces. Yes.
DD. What would the third one be made out of?
Forces. You would have a copper element.
DD. And then the plate itself would be zinc?
Forces. Yes.
DD. Would there be anything wrapped around it or—-?
Forces. Just the way it is.
DD. And how would that be used?
Forces. Levitations and Time Travel.
DD. Is there anything more could be said about that whole area and whats under there, you said our future was under there or a representation or a…?
Forces. It still is a representation in there.
DD. Can anything more be described, what’s..?
Forces. Not at the moment.
Session 6/18/04
DD. Could you help me more with the ah music part that I’am trying to figure out, the connection there how, well I still haven’t gotten into it yet to far, but is there any other hints that would be on that, with Atlantis and…?
Forces. Well it seems like you’ve gotten the hints that we’ve given you and ah and the connections of it. Ah We have a feeling you have it to a T, and remember that’s a hint.
DD. (———-) to a T, and the diagram Tom told me it Merges together the opposite way I thought it would.
Forces. And that’s exactly your next Revelation yes.
DD. Not as the same as you use it flat to a T?
Forces. Right.
DD. Is that board that merges together is that a marketable item on the internet?
Forces. Yes.
Session 6/23/04
DD. On Plato I’m reading this book about Plato, it seems like him, in his writings he evoked mental images, I don’t know that was the purpose of his writing, mathematical, imaginative images. Is that a correct way of looking at it?
Forces. He always projected images into the ah fantasies of the pictorial ah concept. But of course it is true mathematical images are always projected symbolically into the atmosphere or projected into the ethers, you never really interpret any mathematical problem just by numbers alone.
DD. So when he was doing his images he was evoking ah certain keys to Atlantis and Giza Plateau?
Forces. And he also used like a monogram or a ah what would be called a hologram.
DD. So his words, that’s what I feel, his words created holograms?
Forces. Yes.
DD. And that was the science he studied in Egypt or in?
Forces. Of course.
DD. How is that ah, how is that done I don’t, I mean it takes many years to learn?
Forces. By projecting of the mirrors, the use of mirrors, it is a reflection of the mirrors upon mirrors.
DD. And the words and sounds would…?
Forces. Yes of course.
DD. Can I ask another, is there anything else you could tell me about that, that would help me understand and connect and be able to write about it?
Forces. We would, everything is encased into this, nothing is out of and nothing is within of, but it is all is of, so its encased within itself.
DD. And does this have any relationship to like an analogue computer.
Forces. Yes you could compare it as such.
Session 668
DD. Could you tell me, my ideas about Fludd, he had a he wrote about the monochord and ah that fit on the Noah’s Ark?
Forces. Huah, Huah, yes we see this to be accurate and true.
DD. And also the Art of, he wrote about the Art of Memory and that seems to be fitting into ah Noah’s Ark too?
Forces. Yes of course it does(——-) very much.
DD. And then also that brings it back to what the modern theory, called the ah String Theory was used to, the numbers seemed to resonate with a lot of these, is there anything to it?
Forces. We’ll this is an accurate measurement the String Theory is accurate in it’s evaluations of numbers yes.
DD. How do these Strings manifest in the Universe?
Forces. Many are patterns.
DD. Can any more be given on that or?
Forces. We’ll the atmospheric pressure and the vibrational field of the ah different individuals are forced focused on these individuals ah even though ah, ah recovering could be expanded for those who want it ah, ah, ah we would find that the incoming ah transist (is) a given normal.
DD. On the Globe Theatre, Francis Bacon-Shakespeare developed, and Fludd had the Art of Memory, are they related to each other and how did that Memory Theatre work?
Forces. They’ve been imbedded into the so called learning process and it comes forward after a certain amount of hours of learning.
DD. Is it similar to what we use computers today, would they…?
Forces. We are now ready for your questions, yes we would believe that the chips would be involved into the relaying of important information no matter where the individual was, is just a facilitating the indivulgare, which could always, still always ah find its way back to ah the (——-) ah area. But again trusting in your own ah element which she did say that, freaky this will allow you to have total…
Esther. Was the Book of Numbers ever a chanted Psalm?
Forces. The Book of Numbers is a chanted Psalm, yes.
Esther. And how was it broken up in …?
Forces. In quadrants of threes.
