Elements of the differential and integral calculus


An essay on the power of numbers


A treatise on fluxions.


Metal worker’s handy-book of receipts and processes


A new mathematical and philosophical dictionary


   A complete treatise on the electro-deposition of metals

John Dee’s Actions with Spirits

























by Cyrano de Bergerac



































Argonautica.txt [398.23kB]

This is the Argonautica, a modern English translation of the classic Greek text by Apollonius Rhodius.
























































































































































































iolo manuscripts.pdf [47.80MB]

English starts page 329






































































































































































































































































































The Mabinogion.pdf [296.04kB]

Collection of prose stories from Welsh mythology.












































































































uc2.ark-_13960_t5v699z72.pdf [71.42MB]

Cyclical Deluges by William Bassett









Venture with ideas.pdf [37.76MB]

Gurdjieff and Ouspensky





















wu.89083916528.pdf [60.21MB]

Science and Art drawing