Esther. So that would be like three chapters or three verses?
Forces. We would say three for each one, verses, chapters.
Esther. And when was that sung.
Forces. The Psalms were chanted in the morning hours.
Isis. Who used it that way?
Forces. You would have the certain individuals during the certain Tem, Templars would use it at their services along with the ah what would be called the Monks in the 17th,ah the year will be, be 700 ah year or 717 ah it was developed and started to ah make a stronger comeback, it’s a very important aspect to get people together when society in itself and civilizations falling apart, to be able to chant and pray and to focus on the chanting. For it establishes new regulations and laws of development in the earth.
Esther. Does it also ah change the vibrations of in what you were saying the String Theory, the vibration that is being forced on us by external things, this is the antidote if we did this chant?
Forces.(——-) yes you could apply that very accurately to that exactly.
DD. Ah the ah, Robert, Robert Fludd was encoded with the Flood in the Bible and where was ah Francis Bacon-Shakespeare?
Forces. In the merry children, merry merry children.
DD. Where is, where is that?
Forces. Ah merry, merry children, everyone knows where the merry merry children of England are.
DD. Where is that in the Bible, in the King James?
Forces. Oh we don’t know, its just the merry merry children of what we saw Glenmore.
DD. So he wasn’t encoded in the Bible?
Forces. Only to be decoded yes.
DD. Where was he, where was he encoded first?
Forces. First that’s right, first.
DD. Was he encoded like in the Psalms?
Forces. In what would be considered vast Numbers and Deuteronomy or in those particular chapters.
DD. And how was, what kind of information was with him?
Forces. The Secrets of the development of mans DNA, yes um-huh.
DD. But he was of the Knights Templar you mean and he put that in there?
Forces. Yes.
DD. But still the information was in there or it’s not in there now?
Forces. Oh it still is’ yes.
DD. And that is useful information?
Forces. Yes, just unlock it that’s all. But you have to have the Quota or it’s called the Planters Wart.
DD. What does that mean?
Forces. You’ll find out.
Session 666
DD. Thank you for the certain understandings you’ve given me lately. I feel like I’m out of touch. This Thomas Keely ah Tom was saying he has the right approach to understanding the energy. Is there anything you could say about him.
Forces. His concepts are very simple and that is why people do not understand them. His concepts are very pure and in harmony. These are the same concepts that were in Atlantis.
David. The Book on by Hughes, about tones and colors————, and he was inspired by that so, simple, ah His music, can you help me to understand that or…?
Forces. Music must be listened to and gradually understood. It take time to understand the scales and the octaves, understand the Clef and you understand all.
David. I have just one other question. A gentleman Du, named Dunn who wrote about the Pyramids being a power plant?
Forces. The Pyramid was constructed to be a Rejuvenator and a recycling of energy and in course a power plant. The very structure and form of the Pyramid creates an energy vortex in the Kings and Queens chamber, to create tremendous amounts of energy when the stars go through and shine in. This is stellar energy taken and encompassed into the Pyramid, in which is multiplied and becomes the source of Initiation.
David. And the Five Chambers above the Kings…..,…..of the rest?
Forces. They will be what you would call Rejuvenating Chambers.
David. Could you explain about this, this gentleman was talking about Atomic ah, Hydrogen Welding that it was something they phased out because it had some secret involved with it. Is that correct and could you say anything about it?
Forces. Well the Hydrogen Welding is a very explicit creativity and experience far beyoun your particular Age, here of Reasoning. It is also the ability to bring other elements into place to beautify and join those of a ah suited agricultural and also spiritual need of movement. So we hope we answered it.
David. So that it could be used for…..?
Forces. Yes of course.
David. Energy, energy like…
Forces. It takes time and you just’t can’t give the cow to give you milk just because she squirts its udder into the bucket.
David. Do I understand what your saying?
Forces. I hope so.
David. And also could I find one of these or would I have to make one?
Forces. You could have to make one, you could find it also.
David . Where would I find one?
Forces. When you open your eyes and you put your hands on it.
David. Also on the Dynasphere that Keely made, these ah gentleman made one in Colorado Springs Colorado, ah the one they made is it….?
Forces. We don’t see it in Colorado we see it’s on it’s way here.
David. On it’s way here?
Forces. Yes.
David. Are they going to come here?
Forces. Of course.
Session 10/31/04 Session 669
David. Now, the thing I was reading about Shakespeare and the 24. Shakespearean English has 24 letters and then Tom said there were Two more added (Tom said for measure) and that goes along with the whole computational linguistics, it’s a new Science. Now I’m reading the King’s James version again in a whole different, looking at each letter in a whole different light. Is that ah, is that correct what their saying in this? Each letter and each string of letters is like encoded in a way.
Forces. This is correct.
David. So they have it right?
Forces. Yes.
David. So you can find codes in there just by going through the strings of letters?
Forces. Well what they have done is decoded the Hebrew writing of the Bible and transformed it into the King James writing.
David. So that was a massive, the ones that did that had to be geniuses I mean it was a massive?
Forces. Well it was a tremendous work Ethics.
David. And they also put the rhyming meter, different…?
Forces. Yes, uh huh.
David. So that was all correct?
Forces. Yes there’s a lot of items that are sacred in the Hebrew language and is Sacred in the Torah, that has been imprinted. And one day they’ll see if you run the Torah, the Hebrew words in a computer, it becomes a electric message, amplified of atoms and produces a visual screen, like what would be considered a um holygram of the Isralie people of Israel in the beginning.
David. Another question I had was about the Strings again, they come in Ten and twenty(-six), one rotates clockwise I think in Ten dimensions and one counterclockwise in Twenty-six what the scientist say. Now, in the real way would you add those together, I just thought of it as I was listening to you?
Forces. Twenty-six is not, it is a resting spot.
David. So that doesn”t really?
Forces. It is like the item that overlaps twenty-five and what would be considered twenty-seven.
David. So would you add the Ten to that, or no?
Forces. It could be applied as the Ten yes.
David. To make up thirty-seven?
Forces. Yes.
Cameron. Thirty-seven dimensions?
Forces. What we would consider this in Two aspects of more or less each dimension has three elements in it. So you take thirty-seven divide each element into three and you’ll get your dimensions.
David. Which is what you said before twelve. Now how do these Strings look, I know they have an I, scientist have an idea.
Forces. They gyrate or waffle, we use the word again, ah it is more like the ah, cylindrical in shape and form and they wrap ah to the evolution of the dimension. It’s like a DNA structure in itself.
David. Oh I see, that makes sense. And that is the way the Torah is ah in a cylinder too?
Forces. Yes.
David. That’s amazing. Thank you very much.
Session 120 6/25/77
Q. Could you give us more of the colors of the months, which colors would correspond for which month?
Forces. It can be done. Blue and orange, yellow and green, red, violet, it is there. You have a very strong color for June, it would be called pink, or what would be known as hot red, and continue from there, it will follow the spectrum colors.
Session 667
DD: On the… thank you for helping me with the Hughes diagrams. Do I understand now the 18 by 36 that she gives is for the Noah’s diagram?
Forces: We find that you have grown to understand it, yes.
DD: And would it be the Fibonacci series would be in the middle of that?
Forces: It rotates within the middle. In an octave of C.
DD: Now you mentioned the dynasphere being on the way, is the dynasphere like an arcship?
Forces: The dynasphere is called the utter or the upside down “U”.
DD: What does that mean?
Forces: The energy is dispersed in an eucalyptic form.
DD: Do I understand that Fludd was very similar to Keely and might be encoded in the King’s James Bible?
Forces: We find this to be correct.
DD: Were they like the same person, or was that not important?
Forces: No, but we find the theory to be correct.
DD: And on this what I saw with the diagram looked like a hydrogen atom is that correct on the first diagram?
Forces: Yes.
DD: And this Star Gate, the man made in the seventies or eighties or sixties, he seemed to tune in to what you gave and made like a taroh deck—like half of what I will be making. Did he get it from you?
Forces: He received it through the very simple quality of receiving.
DD: Can anything be given more about the Fludd and how to find him in King James since he helped write the Bible?
Forces: You would find it imbued in the words of the Flood.
DD: Thank you very much.
Session 671
DD. One last question about the Language and the Physics, I was just getting into it I don’t know if you can say anything about it, I haven’t studied it a lot, but the ah meaning of language is very you know is very powerful and it goes right along with the physical level, how do you, how do you interweave it together, I know it can be done, but I am just getting into it, is there anything can be given ?
Forces. Tones and Words and Language they do weave together, and all you have to do is study the origin of the word as it was created in its beginning and you will find the origin of its creation.
DD. Now on the Globe Theature and the Tarot Cards I ask You about last session, you said they are in the 7 the 1600’s the Tarot weren’t given because they were too powerful and they were very etheric and very, would manifest physically all the workings of them which would have been detrimental to people. So how did they present that or how did they use it at that time without being, on what form, was it used in the Theature or how was it used?
Forces. What is your question?
DD. I’m talking about the Tarot during the 1600’s was sort of in the background because it was very powerful and they wouldn’t release it then as cards as a, as cars as such, so how did they…?
Forces. Well they released it through the costumes, through the songs, through the stage props, through the story and then of course the music.
DD. So the different personages like in Shakespeare would represent different cards and..?
Forces. Yes.
DD. He planned it that way?
Forces. Yes, of course.
DD. Thank you very much.
Ninai. What exactly was the Ephod and in relation to the Breastplate and why was the onyx the recommended stone for it?
Forces. Well we would say the ephod is that of the centering of the stones and the coming together for the answer, ah that it would shine in its answer, I hope we understand that.
Is. So what was the ephod by itself, what did it look like?
Forces. Well just, um, just stones itself. But it’s not what it looked like by itself, it what it, what did it become when activated and that is of a spirit form nature it’s, you can’t use your logical mind to the great spirit of transformation when it happens. Because the logical mind only sees solid things, but when the transformation is happening it is etheric and goes through every part of the body.
Is. The ephod was the method of the psychic prediction as..
Forces. Yes. And it projects forward. It was like a hollic, hologram.
NN. The onyx was a particular stone, a conductor almost of a….?
Forces. Well it produces upward, yes.
Session 672
DD. On the amino acids there’s ah, do they go along with, there’s three amino acids ah that are called basic, would they go along with the three mother letters?
Forces. We would say yes to that.
DD. And then there’s eight that are not, that don’t like water ah, what letters would they go with?
Forces. Well of course the one’s that do not like water, ah as far as what you would be looking at, are you speaking of the alphabet?
DD. Yes the alphabet the Hebrew alphabet.
Forces. Well you could always associate them with the ah the, the Aleph and the Gimel and Pe(Forces said Pi).
DD. They don”t like water?
Forces. Those are the elements, yes.
DD. Could you give one letter that goes with a certain amino acid, like a , you gave alanine before but I didn’t understand what letter you were talking about.
Forces. And what is this in reference to?
David. Hebrew letter for alan, alanine. You gave something Gimel I thought, I dont’t know if it’s…
Forces. Gimel is also applied in this space.
David. Would it be that amino acid?
Forces. It can be applied here , yes
David. Which ah, which amino acid would be like for instance ah Tryptophan. I mean which…?
Forces. The last alphabet of the Hebrew.
David . Which letter would be Tryptophan?
Forces. You would use your last alphabet letter in Hebrew.
David. Your Tau?
Isis. Tauf.
Forces. Yes.
David. The Golden Horse that they have in this book, at the end of time that they can’t go beyond, is that did I figure that right. Like every 10,000 years you mentioned before is like the limit they can go, so we started 3,000 B. C. and end 6,000, 3,000 some odd?
Forces. There’s an Energy field yes, totally correct.
David. So the last time it ended was somewhere around 3,000 B.C. that…?
Forces. Yes.
David. What was the marking point then, what was the…?
Forces. Well you would have the Beast in the Desert or as been known..
David. The Golden Calf?
Forces. The Golden Calf.
David. And then ah, am I right about the 24 rules of this Projective Geometry going along with the 24 rays or is that just arbitrary?
Forces. No you can apply them in this very well.
Session 673
David. On the ah, the Ward Cube which I been, read about along time ago, kept some information on it, how does that ah, how does the Ward Cube work, the philosophy of that, you have eight cubes and they go with the Angels and place them in different configurations and, is that a real thing?
Forces. It has a aspect of authority, it is considered to be real yes.
David. And the Culdee who made these what was the history of them, where did they get the information ah..?
Forces. This comes long before the time of Atlantis.
David. And what ah, what civilization was that?
Forces. This is the beginning of Pre-Lemure and that of the pre-existence of etheric forms of the earth.
David. Could you explain anything of the details of how the, how the Ward Cubes work or..?
Forces. They vibrated above the ethers and were door locks to the world that is beyond the future or time travel.
David. Can I ask another question ah, I had this idea of reading this book, I think it might relate to the cubes but, I sort of got this idea where all energy comes, you know like from the galaxy, from the solar system another and from the earth another and there like lines of force, I don’t know if it represents like the triangle since its three different forces, but it comes in infinite lines, infinite configurations and when you do magic it like locks into one geometrical configuration because there infinite numbers everywhere in the, on earth. I don’t know if that’s the right idea but is that’s some concept of, that’s my understanding of that’s what they call quantum.?
Forces. Well it stands to be true, yes.
David. I have some more questions about the cube ah, you said they were Pre-Lemurean, would that be like the White Island or Hyperborea?
Forces. The White Island of course.
David. And then those eight points you gave me along, I just remembered, a long time ago in the Sessions, they go along with those, surrounding the earth?
Forces. Yes of course. Exactly.
David. And how did they, how did they configure those, or how would you today, it was different then, how would you configure them to connect to the eight cubes surrounding the earth, you would have four, I want to use four red cubes and four black cubes.
Forces. It is done with the four on the top and the four on the bottom. Very simple, it’s very basic.
David. That person who wrote about it, she had the Angels in the wrong directions am I right?
Forces. Well of course, that’s why they never figured to be right.
David. She did it on purpose?
Forces. Well more of a safe-guard.
Session 670 12/31/04 New Year
David. Originally they had, the English Language had 24 letters and two wewre added on, Tom was saying for measurement. Do I understand it right they would go equally into the, Noah’s Ark and form a code?
Forces. The code in itself is there.
David. Would you put them in the squares of Noah’s Ark or some other way?
Forces. ( ) if it just ( ). You can put it in the Noah’s Ark. We also have a(—-) o yes (—-)
David. Is there any guidance for me for the New Year?
Forces. Remember all the gifts have been given to you in abundance and you will marvel at it.
David. Is there, is the, the things about the Tarot will that come in any this year?
Forces. It will unfold itself in tremendous form.
David. Also the idea, did I understand about, ah in the 1600’s they really were talking about the Tarot but no one could reveal it cause the etheric level was too high then?
Forces. Of course this is the reason for it to be revealed.
David. And do I understand the thing about the Language being the physics within the Language?
Forces. That is exactly right.
Session 674
DD: On the idea I had with the Bible code from that game Stargate, like from the Stargate movie, would you be able to dial in the Hebrew letters?
Forces: Yes.
DD: And go to a location?
Forces: You do that even without the dial. You even telepathically do it.
DD: So the Sefer Yetzirah, is the whole Stargate?
Forces: That is how the Earth, the Universe, the existence of the—the explosion of the stars happen, yes.
DD: How do you, so when you dial the Bible code, like when the program, when you are going to, how can I see it differently to come up with an answer? I haven’t quite got there yet.
Forces: You haven’t gotten to formulate your question.
DD: I want to ask another question about the bundles of sticks. Is that the same as Noah’s Ark, the same as the Druids used? They had them all separated, but when you put them together…
Forces: They are called, serods.
DD: Rods?
Forces: Serods combined with your sticks form the catapult. The catapult forms the capola. The capola forms the ou-net-is. The ou-net-is. The ounetis is what you’re looking for. And we’re not telling.
DD: That sounds like Omphalos the navel of the world. Does that relate to that? Can I ask another question?
Forces: Maybe, not.
DD: No?
Forces: Maybe, not.
DD: Can I ask maybe?
Forces: Maybe.
DD: I was receiving the other day, before I went to bed I was receiving I think good things. In the Isaac Luria which I’m reading now, called Gilgulim [Hagilgulim], I was reading his works and then I read it in parallel to the Cosmic Fire and it seems to go together—like it would be the same thing. And I was getting Tarot cards like from the previous sessions, and all these things were coming together. Is that correct, the ideas that I had?
Forces: They stand correct.
DD: So the one from Mars would be the emperor, and the emptress would be the empress card?
Forces: The empress star over the crescent moon. At this point we will leave. We will be back again. Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our father, who art in the heavens…
Session 675
Cam. Is the Heart the Magnetic Center?
Forces. Yes it is, totally Magnetic. It is a Gyro of energy, constantly moving.
Cam. How does one Heart connect to another?
Forces. Frequencies are the same and the vibrations are the same and it’s spirit animates sync and of course this is important for the spirit to be of accord, of one spirit. It is what unifies most countries and humans and civilizations when they have one accord.
Cam. What can we do to facilitate the union or that connection between one heart and another?
Forces. If generally the same vibration, through meditation and prayers, music and art, food and song and of course through the right focus of thinking and conversation and through that of creativity. You have this as a mercator map to create this harmony and connection from one soul to many souls and to basically to majority of ah audiences that are listening to a song, at one time the song unifies the people at a spirit of ——-of the song.
DD. On the information you gave me in the last session, the serods and the cupola and the unetis, did I, the way I deciphered it was a window for viewing data stored in units and the catapult Tom said was catapulting it into the fourth dimension into the future. Is that correct?
Forces. Yes.
DD. What what kind of units are the, you said they wouldn’t, that would be hard to find and?
Forces. What kind of what?
DD. You said the unetis was some kind of units, could you tell what they are now?
Forces. They’re the measurement of the Aura in the planet Earth and the measurement of the energy of Time around that of a given object.
DD. So the Aura of the Earth, does it connect back to the Heart, the Heart?
Forces. Yes, of course.
DD. And the Heart gives energy to the field of the Earth?
Forces. Yes, gotcha,Yes, totally right.
DD. And also the Eight ah, the Eight cubes that surround the earth, are moreso like eight rectangles that would be in the fourth dimensional figure,their intertwined?
Forces. Of course,Yes, it brings that into harmony and focus.
DD. And these would go along, Am I correct with Rosslyn cubes, their not really cubes their more rectangular, like coming out of the fourth dimension into a third?
Forces. Yes it is making the manifestation of this in the third dimension.
DD. What sort of services did they do, they had time travel, or how did they, how did they, lets see how do you activate these eight. Was there sort of a song, is there a certain psalm, a certain tuning that you activate it?
Forces. Well there is a tuning, its that sign in with your Name and therefore that particular page you think you are on to be ———or, or, or ———to other areas. There is a connection on the psalm on the level of the vi, vibration that makes all things connected.
DD. You have to find your own psalm or is there a key psalm?
Forces. Yes there is a key psalm to what your searching for.
DD. Could that be given?
Forces. The particular thing that your searching for is a psalm that will be given and then your name from the item your looking for and the psalm then reveals itself. In your particular case psalm 82 is a psalm that you are working on now.
Isis. It’s something other (per aura of earth) I mean the energy that—?
Forces. Yes it is totally something other.
Isis. What is it.
Forces. What you call the internal molecular structure vibration and syncopy of that which is the nervous neurons and the physical body in its substance and the neurons are always created when the ah beginning ah —— the ——- is added, but not until ah the mixture of this particular menu. But in all reality each one comes with a different vibration and each one comes with a different lesson to learn and also to receive and to give.
Isis. So you are saying that the that energy that creates our aura is really a personal experience that is created and it’s almost like for one person it would be milk and for another person it would be coffee?
Forces. Well we see that to be true, each vibration will be different for each person, so you have an element of truth in that yes.
Isis. But the Earth as a cohesive thing, does it have a cohesive thing or is it emanating from the human energy or is it a mixture of some kind?
Forces. We see it, Etheric energy from the humans from below, we also see the Woman from above sends down spiritual substanence.
Isis. A woman from above?
Forces. Yes.
Isis. Which woman?
Forces. This is called the Divine Spirit or the Spirit of Divinity, that guides all the pre or the first students ever to come at this time in their lives.
Isis. The first what?
Forces. The first time that they apply themselves or come in this is the time that they are focused and worked upon.
Isis. Is that what we call the Sheckinah?
Forces. We find it as such, Yes.
Isis. So the Sheckinah is the one that’s sort of putting in a blanket of energy, that is being let’s say somehow cooked up and we send something back?
Forces. We see it to work that way yes.
Esther. When you meditate on the Burning Bush it seems to gravitate towards the Heart, is the Burning Bush the, not the focal point, but the, the, the Tool for the planet Earth and it’s people?
Forces. The Burning Bush is the top of the Heart, has always been the center of energy from the Heart and it is the Soul of the Heart, yes of course it is the Living Soul of God within man of course and woman.
DD. In the last session I had trouble asking you about the Stargate related to the Sepher Yetzirah, I’m trying to find the ah, there is a diagram in the Sepher Yetzirah that shows these letters, Hebrew Letters in a circle and one represents this and one of them rotates seems like inside each other, Im not sure, its just like the Stargate Program where you dial it, you use seven, there’s seven symbols, how does that relate, is there a way of dialing, or is there a device there was already one in Egypt where you dial all the Hebrew letters and astral travel to different locations in the Universe.
Forces. Well the dialing of the Letters is basically Symbols, the Symbols are given the vibration of the place you are headed for, and in each Symbol comes what would be considered the regulation of the Universe, for the Symbols that you dial into is simply reflecting the Universe you want to go to.
DD. So the ——-device, physical device or etheric device?
Forces. It is more of a natural device that was created thousands and thousands of years ago, what has been lost in transition, but is still existing in a very simple form, that can be considered very complicated at the same time.
DD. What simple form does it exist in.
Forces. It’s a form of building and construction and regulation of air flow and conduits and energy byproducts of such wind elements.
DD. I’am not sure, can you build it like it’s depected on the Stargate Program is it possible to build it that way? ——-question anymore?
Forces. It’s depected on the same lay level of understanding, but there is also a projection of energy in front of it.
Session 676
Forces: Question.
DD: My last session talked about the Psalms and it was very interesting. You had to be on a particular page or connection on the Psalm—on the level of the vibration of the Psalm. Makes all things connected. Is there a… is Psalm 119 the one that would be connected with rosllyn Temple?
Forces: Yes.
DD: And is that Psalm what they call the hymn of Saint John the Baptist, is that?
Forces: It is also considered that and also the Crescent of the Rock. Question.
DD: Is that the Crescent of the Rock, is a Psalm?
Forces: Repeat?
DD: Is the Crescent of the Rock a particular Psalm?
Forces: The Crescent of the Rock is that that leads into 120. Question.
IS: Can I just go and turn on the lights for Cameron?
Forces: No we are at a Session. We cannot turn things on or off at this moment, for we are only here for a second.
IS: Okay.
DD: So the Rock is Psalm 120?
Forces: It is the Crescent of the Rock. Question.
DD: And what Psalms come after that?
Forces: Let us leave it at that. Question.
DD: Thank you very much.
IS: The Psalms in the Bible, were they all just Psalms or were there alot of prophecies there?
Forces: Prophecies, chanting, and what would be called pronouncement of magic of the spirit world. Question.

David. I have questions about the Rosslyn Temple it seems like they had a service there and whether they set up a Time Travel there when using Psalm 119 and using the Psalm of St John the Baptist and using the 15 Psalms of Degrees, is that, were they all used together to set up some forcefield?
Forces. Yes, you could use them as a forcefield yes.
David. And what kind of forcefield did they set up?
Forces. Well it was a field in which the information could be coming down back and forth, lateral, so it was a strong forcefield of bring evolution into the Earth and also inspiration.
David. You give me —— the Cresent of the Rock, now was that the St John’s Hymn or is that Psalm 120?
Forces. Well we would say it, it was the St John’s Hymn as a, as a tributive.
David. And the way that gentleman one man had, it goes up six Psalms and then there’s 3 in the middle and six down is that correct
Forces. Yes.
David. And were each of those 15 one of the steps for the Quest for the Holy Grail?
Forces. Well we would say moreso or less yes.
David. And another question about this Rabbi I was reading about today, (Abraham) Abulafia I think his name is, where he permutated the Letters, is his system accurate, accurate?
Forces. Well we would find him to be decent, not a 100% accurate but decent to about 88 to 89% accurate.
David. Can I ask a couple more, I had a dream along time ago about my Higher Self, having a cone with knobs sticking out of it like cubes, was that related to the Rosslyn Cubes?
Forces. It could apply yes to that yes.

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